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I've Never Seen Jaws 9 years ago
I've never seen, nor I intend to, the Lord of the Rings thingy. I tried to read the book but sci/fi/fantasy is definitely not my thing, though it should because all engineers like sci/fi. I did read all of Asimov's Foundations and Robots long ago, don't think I could read them now. I haven't watched either the new Star Wars movies, again the sci/fi/fantasy thing that doesn't click... but I love Harry Potter movies, though I haaaaaaaate the books! can somebody explain that?
Another weird thing, I have read most of Chuck Palahniuk's books, but I haven't seen Fight Club. I guess I don't want to spoil the book smiley .
Oh... and I must confess this... I... don't... like... Woody Allen movies! First and last was 'September' and I left the theater running in fear they'd play it again.

One thing I do watch every so many years is Pink Floyd's The Wall. I watch it with my dad (73 y/o), who is an old fashioned non-rock person but likes Freddy Mercury and loves The Wall. We've had the most amazing/deep conversations every time we watch it, totally unreal.
iCompostions Staff Who's Who? 9 years ago
smiley thanks deep, more than one purple would be hard to handle smiley
iCompostions Staff Who's Who? 9 years ago
I know nothing
Naming of Video Podcast? 9 years ago
Ozfiles, yeah
iCompostions Staff Who's Who? 9 years ago
'lather, rinse, repeat' Do we really need that on a shampoo label? you'd think probably not, people should be able to figure it out and/or to ask something, but you'd be surprised...
iCompostions Staff Who's Who? 9 years ago
uhmmmm... I've been asked for my opinion... so... although I've been not as active as I wanted lately (it's the freaking work going crazy on me for the last... year..s!!!!) I'll still give my opinion:
I think is a cool idea, for the exact reasons Bec is saying: to help the newbies understand how things work and who we are. Totally agree with Eido that changing to the mod status should not change the way you work with the other artists, not at all, but the fact is you are a mod now (or and admin or a... purple) and it will help the newbies to understand 1) the different colors, 2) the different responsibilities and 3) the different people behind this. I don't think (well, I hope) Zallaz is not asking for an 'age/sex/location/what-do-you-do-on-your-summer-vacations' type of descriptor, you should be free too put whatever you think is appropriate to this little bio, even the 'about you' information you have in your page (or an abstract) as this information is widely available anyway, right? and, again to Eido's point, you are still the same person. It's just a shortcut in case somebody has a question, because, believe me, they will have questions.
So, bottom line, my interpretation is that it won't be an opportunity to show how awesome we are (although, yes, we all are) but more an opportunity to give, specially to the newbies, a shortcut to get to the right people that could help them...

Actually, now that I think more about it, maybe the compromise is to have in the 'about us' section a 'role description' of each color (pardon the corporate language, at least I didn't ask for a PACE chart - Process Owner/Approver/Contributor/Executor) and then a list of the current admins and mods (no bios).

What do you think?
New iCompositions Moderators 9 years ago
CONGRATS!!! smiley
Best Albums of 2008 so far? 9 years ago
Ok, this is how much work has me disconnected from the 'world' I had absolutely NO idea that Sheryl Crow and Aimee Man had new CDs smiley how sad!
Songs with Long Titles 9 years ago
Macoco, I can't believe you didn't mention Les Luthier's

'Cantata del adelantado Don Rodrigo Díaz de Carreras, de sus hazañas en tierras de Indias, de los singulares acontecimientos en que se vio envuelto y de cómo se desenvolvió' or

'El zar y un puñado de aristócratas rusos huyen de la persecución de los revolucionarios en un precario trineo, desafiando el viento, la nieve y el acecho de los lobos (Fuga en Si-beria)' or

'Pepper Clemens sent the messenger: nevertheless the reverend left the herd' or

'Papa Garland had a hat and a jazz band and a mat and a black fat cat'
Today is... ILLU's B-DAY!! 10 years ago
Happy Birthday Illu!!!!!!!!!!! I just found out (blame it on chat lurking). Best of the best of the best of the wishes on your special day from Bianca and myself smiley smiley smiley smiley

