Lazy jane is a five-piece band stretching over three continents and four countries. Originally based out of the United States, in Waycross, Georgia, Lazy jane now represents Thailand, France and England. Our music ranges from Folk and Rock, to Country. Although we write and perform music in many different genres, it is almost impossible for us to shake our folk based roots; they have a way of emerging in practically all we do. Band members include: Will Walton (United States - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Piano), Jacob Robson (United States - Drums, Percussion), Thierry Santacana (France - Lead Guitar, Piano, General Instrumentation), Tommy Hellsten (Thailand - Full Production), and the final piece of the worldwide puzzle, Flora Sukhwinder (England - Vocals). Lazy jane's music has been swayed by the influence of such artists as Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Talking Heads, Van Morrison, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Ryan Adams and Nick Drake, just to name a few. The creation of our music is an expression we bestow because we love to, and for no other reason. Being able to share our songs with you makes it all the more enjoyable for us. In the make of our melodies, music and lyrics, we seek to contribute a fresh approach to something that has been done for many years. Our hopes are that you, our listeners, enjoy our music half as much as we do making it for you. Here are a few words from ‘one of those’ who helped pave the road for us all: "His clothes are dirty, but his hands are clean." - Bob Dylan

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Memories Please Collab Folk May 16, 2012 1334
The Maker's Time Folk Apr 12, 2012 831
Don't Be Afraid (Piano) Folk Apr 8, 2012 627
Growing Old Folk Apr 8, 2012 635
Abolina Folk Apr 7, 2012 900
She Loves Goodbyes Folk Apr 4, 2012 573
One Way Rock Apr 1, 2012 530
Heaven, What's It Gone Be Like Folk Mar 27, 2012 389
Riverboat Folk Mar 26, 2012 606
Slip One By Folk Mar 24, 2012 507
This, My All Folk Mar 23, 2012 441
Behind the Last to Board Folk Mar 23, 2012 493
A Good Disease Folk Mar 23, 2012 390
Pass On By Rock Mar 23, 2012 512
It's All an Act Rock Mar 23, 2012 380
Somehow Country Mar 23, 2012 351
Hey Rain Country Mar 23, 2012 476
Far Out of Reach (with Abby Owens) Folk Mar 23, 2012 734
What Can You Do (with Abby Owens) Folk Mar 23, 2012 720


Title Genre Released Plays
I Had No Say Pop Aug 8, 2016 419
Ode To Us Pop Nov 7, 2014 867
It GO Pop May 13, 2014 1115
The Ride Is Everything Pop Aug 3, 2012 1331
Alone For Good Pop Jul 28, 2012 2938
I Believe (finally finished after 35 years) Folk Jun 1, 2012 1367
Cry If Able (a Collab in progress) Pop May 24, 2012 1682
Smoke Clouds and Ashes Bound Pop May 19, 2012 2289