My names Ju and I've been looking for a site like this forever, so big respect to whoever runs it. Anyway, I have a kind of weird taste in music so I'll try and sum it up.
DEATH METAL; Tight, technical, creative or just unbelievably fast and brutal. Classics like Death, CC, Nile, Suffocation, Demilich, Decapitated, Pestilence (Spheres era), Cryptopsy, Dying Fetus, etc. All the Tech DM masters-Necrophagist, Spawn Of Possession, Deeds Of Flesh, Disavowed, Odius Mortem, Aeon, Origin, Defeated Sanity, Martyr etc. Some Thrash e.g. Defiance, Kreator, Sepultura etc. Some Modern metal e.g. Gojira, Pitbulls In The Nursery, Nevermore, Mastodon etc.
TECH/PROG-Ron Jarzombek/Watchtower/Blotted Science/Spastic Ink., Meshuggah, Cynic, Atheist, Theory In Practice, Gordian Knot, Planet X, DT, Symphony X, Adagio etc.
BLACK METAL-Experimental/Prog BM e.g. Emperor/Ihsahn, Arcturus, Borknagar, Deathspell Omega etc. Love those that mix in electronics/ambience e.g. Dodheimsgard, Abigor, Aborym, Thorns etc. Otherwise its mainly the epic symphonic stuff like Dimmu, Vesania, Lyfthrasyr etc.
JAZZ-All the pioneers of modern jazz and prog/fushion-Hancock, Davis, Corea/Return To Forever, Zawinul/Weather Report, Mahavishnu Orchestra etc. Jazz Funk-Tower Of Power, Earth Wind &; Fire, Nils Landgren, James Taylor, Brand New Heavies, Roy Ayers etc. Latin/World jazz e.g. Richard Galliano, Chick Corea, Miro Kadoic etc
NU JAZZ-Jazzanova, Leo Tardin, Urban Jazz Coalition, Cinematic Orchestra, Jazztronic all the Soul/R &; B/Funk fushions e.g. Incognitio, 4 Hero, Groove Collective, Jamiroquai etc. Jazz with modern rhythms, sweet harmonies, soul and depth. Some OS Hip Hop/Jazz Hop/Dub e.g. Beastie Boys, Buckshot LeFonque, US3, Ed O.G &; da Bulldogs etc. Some electronic stuff, Ambient, Breakbeat, DnB, Turntablism-Yello, Prodigy, Electric Barbarian, DJ Krush, Some World music-Latin, Middle Eastern, stuff with crazy instruments alien to my western ears e.g. Nabil Khemir or Asita Hamidi/Bazaarpool. CLASSICAL/ROMANTIC/20th CENTURY-Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Rachmaninov, Prokofiev, Chopin, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Grieg, Dvorāk, Debussy, Satie, Holst etc.
SOUNDTRACKS-John Williams obviously, John Barry, Morriconne, Erik Serra, Vangelis, Jesper Kyd, the Cirque Du Soleil soundtracks, Japanese video game/anime composers e.g. Nobou Uematsu and Koichi Sugiyama. Freaky ambient and minimalist soundtracks.
SCI-FI MUSIC! As soundtrack, or mixed with Metal, Jazz or whatever-Bal Sagoth, Direwolf, Holst, Serra, Vangelis, Williams, Goldsmith etc.
Overall, just stuff thats new, original, skilled, inventive and emotive.

My own compositions usually take the form of these styles.
I don't use software loops and try to avoid using preset sounds, at least not without altering them with EQ, reverb etc. I'm a competent drummer and can play a bit of guitar (with the help of some studio magic ; ) but everything else is usually sequenced (apart from vocals obviously). I do everything myself, but would love to work with some female vocalists and saxophone/trumpet/flute players for some jazz/funk/soul compositions sometime, so if you're interested get in touch.

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Night On The Ocean ROUGH Metal Nov 9, 2008 588
Spector Inspector Ambient Oct 19, 2008 446
The Cycle Ambient Oct 18, 2008 758


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POSTCARD #4 MiddleAgedWhiteGuy Ambient 454