Thanks a lot for all the big and little things you do here at iC, you really make this a nice place to be smiley

Have you heard ... so and so? 10 years ago
This song, Revolution of a Bike Ride, has been one of my favorites since long ago, together with Voice? and I don't mean one of my favorites song from AimlessScene, I mean one of my favorites. period. Then he did this craziness that got me saying 'I need you' for a while and now he posts Pocket City and I've been listening to it non stop for the last two days.
If you hear them all together you may notice that Aim is a MASTER in mixing not so classical stuff in a classical way for that weird but yet comfortable style that I sincerely adore.
IT IS TIME FOR AN AIMLESS CD!!! I want mine!!!!! NOW
Favorite Movie Soundtracks 10 years ago
- Natural Born Killers From Leonard Cohen to L7, going through NIN and Patsy Cline...
- Amores Perros awesome awesome mix of hispanic rock/pop, Cafe Tacuba, Julieta Venegas, Nacha Pop, Control Machete, etc.
- West Side Story because is THE classic.
another newbie question 10 years ago
briefly: because a mac rocks
iComp Highlights 2007 ? 10 years ago
2007 will be the year I'll remember because I have time to do nothing smiley 2008 might be similar smiley
song ratings, I know this has probably been posted a million 10 years ago
a smile from Igno's 'shiny' teeth is worth a million stars
Have you heard ... so and so? 10 years ago
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG yes, they are both well known, yes, they are both fantastic but OMG this is just TOO MUCH
Have you heard ... so and so? 10 years ago
We all know that Ponkey Rocks, but this last song is a dark masterpiece. Absolutely great
Favorite underrated female singers ever 10 years ago
oh dear, how could I have forgotten the be good tanyas not 1, but 3 underrated awesome female voices

and what about Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins? they are cool and underrated too, it wasn't me my fav song from them, crappy recording though
hi 10 years ago
yeah, welcome to the comp
Favorite underrated female singers ever 10 years ago
Underrated females... Gwen Stefani!!! (KIDDING!)

Camille I think (I hope) she is well known in France, her latest CD is lovely. The video for "ta doleur" (on her website and on youtube) is just too good.

CocoRosie two sisters, weird music, wonderful website.

Sneaker Pimps British electropop, not really a 'girl' but a band, but the girl's voice is awesome and the lyrics terrific. Their website is so so, so the link is to the video of my fav song from them in youtube.

Shivaree maybe not so underrated, but still she should be as rated as Gwen

Lhasa de Sela the first CD I got from her was great, the second one so so, she does rock anyway. De Cara a la Pared is just a great song

there's probably more but I can only come up with underrated male singers now smiley
How did you found iComp and Why did you stayed? 10 years ago
it's all PM's fault
Jump to Random Artist!!! 10 years ago
If you set up your music list here to have x amount of random songs (for instance I have 10), by definition you are getting the same number of random artists and you can always click on the artist's name instead of the song... isn't that sweet? you already have what you wanted.
Congrats Ponkey! 10 years ago
two words:


and then three words:


and why not four?

Which was your first CD? 10 years ago
Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the moon
Best song with girl's name in title? 10 years ago
Alexandra leaving - Leonard Cohen
What Song Do You Detest? 10 years ago
AND what about this ? I dare any of you to find something worst....
What Song Do You Detest? 10 years ago
oooh oooh!!! Suzanne Vega's 'My name is Luca', what was she thinking about!?!?!
What Song Do You Detest? 10 years ago
Woody, Bernardo, you guys rock! Piano man (in english or the even worst version in spanish) is eeeeeew! The Titanic soundtrack thingy is another one that drives me nuts.
What are you listening to now? 10 years ago
Now is Andres Calamaro's 81-91
before that it was Moorlandt's CD (AWESOME)
before that it was Casiotone for the Painfully Alone's Pocket Symphonies for the Lonesome Subway Cars
before that it was Tom Wait's Mule Variations
before that it was something else...

