Picking up the acoustic violin at age 7, Jeff Hentschel has been in numerous youth orchestras. He has attended several OMEA competitions, receiving the highest marks. During the 2004-2005 year, Jeff was the principal second violinist in the Cincinanti Symphony Youth Orchestra as well as serving on the student advisory board. Every year, the CSYO joins with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra in an educational concert at Music Hall. Today, Jeff plays violin with Northwestern University's Philharmonia Orchestra.

While classically trained, Jeff also picked up electric violin in at age 15 and began to investigate improvisation and jazz violin. He has performed with different bands and is currently involved with the Cru Worhsip Band at NU. Jeff Hentschel has also composed several pieces of various genres including a four piece suite titled Journey to Planet X detailing the adventures of colonists travelling to an unknown world. While enrolled at Northwestern, he is working towards a degree in computer science and is also strongly interested in the music technology program.

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Sailing on an Orange Sea Electronica Jan 24, 2005 1021
Journey to Planet X: I. Takeoff Electronica Jan 25, 2005 929
Journey to Planet X: III. Intermezzo Electronica Jan 25, 2005 844
Journey to Planet X: II. The Attack Electronica Jan 25, 2005 819
Journey to Planet X: IV. The Arrival Electronica Jan 25, 2005 947
Open Sea Other Feb 9, 2005 672
States of Matter Electronica Feb 9, 2005 1217
Carbon Graffiti Rock Mar 10, 2005 834
Downtown Sedna Jazz Mar 12, 2006 735
You Know, You Know Jazz Apr 30, 2006 656
Interlude Classical Jul 29, 2006 845
Contrasting Expressions Rock Sep 14, 2006 722
Prelude - MT1.2 Jazz Oct 12, 2006 687
The Groove - MT3.1 Jazz Nov 12, 2006 956
Wormhole Jazz Jan 4, 2007 847