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Good to see some Old Timers... 10 years ago
... back at iComp.

Baboon, Jayman, Matt Granz, and many others.

The new guys are cool, too, of course, but I like seeing the familiar names.

I've been so freakin' busy lately but I hope to get more tunage listed soon. Recording is like therapy for me and I NEED IT!!

Did you join iComp hoping to be picked up by a record label? 10 years ago
Just a music freak sharing music with other freaks of music.

that didn't come out right!

Seriously, it's not about being discovered so much as it's about expression. I'm almost forty years old, and I've pretty much discovered myself already. If I can share music here and connect with people, then I'm satisfied.

USA versus UK (Rock) 10 years ago
Aw, man! Don't make me answer this one.

Can I vote twice???

Most important decade for music? 10 years ago
I think it's super hard to pin down the most important decade from the past. Music is always building on things that went before. Don't we all stand on the shoulders of giants?

Maybe it's still to come. Some decade in the future when the last record label finally closes it's doors and all music is produced and distributed by the artists themselves.

Maybe we're in it right now?

Maybe I'm rambling! smiley

Presonus Question 10 years ago
Me too - I unplug it when not recording. Mine gets warm.

By the way, it can be hot-plugged safely. No need to shut down the Mac.


p.s. I've had my firebox for years and i think it sounds great.
The Who vs. Led Zeppelin 10 years ago
Another nod to Led Zep...
Best debut album? 10 years ago
New Visual Learning System for Guitar 10 years ago
Hey iCompers. I have a new system for fretboard visualization available as a digital download at eBay if anyone is interested. More lessons will be coming soon through my business, Philosophrets.


aka enicholsIC
Ohio 11 years ago
I'm a Buckeye! Cleveland/Akron area.
Not all that wander are lost... 11 years ago
Good to hear from you, WRG.

For A Good Cause... 11 years ago
I know everybody has their hand out these days, but my friend and I would be happy if you'd give this a listen and just say a quick prayer for this kid. No strings attached.


Free software instruments 11 years ago
Thanks, DB. Downloading as I type...
Alternate Slogans for iCompositions 11 years ago
hey! jlgerk, I have a song here by that name! seriously!

Anyway, how about,

iCompositions: Putting The Compost In Compositions Since 2001


iCompositions: Plug your music in our chat room and we will hunt you down and make you listen to Yanni


iCompositions: Digging out the musical lint from the world's belly button


iCompositions: A super-fun place to explore your musical alter-ego until your wife and your mom find out about it and start posting comments on your tunes and plugging your music in the chat and telling people about your real life


iCompositions: Home of the Exploding Moles!
iCompositions Slogan Contest 11 years ago
Icompositions: A Stage As Big As Your Imagination
Who do you think is fastest? 11 years ago
Have to mention Steve Morse. He's my personal fave for speed/melody/taste, etc. Wildly good and a humble guy to boot.
I Am Again Giving Stars 11 years ago
For a while, I stopped giving any stars to the tunes here, I just left comments. I felt that the stars had become meaningless.


I am sorry and will again be leaving those 125 points of light to anything that moves me. After all, how can stars be "pointless"?

Ratings Revolution 11 years ago
Does anyone else find the star debate a little confusing - maybe even tiring?

Would it bother anyone if I stopped leaving stars and just post comments?

How about this for a plan:

If I like a song, or even if I just feel I can offer some constructive criticism, I will leave a comment.

If I really like it, I will favorite it and leave a comment.

If I really, really like it, I will comment, favorite and download the sucker.

But no more stars. What do you think?

Earplugs 11 years ago
Dear djenzyme,

You may want to take a look at something like these:


I plan on getting some myself as I've recently begun to play in live settings again after a long time off. For now, I'm using the cheapies that deaden everything. The Hearos look promising.

I developed tinnitus about 8 years ago from playing in a 40's and 50's style big band in Nashville. That was the loudest enviornment I've ever played in and I am paying the price now. That price is way too high, so I am a BIG ADVOCATE FOR EARPLUGS for any musician. I'm not a fan of the type that reduce the noise so much as to make it sound like you have pillows in your ears, but the technology these days is such that you can pick up a set like the above for less than $20 bucks that bring everything down evenly. If these aren't good enough, there are electronic in-ear units that you can buy from many hearing aid companies. They take a mold of your ear and have them custom made. I've heard they are the cat's meow, but you'll pay $150 plus for them. I can buy and lose a lot of $15 pairs of the above before I've spenty that much...

