I'm not feeling particularly creative at the moment, so I just copied what my lesson sign-up sheet said about me when I used to teach. Here it is:

"Travis, a musician for 17 years, has been playing guitar since 1991 and teaching guitar for over 6 years. In 1994, Travis was recognized as first runner-up for "Outstanding Soloist" at Central Michigan University's Jazz Festival. A music major at Grace Bible College, Travis studied both classical and contemporary music theory. He's played in a variety of genres, including Jazz, Praise and Worship, Alternative, Rock, and Metal bands. While Travis specializes in teaching advanced theory and improvisation, he welcomes students at all playing levels."

Anyway... I'm discovering more and more that my genre of music - if I must choose one - is "Progressive Rock." For more info on Prog, check out the site below:

Music rss


Title Genre Released Plays


Title Artist Genre Plays
Duality SQD Metal 2376
On My Own mattesonweb Metal 1161
Fall Away jwoo10 [+1] Rock 1818
Heroine Citizencal2 Alternative 2768
.Bug. MaxPlavax Rock 1212