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Namm show 7 years ago
I went with some buddies one year. We got passes from a local guitar store that could not make it. It was a blast. Tons of gear... booths to try out amps at volume... Certainly a trade show, but pretty nice gear. We caught a show at night with a few people that showed... I remember Nils Lofgren showing up.
RIP Gary Moore 7 years ago
Gary Moore was a fabulous player. RIP.
NYC music recommendations? 7 years ago
Hi Folks - Thanks for the replies. We ended up at a place called Smalls after dinner and did not leave until about 3am. It was a total musicians hangout. I love NY. Cheers - Jeff
NYC music recommendations? 7 years ago
Hi Folks,

Last year my wife and I visited New York in October and asked if anyone had recommendations on live music to see. We are going again this weekend. Anyone know of a cool place for Jazz in NYC on Friday night? Cheers - Jeff
Welcome dcrugebregt 8 years ago
Hi Everyone - I recently reconnected with an old friend from 3rd grade in Facebook who I learned guitar with from pretty much day one. Now I see that he (dcrugebregt) is on iComp!

Welcome old pal. - Jeff
Wedding Bells, iComp match making service 8 years ago
That is totally cool! CONGRATS!
Official Song Plugging Thread 8 years ago

Song for Jessica

This is a song to help an old friend who's daughter was recently in a terrible accident. Special thanks to John and Chrissie van der Klaauw and also Alan Crouch (lapotu, Ramm and Northpoint) for all the help with the song.

- Jeff
Are you on YouTube? 8 years ago
oh my... Here is my youtube vid... Someone recorded this at a wedding 24 years ago.

Music... clubs in NYC? 8 years ago
Thanks all... We had a nice time at The Living Room last night. Sweet sounds from a cool band with a pedal steel player. Unfortunately now it is time to leave NYC. Had a great time in this great city. - Jeff
Music... clubs in NYC? 8 years ago
Thanks folks... these are great suggestions. The Rockwood Music Hall sounds right up our alley. Will review the others too. My preference is singer songwriters doing their thing. Thanks again! - Jeff
Music... clubs in NYC? 8 years ago
Hi Folks - any recommendation for places to see music in NYC? I am spending the weekend here and can't figure out where to end up tonight or tomorrow night...
children's song contest 8 years ago
Just wrote my first song with my daughter Abigail. She came up with the lyrics and the melody. Cheers - Jeff

Les Paul Dies 8 years ago
Man what a life... He invented the echo, right? How cool must that have been dialing up the tape heads and hearing that for the first time. I have always loved his recordings with Bing Crosby... I think they are from the 40s. RIP.
Electric guitar buying advice for a woman? 8 years ago
Totally agree... go to a big guitar shop and play a bunch of electrics on a decent amp. I usually choose a basic fender amp on the clean setting. I would start with Telecasters! They are a classic.
Song archive question 9 years ago
thanks guys... Maybe I will post to my MobileMe and point to that. - J
Song archive question 9 years ago
If I post a song and immediately turn around and archiving it, does it pull it from the list of recently posted songs that everyone sees? I would like to post a updated mix of a song and just put the link in the first post to the second mix. But I don't really want the song to make another journey through the Recent Uploads and Weekly songs list. Is that possible? Thanks - Jeff
Pandora radio 9 years ago
That is a good reason to get an iPhone. Thanks for the info...
Pandora radio 9 years ago
Many friends recently insisted that I try out Pandora radio at www.pandora.com. I have tried it and it rocks. I created a station with Mark Knopfler, Wilco and John Hyatt as seeds and have been listening ever since. I am sure you all know about this, but if not, try it. Are there other internet stations like this that you know of? Wow... I wish I could get it in my car.
Interested in Collab? 9 years ago
I'd be happy to help out if you need some guitar work. - Jeff
16th October 2008 iComp Meet California: Oasis, Menlo Park 9 years ago
I am planning on making it to the O. Looking forward to it.
question about drum loops in 6/8 9 years ago
Thanks. Yes I am building a drum part now with my keyboard. So far so good. - Jeff
question about drum loops in 6/8 9 years ago
Hi Folks -

I am working with someone on a song that is in 6/8 and I just realized that all of my drum loops from the Beta Monkey Backbeat CD are in 4/4. GB is filtering on time signature... makes sense.

Now I need to find some drum loops that I can use. The song style here is singer songwriter in an almost country or americana feel. I poked around the Beta Monkey offerings and it is hard to determine if a particular set of loops might cover my needs here.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a package that might meet my needs. This particular song is around 70bps. Thanks!
Guitarplayers 9 years ago
Feel player with a bunch of influences. I like just fitting in with whatever music I have the opportunity to play on. Here are a few samples on icomp. Cheers - Jeff

Blues/acoustic style

Jazzy style

Rock/Other/just jamming
Official Song Plugging Thread 9 years ago
The Road

Posted yesterday... A dark bluesy original with local singer Leslie Leone. Enjoy and thanks for listening!

We are trying to arrange the song for a live band set and this was our template to give other local musicians.

Welcome Back 10 years ago
Nice job folks. It's great to see the site coming back. Many thanks to the IC team for working to put it back together. - Jeff