I am a lifelong pianist with early classical training. I've spent most of my life though composing my own piano works, and dabbled in recording/performing in my earlier years. These days I prefer to play for only as many people as can squeeze into my living room. In October '07, I bought a new Mac laptop and stumbled into garageband - life hasn't been the same since.

I've always wanted to try my hand at orchestrating and composing for more than solo piano and suddenly having the tools to do just that is both amazing and humbling. I just discovered icompositions recently, which has been very inspiring. I'm hoping for feedback, direction, help and reality checks to improve my garageband efforts.

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Dual Tapestry Collab Classical Feb 23, 2009 1759
Elevated Passage Other Oct 14, 2008 1611
Angel Convention Classical Apr 12, 2008 4994
Glacier Ride Classical Mar 10, 2008 2253
The Chase Classical Feb 5, 2008 1527
Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen Cover)/Variations Classical Feb 4, 2008 5313
Grandpa Calling/Simple Gifts Other Feb 3, 2008 1321


Title Genre Released Plays
A Tale Of Two Pianos (w/magnatone) Classical Jan 14, 2009 2373
chance encounter Other May 14, 2008 2161


Title Artist Genre Plays
Ohio ziti Rock 1349
Black Peter by Hunter/Garcia bud2 Folk 1037
A Captain's Winter herrsolera Holiday 1665
See my friends apb Rock 3281
Here (Pavement cover) michael2 Electronica 1848
MU2 ziti Rock 1150
Alannah & White Rabbit MarkHolbrook Rock 1631
Volkhova's Lullaby alenqa Classical 641
Stairway to Heaven tonestones Rock 2024
there you go you're on the road j0j0 [+2] Rock 1723
Spaceball Ricochet dylennon [+1] Alternative 1540
Little Sister (cover) Jiguma Rock 1277
Feed Me (particular remix) particledots [+1] Alternative 1244
Speak To Me Gently kassia New Age 995
Friends davisamerica Pop 1121
Dance of the Prairie Wind kassia Classical 1898
Strawberry Fields Forever (Beatle Cover) Lavalamp Rock 1983
the longing j0j0 Latin 2077
the way you look at me j0j0 [+2] A Cappella 2427
Remember When crazykeyman New Age 934
Rainy Day crazykeyman New Age 1206
Beginning Journey crazykeyman New Age 709
Flying Over Africa crazykeyman Ambient 1149
Someday kassia New Age 1388
Untitled kassia New Age 1671
Shadows on the Moon mfwmiles [+1] Folk 1132
hear me (open collaboration) j0j0 Inspirational 2003
Decisions kassia New Age 1548
That Was Yesterday (A cappella cover) KissMeKate A Cappella 1706
Hand In Hand (cover) KissMeKate Folk 5580
Guitar Concerto, mov1 davidsmith99 Classical 1373
Broken (collab) fromano [+3] Blues 2527
Letting Go ( collaboration) livelargemusic [+1] Inspirational 2073
chance encounter j0j0 [+5] Other 2161
The River (eno/cale) sonic_magpie [+2] Alternative 1924
Ember (kassia-fied) kassia [+1] New Age 1422
Woman in Chains (Tears for Fears) CharlyDeeCynthius [+4] Pop 3094
Journey To Mars JayHagen Jazz 2455
Inversion Sequence FishCow [+2] Electronica 2597
The King Of The Faeries (instrument audition) feenixx Inspirational 1800
Resolute (Remix) vegetal [+1] Pop 1806
Sierra Madre futzpucker Classical 2374
Gone rsorensen Alternative 1382
The hand that rocks the axe irok Rock 1235
Malpais: Slow Burn DavidBowles World 1359
jammin with kate...why hold on j0j0 [+1] World 1959
Rise mapmak Alternative 1610
Mr.Henderson's Plight Filmscorz Classical 1674
Conquest of the future blueprintorchestra New Age 865
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