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Title Genre Released Plays
I'M AWARE (ft Kripca) Electronica Feb 5, 2006 3049


On the 8th day God made rock'n roll...the rest is history...
Been into heavy metal for many years ( and still am ), went classical, then came blues etc...and then came accross some old 80' german synth music...packed away my Gibson out came Sountrack and my old trusty Powerbook friend and the rest...well, we shall see smiley
Some of my all time favs are Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Moby, Iron Maiden, lots of less known german techno bands, unknown street musicians, John Barry, Stone Roses, JJ Cale, Goran Bregovic & Wedding and Funeral Band, Morcheeba, Bebel Gilberto... there are just too many great artists that in some way influenced my life, perception of people and the universe we live in...
My forte used to be playing guitar so trying to make decent electronic music ( even though sometimes I go little out of the way and do another Funky Electrician Jam thing lol ) is something completely new for me...
My aim is to develop a certain style so that people will recognise tunes "made by kripca" and if I ever manage to achive that it will be largely thanx to people here on IC ( artists, listeners etc. ).
Seeing people listening and downloading my tunes is the greatest feeling there can thanx for listening to my tunes, thanx for your comments, downloads...


BCA 2006
We Will Not Assimilate


Title Artist Genre Plays
Time Traveler Ignoramus [+2] Rock 2954
LOVE & TEARS Bampot [+1] Electronica 2739
Moonshine Fiasco tomtomR Electronica 2778
Almost ( instrumental ) MayBeHorizon Inspirational 2092
Shadow Burn DigitalGreyOrchestra [+2] Electronica 3367
Teranova (Sweeper Mix) DigitalGreyOrchestra [+1] Electronica 2739
Transferencia LCOX17 Electronica 1566
Frozen Motion danman4961 Electronica 2509
The Blood in Your Hands jkane [+2] Rock 3936
walk walk walk - the Orange fashion show tomtomR Jazz 8329
Sarabande DJ_KK Electronica 1124
on the sofa with Jesus tomtomR Electronica 2766
Ember and Cherry Blossom Mystified [+1] New Age 2713
FEEL THE LOVE Bampot Dance 7501
Electrocución-persecución LCOX17 Electronica 1692
The weekend starts now tomtomR Electronica 2135
BREATHLESS Bampot Electronica 3201
ORANGE DAY DREAM tomtomR Electronica 2039
Romance Sonambulo lilichi [+1] Other 9012
The Dream That's You Euphoria [+1] Rock 1507
PHIL OF FLOYD (with IGNORAMUS) SoulSurvivor [+1] Rock 3262
SITUATION (Yaz Cover - Winter Daze Mix) JohnDeeFair [+1] Electronica 3156
dream song.......with Ponkey and Fred j0j0 [+2] Rock 2315
Moonset RiGee Inspirational 1782
Schweigen des Himmels Didier Rock 2994
MEMORIES OR SNOWFLAEKS. JAZZ DnB ghost Electronica 3322
The Taste of Sound MysticSushi Electronica 840
Viens avec moi [2006 Remix] archie7777 [+1] Electronica 1222
game over - 10 cents to continue tomtomR Electronica 1589
California DigitalGreyOrchestra Electronica 3282
Photogenic Memory lilichi [+1] Alternative 3536
a... little... of... this j0j0 [+3] Rock 3252
Magic Mushroom Magic (Take Two) kripca Electronica 3313
Stars Didier Rock 2966
The Snow Drift DigitalGreyOrchestra [+1] Electronica 3203
Cognitive Disassociation yogi Other 1921
Afraid of girls (Diversion's cover)... Techno??? lilichi [+1] Electronica 2672
Funky Electrician Jam kripca Electronica 1168
VORTEX ghost [+1] Electronica 2014
Dual Core...The mighty New Server..Thank you woodguy32 Surf 2908
Drug Tongue kripca Electronica 810
All Hallow's Eve Taxxodium Electronica 2214