Jobu, how's Wilco's last CD? worth the listen?
Have you heard ... so and so? 10 years ago
I hate the list but this song has to be there.
iCR Podcast Featured Artists 10 years ago
Well... after a year long 'break' I finally decided to be responsible and I uploaded another podcast . Will I keep this level of responsability? doubt it... but I promise I'll try, anyway, I'll never be able to beat nito or ponkey.
LET IT BE heard! 11 years ago
the ultimate blackbird

Now... who's obssesed? (yes, they are all different versions)
Have you heard ... so and so? 11 years ago
absolutely sad and lovely
10 million plays! 11 years ago
where's the champagne to celebrate?
The Importance of Data Security 11 years ago
Shame on me
Thank you 11 years ago
smiley happy iC-bday to you smiley
iCompositions 3.6 11 years ago
the devil is in the details...
The Importance of Backups 11 years ago
I bow to the back up master... I'm ... like your friend (or worst smiley ) I promise promise! Promise!! PROMISE!!! I will be better backing up my stuff. Really, promise.
who is icomp - hands up 11 years ago
I'm never here according to the 'Who is Online' list, so I guess the 'Who is Online' list it not my friend. I wouldn't blame it.
Artist Tracking 11 years ago
If you go to your backstage and click on 'Favorites' there's a list of the people that have 'favorited' you, it's on your right and with the little icons... it looks cute smiley
Invisible Dyad Contest Results 11 years ago
Here's the list of 'players' smiley for those of you that are too lazy to go check song by song smiley

1 Joanna/artist08
2 ansteller/jotimaz
3 samboway/jdwyer05
4 Uplink/airrun
5 CowboyBob/paulhenrys
6 Jacob/TheGranz
7 Bass2x/noglobalman
8 thoddi/j0j0
9 FrozenEntropy/ddball
10 AspersionDetergent/Predilekt
11 ORANGEAUDIO/raygarrido
12 RoboScott/moorlandt
13 mbehar/reddragon
14 Illuminator/Surak777
15 ciheins/pete
16 Tobz /joolsoakland
17 etgilles/macoco
18 Baboon/robotpantyraid
19 jkane/Icepack
20 Mystified/jolofsson
21 ohlanda/dragonlikes
22 beeblenoid/Barretok
23 JHarley/iamOpen
24 jimmyd/Borris
25 Shred/blueprintorchestra
26 sideburnsbob/4arms
Artist Spotlight Updates 11 years ago
It is a wonderful new feature smiley
Invisible Dyads Contest Discussion 11 years ago
oh my... they are what I thought they were... now I see where the 'evil dark' part of your name comes from... you are worst than... than... than... me!
Happy Birthday BluePrintOrchestra :) 11 years ago
Happy B-day to Marc!! smiley
Invisible Dyads Contest Discussion 11 years ago
oh, dust, use swiffer... it does work
Invisible Dyads Contest Discussion 11 years ago
They will stay under the Invisible Dyad account and after the voting they will also be under each artist collab list... a list in the forums? I don't know, maybe? can't think 'cause I haven't had coffee yet.
btw, stevil... what the heck is your artist icon? it's starting to disturb me smiley
Invisible Dyads Contest Discussion 11 years ago
That's a good question... what if after the voting we add the artists as collaborators to their respective song? (it would be only fair, after all)
MUGshot Presents: 11 years ago
nito, you rock
SlimGirlFat on UK Primetime TV 11 years ago
Chat 11 years ago
Now we have time to listen to the music...
Have you heard ... so and so? 11 years ago
new guy, cool guy GREAT VOICE
iComp Anonymous 11 years ago
oh wait, it was a group hug... smiley uhmmm... *keeps hugging bunny*
iComp Anonymous 11 years ago
*hugs bunny*
What's Your Highlight Color On Your Mac? 11 years ago

