Show Note for 4-29-12
April 29, 2012 | 8:56 pm

Tom and Rich are sitting on the news desk again this wee, with J getting ready for his flight to Hawaii. TSA advisories, the cost of smoking going up and Apple making crap-loads of money. All this with our FREE software picks...

In an attempt to discourage smokers from lighting up, New Zealand is considering raising the price of a pack of cigarettes to as much as $100

The trade association representing AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint opposes a California proposal for search warrants to track mobile devices, claiming it will cause "confusion."

Getting a part in the new Star Trek movie using an iPhone

Apple's Mac App Store hits 10,000 apps benchmark

Jelly Sea Creatures Disable Entire Nuclear Power Plant

Google has today officially taken the wraps off Google Drive

The Denver Broncos are giving up playbooks for iPads

Apple has just posted their Q2 2012 financial results for the quarter that ended on March 31, 2012

Kickstarter Project Aims To Resurrect Shadowrun

Developer Sonny Byerley has released a new DJ app for the Kindle Fire, Fire DJ

TSA to a Mother-in-Law: 'There's an Anomaly in the Crotch Area'

FREE Software Picks:

Xenakios has released a free granular effects processor for Windows, HourGlass

LNX_Studio a free music environment for OS X thats designed for realtime Internet collaboration

Loop Hunter has shared a free sample library thats monster-sized - 1300 samples and loops

iConvert can convert a lot of different video to make them playable on your iDevice

Thanks for joining us this week! Until next time...

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