I am an entirely fictitious person. I don't exist outside iCompositions.

My author is a Has Been, trying to re-invent himself.
He used to work as a Performance Artist and Musician, and he had his own 8-track tape recording studio. A disabling illness made live work difficult for him. He became involved in a Multimedia business... but eventually he had to give this up, as well.

But he "really is" an academic. He has degrees in Science and Computer Graphics. Semi-retired, he has become a Sponsored Artist. He is setting up and running a studio for a resource centre for start-up movie makers. His task is the production of tutorials and helping movie makers with all post production tasks including editing and music. Through this little job, we have access to a Mac and all the Software we need. He also works on the production of Art and Architecture books.

He wants to make free music in his spare time: free to listen, free from all restrictions imposed by commercial considerations, free from audience expectations brought on by past activities. He loves making music for the sake of his love for music: it's intricacy, beauty and elegance, without any other agenda: "No Guru, No Message, No Teacher".
So he invented me. He passed all his skills and knowledge on to me, and allowed me to do as I please, as long as I didn't compromise his desire for privacy.

I started uploading the kind of music he makes on the job, different tracks, but still the same kind of work - quite successfully, got good reviews... but he wasn't happy. The boundaries between work and leisure activities began to blur, and he felt he was not getting any time off, really.

So, I uploaded some music which is entirely my own, very different from what he does on the job. Very unconventional, often experimental, always my own, without compromise... and you people responded beyond my expectations - suddenly I was doing "Weekly Top Ten" tracks.... unbelievable!

He is happy now. As long as I can keep my icompositions clearly separate from his job, and my identity separate from his own, he'll let me work away.
Let us hope I'll be here for a while to come...


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"Off" For A While - Difficulties... December 15, 2008
...with some people around me...
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I don't comment on Christmas Songs... December 4, 2008
Just in case those of you whose songs I usually comment on might wonder what's up...
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1 Year at iComp - Thank YOU! October 25, 2008
Yesterday, actually, was my first iCompositions anniversary.
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Settling back into iComp... September 18, 2008 second attempt!
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HUGE Industrial Music Session August 19, 2008
David Byrne plays BIG music
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Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Enceladus Encounter Other Oct 3, 2008 5901
Dream Cymbalism Collab Other Jun 29, 2008 2839
The Track Of Time (with new 1st movement) Other Jun 27, 2008 2168
Brixton Ceilidh Other Jun 13, 2008 2573
The Heartbeat Of The Ancient Forest Other Jun 1, 2008 2144
Cymbalism (posted for collaborations) Other May 26, 2008 1974
The Witch, The Cardinal, And The Demons Other May 22, 2008 1763
Mayo Revisited Collab Inspirational May 10, 2008 1418
The Siren Of The Rhine Other May 9, 2008 3599
Obscure Variations On An Obvious Theme Collab Other May 3, 2008 2028
The King Of The Faeries (instrument audition) Inspirational Apr 16, 2008 1790
It Is Made Of Music Inspirational Apr 8, 2008 1598
Don't Break The Silence Other Apr 4, 2008 4358
The Dancefloor Comet Dance Apr 3, 2008 1611
Midnight Commuter Train Other Mar 26, 2008 2216
Strange Attractions Other Mar 19, 2008 2332
The Comet Inspirational Mar 13, 2008 2334
All Your Dub Are Belong To Us Dance Mar 8, 2008 4046
1956 Thunderbird (with drums and bass) Collab Jazz Feb 4, 2008 2091
Critical Mass: Shepard's Nocturne Other Jan 25, 2008 2033
4 To The Floor 4 Frankie Dance Jan 20, 2008 1292
Critical Mass (WIP) Other Jan 15, 2008 1398
The World's Best Known Song Alternative Jan 9, 2008 8027
The Track Of Time (finished) Other Jan 5, 2008 2002
Joseph And The Devils Inspirational Dec 31, 2007 1521
Tsunami Other Dec 27, 2007 1499
Solstice (Seasonal Greetings to All) Inspirational Dec 21, 2007 1343
Second Helping (With Fruit And Nuts) Jazz Dec 19, 2007 1417
Serial Bowl (for RAMZAR and Jasali) Jazz Dec 9, 2007 1651
Gnossienne No. 1 Inspirational Dec 8, 2007 1516
Gnossienne No. 3 Classical Dec 7, 2007 2645
Pictures At A Bonestell Exhibition - complete Inspirational Dec 4, 2007 1922
Carolan's Receipt For Drinking Dance Dec 1, 2007 1346
Pacific Awakening Classical Nov 27, 2007 1253
The King of The Faeries Inspirational Nov 25, 2007 1682
The Pictures... Setups Nov 21, 2007 1074
Lady Rose Dillon (by Carolan) Dance Nov 18, 2007 1250
Air On A G-String Classical Nov 16, 2007 2756
Radio Goa Dance Nov 5, 2007 1297
Blue Paint On Board, Framed Jazz Nov 3, 2007 1280
Transmission Ska/Reggae/Dub Nov 2, 2007 1648
1ere Gymnopedie Classical Oct 31, 2007 1390
The Track Of Time Classical Oct 30, 2007 1201
Blue Paint On A Freeform Canvas Jazz Oct 30, 2007 1624
Dreamdance Alternative Oct 29, 2007 1269
It's Just Around The Corner Other Oct 28, 2007 1314
Hewlett Dance Oct 26, 2007 1031
Carolan's Farewell New Age Oct 25, 2007 1816