(kidding, blue, isn't that the default? should I turn it purple?)
Chinese Whispers - Cover Cadavre 11 years ago
First version is the one that says '#1' or '1'... doesn't that... eeeer... make sense?
Chinese Whispers - Cover Cadavre 11 years ago
Keep in mind the 2 songs post/4 hours delay for the next two/2 next songs post/4 hours delay/etc.
You could a) get a bunch of you post pair of songs to cover them all and/or b) send a message to PM or mattf to see if they can make an exception for this occasion (hey, that rhymes), as I pressume you want them to be all together on the music list. Also you could open a 'chinese whispers' account, so even with the delay they are all neatly together under one artist. If you don't do any of that, may I suggest to add a common word/s to the song names (ie chinese whispers) so the group search is easier smiley
Ponkey is great (and at Shibuya), I'm sure he wants to hear them all together!!!
Invisible Dyad Contest Sign Up 11 years ago
and the witty and very clever (all As on his first semester) mattf
Invisible Dyad Contest Sign Up 11 years ago
Happy 3rd Birthday, iCompositions! 11 years ago
Feliz Cumpleaños a ti! Feliz Cumpleaños a ti!! Feliz Cumpleaños iCoooooomp!! Feliz Cumpleaños a tiiiiii!!
artist icon not appearing 11 years ago
Columbus, I assume you've seen this . If you still have issues try emptying your cache. It works for me in Safari and IE (yes, sometimes I'm stuck with IE)
What does contest drop down box do? 11 years ago
not only it makes sense... it is also true! such educated guys... smiley
Happy New Year! 11 years ago
smiley indeed
Surak's Birthday Thread 11 years ago
that matches his snowball... lovely... great.... uhmmmm... taste.

Happy b-day suak!!!
logic express vs garageband 11 years ago
is there a difference between a PC and a Powerbook?
is it more powerful a bike or a ferrari?
Ponkey says: bye! 11 years ago
I still think you are going to this chinese packing equipment supplier called Shibuya... tell them to improve the nozzles on their sachets machines, they suck...
You better be back in a month Ponkey because you rock (you know that). In the meantime drink LOTS of green tea for me. By the way, my sister loves rozinante.
Ohio 11 years ago
You are from Ponkey-land, where people rock.
iPod faillure 11 years ago
yellow bunnies?
iPod faillure 11 years ago
mis sentidas condolencias y una flor smiley voy a ver si se me ocurre algo, pero nunca me ha pasado algo asi
Lullaby competition? 11 years ago
I realized that I did some sort of lullaby a while ago with Neumuzik's music. It'd be nice to put all the songs together at the end as a sleeping podcast... wouldn't it?
Is being young over rated? 11 years ago
you won't be young all your life, but you will always be you, so you better like you at any age
Have you heard ... so and so? 11 years ago
everybody must listen to this it's just too good.
Revising the Genre List 11 years ago
From Merrian-Webster:
Acoustic: 1 : of or relating to the sense or organs of hearing, to sound, or to the science of sounds <acoustic apparatus of the ear> <acoustic energy>: as a : deadening or absorbing sound <acoustic tile> b : operated by or utilizing sound waves 2 : of, relating to, or being a musical instrument whose sound is not electronically modified

Hence acoustic is not a genre, is more of a technique, if you may, that can be used in different genres and, in fact, is not listed in any 'respectable' list of music genres as one.

Actually, the not-so-respected Wikipedia defines acoustic music as: music that solely or primarily uses acoustic instruments, such as the acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, piano, cello, and voice. The category includes much contemporary folk and singer-songwriter music, as well as bluegrass music. It can also refer to instrumental music that is created using acoustic instruments.

So if we follow that maybe acoustic music should be in the folk genre (currently available). Though I wouldn't agree with that as if we check the popular MTV Unplugged albums (ultimate commercial acoustic) Nirvana did one, as did Bob Dylan, as did Shakira... (as some others of course) an I'll kill myself if anybody thinks Shakira is 'Folk'.

Bottomline: there are (literally) close to a hundred if not more music genres, it is unpractical to have them all AND then also music techniques on top of that, therefore we can't make everybody happy. Sorry smiley. I personally love acoustic music and even so I had to say 'is not a genre, it doesn't go on the genre list'.

