Jim Bouchard is a guy who plays music. That's me. I have another page here at iC under the name "toots" that I sort of let get pretty inactive just because I ran out of time to do much more than I was doing. I don't have much extra time now, but some of that is because I have started working for on mastering projects for hire over the internet. We run an ad here on iComp that maybe you've seen. If you have a CD project that you are working on and you need an inexpensive way to get it mastered, you could check out our website or just upload one of your songs on my upload form and I'll send you a sample.

Or you could just listen to some of my music. Really I am just a humble musician. I come from a musical family. That's a long story and I won't bore you here, but feel free to ask sometime and I'll happily get into it. I play some folk, I play some rock, I fool around with a lot of different stuff. I released two CDs lately with my duo group, The Fritters and I released a solo CD over 10 years ago called "Toots Rambles" which is how I came up with my toots handle when I first registered here. I just prefer going by my real name these days, since all I've got going for me is just me.

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Dwell Alternative Dec 10, 2007 903
Lonely At The Top Pop Dec 1, 2007 986
Gold (Peter Blegvad cover) Folk Nov 18, 2007 5273
There You Go Alternative Nov 4, 2007 826
Last Tree Standing Collab Alternative Nov 4, 2007 1060
Cape Cod Girls Folk Nov 3, 2007 2681


Title Artist Genre Plays
Midnight Special jibes Folk 2102