Hope this helps, and rock on!
Opt Out of Ranking Checkbox? 11 years ago
Love the idea.
Your music in a Podcast! 12 years ago
Podcast away, you have my blessing.
Ed Nicholson
Ah, contests...

A little while ago, iComp had a theme song contest. I entered it and won 1st place. I was completely thrilled. It felt really good because the award itched a certain artistic spot in me. That spot is my need to share. Let me briefly elaborate:

I believe there are two dominant factors that motivate most artists. One is the drive to create, and the second is the desire to share what you've made. I get a kick out of people that say they don't care if anyone listens to their music here or not. As if they are just parking songs here on the iComp servers as a backup to their home computers. I would feel the same way about a person that wears a neon green t-shirt with flashing led's placed over the nipple areas that says, "Oh, I don't care if anyone notices me."

I post my music here because it is fun to share and get feedback. I do collaborations with other artists because it feels good to share. I listen to the other music here because I like to share in your work.

Cristopher Allen's comments are very well thought-out and I agree with them. We can't say that one piece of music is "better" than another, only that we prefer one over the other. "Better than" can only be used in other areas, but not art. The Picasso in the museum is not better than the Rembrandt, but most people will favor one over the other. Even if we take a poll and find that most prefer the Rembrandt, we still could not declare it to be the better piece. If popularity equals quality, then McDonald's has the best food on the planet.

Had I not won the iPod in the Theme Song contest, I would still be here posting music and comments. I would still be looking for ways of helping others with their music. I would still just be one artist among many. Some were upset that I had won. Someone compared me to a popular jock football player in a highschool and said that the contest results disgusted them. Those comments felt really strange and I still sting a little from them. My beliefs tell me that art is a gift from God. He is a Creator, and we are created in His image so we make stuff. I am not going to keep my creations under a bushel and I hope you won't either. And I, for one, think it's fine for us to have contest from time to time so that some lucky one of us can get a big thrill and be affirmed in their personal struggle to create something they feel is worth sharing.

Ed Nicholson
Welcome to iC4 (Falsetto) 12 years ago
what's this all about?? Looks the same to me.
why it has to be always 5 stars? 12 years ago
Amen, Bob!
outlawing Explicits 12 years ago
Dear Goobelyga,

I understand your point, but I have to disagree with you. First, though, let me say that I am a die-hard conservative, NRA member, Republican, right-wing Christian. (Yes, there is at least _one_ here at iComp! smiley

Explicit stuff here, or anywhere, for that matter, usually isn't to my liking, and most people here know that I won't collaborate with anything that has explicit content. BUT, as it is now, iComp has artists label the tune with the red "Explicit" box, so when I see that, I simply don't click on it. (most of the time...)

The problem with getting rid of the explicit stuff is that sooner or later, someone will start a campaign to do away with my religious tunes because they find them to be offensive. Then, why not eliminate rap music. Well.... that may be a good idea... smiley Kidding.

Again, I'm with you in that I mostly find explicit stuff outside of my personal tastes, but I don't think we need to restrict it. If you're like me, you just don't listen to it.

Let Freedom Ring,
So Many Collaborations... 12 years ago
Just loving all the collabs here at iComp. As of right now (2/24/06) 8 of the 10 in the top ten list are collabs by iComp artists. That's so good to see and part of what makes iComp refreshing.

You all play well with others! A+

Funny Site for guitar players 12 years ago
Thanks for the link M4D! Waaaaaaay too funny.

..."I consider this very rude."

Off to shred,
Sista Mac Video Cafe! 12 years ago

Completely fascinating! Your website and the vodcast are vonderful.

