I feel like singing
January 4, 2017 | 11:38 pm

I have been looking thru covers..

I haven't decided what i will do yet, it's a process, find the tune, learn it, record it and then do the vocals.. it takes time... but when i find the right "known" tune i prolly make my own version from scratch, thinking slow noisy rocking pop tune or whatever i come up with.. I have never outdone myself since Chris Isaak back in the days.. havent really felt like singing until i watch a 3 year old video where i short take on "everybody loves saturday night" on a good day i can somehow sing smiley



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I am in similar situation. Except I do not feel I can sing that well. But in the end, as a friend said to me, the songs need vocals. I have not even uploaded any songs here and took the one or two I did upload down because of a few issues, some around the vocal performances, others around rushed mixes with lowend distortion problems. The lowend issues I can tweak. My voice I cannot that easily, and like you said it is a process.

I am not sure if you are saying you can sing and just have not recorded vocals yet, or if you are struggling with the actual singing aspect. Most likely both if you are like me.

I agree, it is a process. And while I will do guitar or bass parts over and over and "punch in/punch out" errors in various ways, for some reason I almost feel I am supposed to sit down and do the vocals in one take.I have found that the vocals part is the hardest to do and takes the most practice (for me) and mental preparation.

As a guy with a frog in his throat all the time I am doing some exercises I learned online and practicing in just one or two keys (Am and C, which are the same notes actually, only one scale starts on A and the other on C) and in a limited range suitable for my voice. I am working on some originals (then you have to write lyrics as well) and a few covers and it is really not easy. To practice staying "almost" in pitch most of the time I hum along with a tuner and and along with the scales on guitar or keyboard.

One thing that is helping me with covers songs (I am trying, for one, Love Her Madly by The Doors)is to get the sheet music online if possible and learn the vocal melody line on your keyboard (or guitar) and then sing it that way. Plunck on that piano over and over "love her madly, love her madly, blah blah" until you get a sense of what the singing notes are. You can be surprised at how far off your notes are (or how right on they are maybe) from the real version this way. I am also doing those weird face exercises and breathing exercises. Just like a guitarist must practice scale drills and licks or hard chord changes he may never even use later the singer has to do practices and dreary routines as well, unless you are just born with Robert Plant type pipes, and he no doubt has to practice as well.

Anyway, I listen to your stuff all the time although I may not always leave a comment. Sorry about that part. But I follow your adventures here and I look forward to how this works out.

The songs often need words and a singer. if you are not working with a real singer then you must do the job yourself and I think that is even funner.

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I did the plugged and a tuned pop up right away, i found a dude teaching on youtube, main chords progression and had to figure out the melody myself. the problem i have with singing is that it's not comfortable in english.. and I also wanna do it 1 -2 or 3 takes... i am impatient haha now you may think which tune i intend to mess up and i say continue thinking smiley haha will come soon, need to find cable & mic and do vocals on the nos soundcard which i havent done before smiley
I aint a singer just do backup when i'm not to busy drumming, long time ago i did this
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