Wicked Game - Long time ago
January 13, 2018 | 2:15 pm

So I made a cover of Wicked Game..

From what I have learned doing the years I think it may be time to re-visit my Cris Isaak cover and give it another go, I know it was something completely different from the original.. I think I can do it better.. like 1+ years after I had my first go.. I sort of have to find the vibe and the original recorded backing track is long gone.. I am thinking about it smiley
Maybe it is just what it is as is- an icomp classic.. dunno.



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The question for me in situations like this is: do you have something new to bring to it this time? Personally I find that old recordings have a lot of charm even if there are aspects that we would do differently now. On the other hand, bringing a fresh perspective to an old piece of music can be a really fun experience too (that's basically what my whole album Brighter Days is).
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I always say give it another go. I find we learn new things in terms of recording an mixing even if we do not necessarily change that much as a musician. I have been working for a long now with songs using the T-Tracks mixing/mastering suite and it has simply changed everything. I have had to consider the same thing. I have about 20 in various stages of completion, and many of those were reworked in terms of using T-Racks and dropping the iZotope stuff which was not working me me. So, revisit I say. And good luck. And you can still always have the old version to fall back on of you blow it smiley
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