Show Notes for 5-13-12
May 14, 2012 | 4:19 pm

The Live broadcast is moving times. Beginning next week, we'll begin broadcasting at 1pm eastern. Join us then. Studies on spilling coffee. Studies on Studies of Studies. Holy Cow! How many stupid studies can be done? Find out this week as Tommy and Rich take a look at them, along with Acid Divers and magnet implants. Oh, and did we mention our FREE software picks?

Government Issues Study of a Study About Studies

Scientists explore the physics behind NOT spilling coffee

This past week Apple released a new version of iOS, 5.1.1

Looks Like Mountain Lion Could Be Released In June

Man Jumps Into Vat of Acid to Save His Coworker

Kickstarter talks to us about product 'pre-orders,' won't force refunds when creators flake

California Passes Law Preventing Employers From Demanding Social Media Access

Guy Got 4 Magnets Implanted In His Wrist To Hold His iPod Nano

Sinead O'Connor blames tour cancellation on insomnia

Verizon refused to help police locate unconscious man unless they paid his phone bill

American racing legend Carroll Shelby dead at 89

FREE Software Picks:

Free Microtonal Software Synthesizer For Windows, Ivor

Free Music Software & Samples

ProxTube Unblocks US-Only YouTube Videos for International Users

Thanks for joining us this week... Until next week...

Save it for Sunday!

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