Show Notes for 6-3-12
June 4, 2012 | 7:02 pm

Zombies! The Gov't says they don't exist. Richard Dawson Passes away. Tommy has multiple rants that he's taking no responsibility for. All along with our free software picks.

Justin Bieber -- Photog Beatdown Going to Prosecutors

Justin Bieber suffers concussion after walking into glass wall at Paris show

U.S. government says zombies are NOT real: Feds forced to deny existence of the undead after spate of attacks

American Heads Are Getting Larger

Age can be detected by smell, study finds

Developer Explains Why Android Sucks for Some Audio Apps

Blindside, a new "3D audio-only adventure game" for iOS

It Would Cost $37 Billion Per Year to Pre-Screen YouTube Videos

When in Rome ... tip! Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg dubbed a skinflint

Australia teen's Facebook post leads to robbery

FREE Software Picks:

Ohm Studio, ‘The First Real-Time Collaborative Digital Audio Workstation”, Now Available

Watch free bad movies on your iOS device with PopcornFlix

Friday Freebies – Free Music Software

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