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What Are You Listening To Today? 4 years ago
Daft Punk - Get Lucky ft. Pharrell Williams
Reason 5 7 years ago
crispier , there is one in Ableton live 8 called looper
Hi, I'm new here 7 years ago
100,000 songs 7 years ago
Happy to be part of it
Reason 5 7 years ago
you have to register first
Reason 5 7 years ago
Reason 5 whats you think smiley

New Live coming soon 9 years ago
i cant wait
What Do You Want To See In The Next Version Of GarageBand? 9 years ago
Drum machine , auto save and some French fries ... smiley
Pro Tools LE & Mbox Mini 2 9 years ago
I just upgraded few days ago , and its running smoothly in my XP , am still messing around with it ,so far nothing outstanding ,I like the way it handle Audio with its many ( Audio effects )
so if you r like 2 track (guitar + vocal)is cool

i need 2 digg more in it

i will till u
Can't play songs 9 years ago
Am having the same problem with my XP !!!!! smiley
Cubase 4 9 years ago
yes feenixx is right , both have advantage and disadvantage , yes logic cheaper but Cubase can work in PC and mac

ABLETON live 7 kick A** both of them
Kore player 10 years ago
cool it has very interesting sounds i just get it
Welcome Back 10 years ago
Music Project 10 years ago
beside my nose I do play drums and flute
large files 10 years ago
Lapskin wrote:
is it a bit torrent thing or is it email and by god swirly whirly

what i think its something in between , email serves using torrent cods or something , as soon as i discover it i post in icom and i did not really dig deep in it , am going now to see
large files 10 years ago
when we thought there was no hope ,,,, heer come the

podmailing ,,,

hope it will not disappoint us ,,

feed back will be nice


cool vido 10 years ago
RoboScott wrote:
Because I appreciate that what they were doing sounded pretty good, but to be forced to listen to it on the underground when you might not want to would be a nightmare.

I apologise for being a miserable old git.


lol no you not old you are gold
cool vido 10 years ago
RoboScott wrote:
I'd have to say that that comes close to my idea of hell.

Talk about a captive audience.


why sorry ??
cool vido 10 years ago
I thought this was too cool
some useful extensions 10 years ago
[color=black][/color] smiley

Greeting Icom's

ME wish Al of you happy holidays , And this is some useful extensions for Firefox ....enjoy

Inappropriate Artist Collabs 10 years ago
Me and I
voice chat 10 years ago
no one , All the Artist in this place have plug in censor,,, power99 install it without anybody know
voice chat 10 years ago
I think it will be so cool and nice if we have voice chat in Icom, it will help a lot to exchange music knowledge
Who Do you sound Like or who sounds like YOU 10 years ago
what a subject ,,,, hmmmmmm, I will pay atantion now on
I wanna make my own music!!! 10 years ago
get ableton live 6 ,and the trigger finger from M-audio and you are sit

happy 7 7 7 u guys free free fre 10 years ago
pc and mac
happy 7 7 7 u guys free free fre 10 years ago
just to show the love for you guys,,, i mad this gift for you enjoy

plz lat me know if you guys need anything els

free free free
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Top iComp Artists on JaBlues Radio 10 years ago
wow number 1,,, hay man thanks for the for the for the for the for the ....good habits u have ,,,
Just Babelling 11 years ago
itiswotitis wrote:
sounds like a great idea rex... i absolutely believe in the 6 degree's of separation ,i thought the 3 degree"s sounded better though smiley

its probably less with all this internet connection we have now!
not sure what i can bring to the table tho..
will think it over..and see if i have time... smiley

cazy hi . every where I go I see u there , God it everywhere, are u Gad smiley
Just Babelling 11 years ago
chake my song ... counaction I was talking about the same thing,,,

http://www.icompositions.com/music/song.php?sid=48521 8)
Just Babelling 11 years ago
We Are one and we are nice one[color=cyan][/color]