Ps: if you are doubting about a genre for an electronica song, check this website smiley
Congratulations on the site launch 11 years ago
I don't know nito smiley
Play all button for artists' song list page 11 years ago
does it have checkboxes and little circles?
All Time Lists 11 years ago
I shall add:

Most covered: Afraid of girls by Diversion too
Copyright Infringement 11 years ago
thanks a lot for this info, Ice smiley
Have you heard ... so and so? 11 years ago

sweet song from new artists (they are from Holland) smiley
calling all icompers....I need your help. 11 years ago
PROUDLY DONE, I commented... now, everybody else go! I know you were waiting for me to be the first smiley
Tom Waits 11 years ago
me too
Mission Accomplished 11 years ago
:D smiley smiley smiley smiley
and another 11 years ago
Here's how it works, there's this forum thread where people post the songs they want to promote, there's also this promote guide where you'll get more ideas on how to make your music 'more noticeable' in the site and there's always the administrators and moderators to whom you can ask questions when in doubt smiley
Have you heard ... so and so? 11 years ago
I need help.. to make an IC CD for family and friends 11 years ago
some of my MUST haves (and I won't make the links pretty because I'm too lazy today):

ok, I think you have enough for a CD, I still have tons more of must haves if you want to do another... hehehe.
I need help.. to make an IC CD for family and friends 11 years ago
Woody... can it be any type of music? even the scary ones?
iCompositions Fundraiser 11 years ago
and if you have a 12" screen scroll to the right... smiley I did.
OXJAM 11 years ago
I'm definitely buying and spreading the word. Ponkey... you rock, we know it.
Pluggin rules 11 years ago
"You may not use iCompositions messaging services for the promotion of products, offers, services, music, or for any other form of solicitation. The use of iCompositions messaging services for sending unsolicited or bulk mailings is also not permitted and will result in account termination"

so say the Terms of Service...
Pluggin rules 11 years ago
It is indeed hard to draw the line on the 'just words plugs' and, honestly, they are to some extreme as annoying as the real plugs. The obviously pre-fabricated contexts such as 'hey! I just uploaded a song' or 'can you check my song and tell me what you think?' or 'if you want to listen to good ___ (insert music genre) you should listen to my stuff' or 'I just did a great collab' or 'my song is on the list!' are sort of acceptable for a first timer, or an isolated sort of event (at least that's my rule) but the repetitive, constant reference to your song as anybody arrives to the chat is highly annoying and disturbing, as much as the real plugging... by repetitive I mean more than one time. It is especially upsetting to me when it is coming from artists that have been warned about it in previous ocassions... it turns the moderators (and admins) job into 'hall monitors' instead of actually helpers and/or facilitators for other things. We really don't enjoy linking the plugging etiquette or reminding you guys about it time after time, as some of you might think.
Have you heard ... so and so? 11 years ago
My name is here as a collab, but it doesn't count as I only sent woody a track with some beats from messing around with LE and then he did this fabulous, almost orchestra arrangement... fantastic.

Icomp anual meeting 11 years ago
15 euros/night... smiley so not bad at all
Icomp anual meeting 11 years ago
No, not Denmark, nito. PM promised next month was going to be in a cruise, don't you remember?
New Genres! 11 years ago
smiley aaaw lovely!
New iPods and iTunes 7 11 years ago
smiley for Woody smiley
New iPods and iTunes 7 11 years ago
I want: the 8GB black nano (I'm still not convinced of the other colors) and the 30GB white iPod (80GB scares the heck out of me)... the shuffle looks quite cool but not what I like to use, but most of all... I want the Alpine Full Speed what a cool little gadget...
Forums for just music 11 years ago
... and there's always the 'lounge' where you can talk about music, there are actually quite a few threads there related to music in general already... smiley
Homage to jdwyer05 -- it's due 11 years ago
oh yes indeed!
So about all these covers.... 11 years ago
no, PM is Charlie
technology can be so fragile... 11 years ago
I'm with nito: smiley
Have you heard ... so and so? 11 years ago
pete wrote:
Yes, Dylan is correct about Leesa! She is very very good! Wonderful talent.

Dyl, you beat me to the the plug...

So, I have another great artist to tell you about, ddw. Fantastic works. Try this one

OH YEAH Dyl!!! awesome awesome, very Michelle Shocked meets somebody else I still can't remember.
Have you heard ... so and so? 11 years ago
He doesn't have as many plays as he deserved because we are caught up in the usuals... as usual... but if you want to listen to some professional sound and crisp production, check it out!!!