Show Notes for 5-27-12
May 28, 2012 | 7:08 am

We discuss Internet Law foibles and issues, along with J's new job prospect on this weeks episode. We also take a look at 8 FREE software picks.

FBI quietly forms secretive Net-surveillance unit

Apple Rumor Causes Samsung Stock Value To Take $10 Billion Nosedive

YouTube Expands Its Merchandise Store To All Partners, Not Just Musicians

Google will alert users to DNSChanger malware infection

New York Legislation Would Ban Anonymous Online Speech

Man Ticketed for Dropping Money on the Ground

Sanford judge rules in favor of motorist who flashed his headlights

Traktor 2.5 DJ Software Now Available Heres Whats New

FREE Software Picks:

Free iPad app lets you create 3D images of any place, person or object - and you can even PRINT out perfect replicas

Free Roland Juno 106 Warm Pad For Ableton Live

Friday Freebies 6 additional Free Music Software selections

Looking forward to seeing you again next time. Until then...

Save it for Sunday!

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