Mark Wagner is a traditional and digital art, teacher, dad, and musician. Mark works in the film industry as a concept artist. He has played a brass horn since 4th grade and had been waiting for GarageBand all his life. These days Mark is much more interested in music, dance, and making art with kids. He's the founder of the nonprofit Drawing on Earth which inspires art and creativity in youth and communities around the world. Their first project set Guinness World Record for the largest chalk drawing. His artwork can be seen at

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
World Ways Electronica Mar 14, 2006 1463
Being of Things Electronica Mar 14, 2006 1259
StormWarning Electronica Mar 14, 2006 1254
Immanent Source Electronica Mar 14, 2006 1215
Lover Girl Electronica Mar 14, 2006 1247
Black Lava Nights Electronica Mar 17, 2006 1200
Fragmented Evolution Electronica Jul 5, 2006 1432
Influencing Destiny Electronica Feb 12, 2007 1103
One Story is Never Enough Electronica Feb 12, 2007 1096
Feeling in Their Presence Electronica Feb 5, 2008 838
Biologically Designed Electronica Feb 5, 2008 1164
The Way in Witch Electronica Feb 5, 2008 893
Haole Go Home Electronica Feb 6, 2008 1606
Hoop Girl Electronica Oct 2, 2011 433