LazyJane Group is started to Showcase the music we make as a group.
We are collaborators around the World, who Love music.
And use Internet as a working space, to have a lot of fun, make Good music, and maybe do a CD one day, but most important, it's for you iComp's Fans, to enjoy!

The Group members are:
Lyrics, vocal, guitar, bass: Will Wilton (LazyJane) - USA
Drums: Jacob Robson - USA
All other instruments: Thierry Santacana (thsantac) - France
Guitar: Michael Ramey (QuillPen) - USA
Arr, Mix/Mastering: Tom Hellsten (toveco) - Thailand

Guest Artists:
Andy Wigzell, Saxophone. (awigze on MacJam) - USA
Bob Ruzzo, Solo Guitars. (w1av) - USA

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
No Longer Pop Dec 3, 2012 775
Mister Rock Nov 23, 2012 560
If It Won't Wait Rock Oct 15, 2012 435
Far Away From Doubt Pop Sep 25, 2012 465
Growing Old Pop Sep 6, 2012 732
Mayday Pop Aug 31, 2012 576
Hard To Focus Pop Aug 27, 2012 991
Ain't It Though Pop Aug 19, 2012 877
Eat For Free Pop Aug 18, 2012 1156


Title Genre Released Plays
PIP Jazz Oct 3, 2017 377


Title Artist Genre Plays
Lord Thomas and Fair Eleanor jibes Folk 1133
Demons theironsaul Blues 1108