Title Artist Genre Plays
The First Sunday In July AaronTodd [+1] Jazz 1611
One day Narananda Classical 1081
Muddy Water - first trial mix for CD, still needs Davids vocals BridgeCreek [+1] Blues 1621
It's All Relative DanielLambert Electronica 987
There I Am (part one) RichardRinger Other 1106
Here's Your War Naaji [+1] World 1042
RnB Instrumental New Peroxide R&B 1555
Jai Shri Ganesh (feat Ramonaji) imadesentana [+1] Ska/Reggae/Dub 12207
They're Out There deputydoofy Electronica 958
giddy beat feel Lapskin Electronica 764
Dynamo Narananda Ambient 1043
Mare Serenitatis cammiloo Ambient 1074
Here For A While DanielLambert Electronica 1009
Rain Dance Filmscorz Jazz 1918
Cast Away Keith_Medlin Alternative 1025
Dark Death Lapskin Blues 823
A hard to die tear.... telo12 Inspirational 1133
Interval Narananda Classical 1003
Cool 2 icanzilb Electronica 931
The Magic Circle AMBRADUNA Inspirational 1527
Epic Marta Manuconde Classical 1057
Earth Can Take It DanielLambert Electronica 971
King & Queen (w/ Lunatrick) MickD [+1] Rock 1363
Waltz for the Orleans Ballroom v.II MidiOrleans Classical 1735
Awkward Love Naaji Funk 2204
Asian time Narananda World 1147
Pigeon Ping Pong MichaelDaykin Dance 4974
Concerto for Clarinet and String Orchestra 1 - Andante Con Tenerezza soulima Classical 1572
Go-Faster Stripes Homebrand Dance 874
When the Jazz goes Funky AMBRADUNA Funk 886
THE RAINMAN dr_elvis01 Other 1108
Darth Vader Meditates Too MMI Ambient 1343
Symphony No.1, "Dawn", First Movement, Allegretto WilliamMartin Classical 748
Serenade III Narananda Classical 1070
Acid Drops Diviner House 1118
Ballad of a Hard Man pharmakeus [+1] Rock 1787
iComp Wide fatchance [+2] Rock 2605
Take 2 tobubuta [+1] Ambient 1127
Cavern Lapskin Ambient 918
pretending pepper [+1] House 2204
Amidst the night Narananda Classical 1085
simple v.01 adamcote Electronica 941
Paranoia!!! DanielLambert Electronica 1281
Pour Fran├žoise Narananda Classical 1105
My First Thinger! chrstphre Electronica 836
Smooth Jazz LaFayette [+1] Jazz 1684
Ghost in the Shell The Girl Mix Lapskin Electronica 1273
A Place Called Earth MiddleAgedWhiteGuy Ambient 1398
I Know They're Here... grathy Other 920
12+6 guitar55 Other 1207
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