Time signatures 12 years ago
I'm not exactly clear on what your asking, but I'll hazard a guess that you are wondering at what intervals to add new tracks/instruments to a song to give it a "developing" feel? If so, there is no hard rule about it, but what I do is to add new things in every 4 measures (assuming you're using 4/4 time). Possibly just drums and bass for 4, then bring in a synth for 4, then a guitar riff, etc. If you want to create a more urgent sense of progress, you can then begin to add in tracks every 2 measures, or every 1 measure for an even busier feel. In the end, it will be up to you.

If it sounds good, it is good.

Good luck,

p.s. send me a note when you post it, I'd love to hear it!
iC Theme Song contest winners 12 years ago
I am blessed and honored by this - thanks to all of you.

If we could all go back in time and someone would tell us,

"In the future, there will be a worldwide network of computers that will allow anyone to communicate with anyone else on the network."

"These computers will have programs on them that will allow anyone to assemble music or play instruments and make their own recordings."

"Someone will provide free space where you will be able to put your music for anyone on the network to hear."

"People from the world over will listen to your songs and comment on them. They will also be able to take your music from the space and put it on their computers where they will be able to listen to it for free again and again."

"At this free music place in the future, you will find other musicians that will encourage you and want to work with you to create new music."

If we could go back and someone would tell us these things, would we have believed them?

What you are reading is proof that the future holds things that are just too wonderful to imagine. I thank God for all of you and I look forward to iComp's future.

Just a MUSIC page suggestion 12 years ago
Yeah, yeah. What Wood said.
Unfair top ten judging 12 years ago
Well, when it's all said and done, iComp is here to host our music for FREE! I don't know if it matters if anything here is "fair" or not. No one is forced to upload here. I like the top ten only because I uploaded some stuff on a Saturday night just before the reset and some other listeners commented and put some of my tunes on it. smiley In a week, they'll be gone. Who cares? I'm just as excited when one of my tunes shows up in the Random list.

I think that people concerned with exposure for their tunes should look to other forms of promotion than the weekly top ten list at iComp.

Your guitar setup? 12 years ago
88 Strat Plus with frankenstiened electronics
Martin d-16k with Trinity Western pickup system
Yamaha DG-80 amp (but I always record electric direct)

Various other stuff that gets pulled out of the closet on occasion.

Rock on Strat Players!!
Happy Christmas to all! 12 years ago
God Bless you, too. And I mean that for all iCompers the world over.
Merry Christmas,
Official Song Plugging Thread 12 years ago
Hey folks,

This is BigT93to98's song he wrote and performed over an instrumental guitar piece I wrote. Check out his unique touch and writing talents. Also, just want to let you all know he is a real gentleman.


I can't listen to the radio... :-( 12 years ago
I click the links and get either a blank box or iTunes with nothing... Help!

emails "stuck" in outbox 12 years ago
I have sent a couple of emails through the site to other users in the last few days, but they don't appear in my "sent" box. They are "stuck" in my "out box". I don't think they are being received...

I'm _trying_ to like the new site but.... 12 years ago
Well, what has it been, a week or two since the new iC3? I have really been trying to get used to it, but I still think I like the old format better. I often have trouble even just loading the site - it seems to get hung up fairly often.

All in all, a great place to upload music and, of course, the price is right, but is anyone else longing for iC2?

Some can't hear ACC files?? 12 years ago
Hey all,

I just got a post from someone that said he couldn't listen to an ACC file. I thought that the site loaded them through Quicktime right in the page, but maybe they don't.javascript:emoticon(' smiley')

Should everything be in MP3 format?

Our Fellow Artists 12 years ago
Yours is a great country and you will prevail against terrorism. We are with you in our prayers.

Preamp questions 12 years ago
I have the Presonus Firebox and am very pleased with it overall. The preamps / sound quality are very good in my opinion. It interfaces great with GarageBand. I just plugged it in and GB saw it and was ready to go. It also has phantom power for your mics.
(Don't forget used ones on eBay to save some bucks.)

Official Song Plugging Thread 12 years ago

Please search for my tunes (just two up so far) under my artist name:


an' lemme know whachya think!

Software Drum Machines 12 years ago
You may want to try out the demo for Groove Agent (available from Steinberg's website). It is pretty sweet and easy to use. The price is about $200 though - but I think it is worth it.