India Oct - Day 10? (I think)
October 20, 2007 | 3:45 am

... but it actually happened on Day 8.

Today (Saturday) they celebrate Punja here, but they celebrated it on Thursday at the workshop. Crazy thing, but very interesting of course. This is the day when they pray for their work tools. Centuries ago it was for weapons, warriors would put flowers on them, pray to Ganesh while doing some rituals for their weapons to never fail during a battle in the year to come. Now the weapons are the machineries (work tools, cars, even computers).
So, they cleaned the workshop (for the first time since I've been here without me asking), they decorated the tools, including the equipment they are fabricating for us with flowers and palm leaves, burn incense, the owner gave sweets to everybody (including us), a guy walked around ringing a bell and spreading some sort of something (hard to describe) and we didn't work for 4 hours.
Crazy interesting!! we lost another day of work basically, but I'm so glad I was there and they let us share their celebration. After all an equipment is just an equipment and the 196 items list is just a list, this was people sharing their lives, 10,000 times more interesting.
The following day (Friday) I arrived early to the workshop and there were only 5 guys working, the other 25 or so are on holidays. There was music coming from somewhere, VERY loud. It was a guy that was fixing the agitator inside the tank (item #134) singing indian chants, just amazing. The tank is two stories high (12Tons) so the acoustic effect was surreal. The brit came and said 'he didn't use the confined space safety practice, you should tell him to get out', I said 'as if! if he's singing he is ok'.



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"if he's singing he is ok" was something my wife never said about me smiley smiley
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Wondrous Indian life! They are so amazing.

dd, you are amazing, too. smiley
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get some audio recordings while you're there and/or video, yes?
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