Hello Icomp.

I posted awhile back about a very cool Collaboration.

Things have grown since then. We are versioning my Daughter's Song and have created a global initiative while we are doing so.

Please take a moment to read the swept article, as I am speaking directly about all of you and the power I found on this site.

If any of you are interested in further Translations and/or Vocal Performances of a language you speak, please don't hesitate to email me at I would love your help.

Please do take the time to read the Article and click a few links. I am so blessed that I get to do this and would love if Icomp became more involved. The inspiration of networking with the world in realtime is incredible and is serving my Company very well. So feel the pride. You all helped me discover the power we all have here.

Kindest Regards

Scott Reid
Live Large Music

Links for LLM

Swept Aricle Part 1

LLM You Tube Channel

Littlest You

Ma Toute Petite

Piccola Te

Minha Pequena

Ayanfe Mi

Chiisai Kimi

Munting Ikaw

Lilla Du

Gaashin Giin

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Title Artist Genre Plays
UNMASK (Remix) toveco [+1] Pop 773
Mr BIG toveco [+1] Rock 827
The Legendary Fountain of Youth thsantac Inspirational 1248
Be Your Own Light thsantac Inspirational 895
The Garden (UNITOPIA cover) thsantac [+1] Other 1333
After the love is gone msuccarotte Rock 316
the weight cover theironsaul [+7] Folk 1274
42 (Coldplay cover) thsantac [+1] Pop 1439
Father and Son (Vocal) toveco [+2] Folk 2006
Sweet Sorrow toveco [+1] Inspirational 993
Hey You (Pink Floyd cover) thsantac [+1] Rock 3828
Harder theironsaul [+1] Folk 845
Transylvanian Express (Steve Hackett cover) thsantac Classical 1220
To The Girl In The Cubicle - Spiritual Combustion Badstone_Music Rock 590
Alone For Good thsantac [+2] Pop 2916
Time (cover) thsantac [+2] Rock 1460
Comfortably Numb thsantac [+2] Rock 1882
A Piece Of My Heart thsantac [+2] Inspirational 1809
Arcos de la Frontera KennethLavrsen Latin 1254
Us And Them (cover) thsantac [+3] Alternative 1410
A Moment of Peace LaFayette Pop 935
The Traveller WhiteRaven Folk 432
Time After Time (cover 2) theironsaul [+1] Folk 797
Dance of Insanity KennethLavrsen Dance 1023
Jump Up alanatomic Alternative 622
Snake Oil Salesmen theironsaul Rock 898
HALLELUJAH SISTERS [+1] Ambient 1421
Helle KennethLavrsen Classical 1772
La Sagrada Familia (cover) thsantac [+2] Alternative 2051
Growing Old lazyjane Folk 627
Devil's Argument crissew Rock 674
Message In a Bottle (2012 edition) Tony2008 Pop 955
No Time to Daydream (Collaboration) billylimbo Alternative 530
Zig Zag THE_K_TEAM Metal 383
It's Gone RichardJohn Pop 774
Such A Beautiful Girl thsantac Jazz 991
Beauty On A Page MellyGrove R&B 770
Pieces (Board Mix Pre-Master) Lisa_Marie_LMS [+1] Inspirational 1120
Wound Round alanatomic Electronica 446
Wicked Game Deebeesea [+1] Pop 930
One Way lazyjane Rock 530
The Truth Remix theironsaul [+2] Folk 904
We're Not Gonna Take It Trebledamages [+1] Metal 1979
North little town zarizarikun Alternative 1231
instrumental in need of vocals Project__S Rock 1122
Tomorrow's Always Calling Me Remix theironsaul [+1] Folk 692
Locomotive Breath Vixen [+2] Rock 1704
Divertimento for string trio georgeptingley Classical 649
Kings of Nothing brewchugger [+1] Alternative 1390
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