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November 6, 2017 | 6:59 pm

wheel of doom all day.. ZZzzzzz

I updated to OS new high Sierra and my Mac got so slow, (I've been running with 4 GB since 2010) I had the wheel of doom all the time. I went to a shop and bought 16 gb of ram as I got of the store I noticed I had gotten the wrong package 2x4 gb rather than my 2x8 gb.. I went home and installed it and it rocks.
it can handle 32 gb so I get 16 more asap. Running 20 guns right now. if you have questions about what your Mac is capable off try -> other world computing smiley



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I still use a computer frequently with a 32 gb hard drive let alone ram! I got into computers at a young age so I'm familiar with and make use of the old stuff. I am only just now exploring how to get over 32 bit limits haha. Congrats on your upgrades, Glad to hear it works great!
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I love Other World Computing! We've been using their stuff and benefitting from their expertise for a really long time now. Glad to hear about your successes!
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