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Add to Genre list 8 years ago
Don't forget "Karaoke" since that's what's been happening here of late.
Multiple Choices on Drummers 10 years ago
Oh no.... another silly poll smiley

I'm going with Bonzo. His grooves were just rock solid and so interesting.

Keith Moon was, of course, great and he had a unique approach but sometimes it was a little too much. Ringo was a human metronome and the perfect drummer for the group. And Baker brought a jazzy vibe to the rock groove which was very cool. But Bonham had just amazing independence and great chops yet he could lay down the simple grooves too that really fit the song and unified the sound.
Shoes, shoes, shoes 10 years ago
Tom Waits ~ Red Shoes By The Drugstore
Leo Kottke ~ Standing In My Shoes
Bob Dylan ~ Boots of Spanish Leather

Best debut album? 10 years ago
Hendrix--Are You Experienced?

Steely Dan -- Can't Buy a Thrill

Most important decade for music? 10 years ago
Scott Joplin wrote the Maple Leaf Rag in 1899 it became an international "jazz" hit.

But getting back to the topic, for me the rock music of the 70's is the most enjoyable but in terms or "importance" I'd have to say the 50's since that was near the birth of rock and without it's birth there would be no growth.
The Who vs. Led Zeppelin 10 years ago
This is a tough one, but I'll have to say Zep.
Lennon vs. McCartney 10 years ago
Beatles versus Rolling Stones 10 years ago
The Beatles. We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine smiley
Covers That Surpass The Original 10 years ago
Aretha Franklin covering Otis Reddings "Respect"
Best Rock Instrumentals 10 years ago
anyone say Moby Dick by LedZep?
Favorite Movie Soundtracks 10 years ago
these are some great ones:

The Wizard Of Oz
A Hard Day's Night
The Piano
B Sides 10 years ago
I guess the confusion here is because in the UK it was
released as a double A 7" but in the US it was released
as Penny Lane on the A side and Strawberry Fields on the
B side. I actually HAVE the single smiley
Amazing Drummer 10 years ago
great player...checked out the Tony Williams clips too smiley
cool site thanks!
B Sides 10 years ago
zallaz wrote:
mbeher wasn't that a double a-side, lol!

I bought this single in a yard sale and Strawberry Fields
is the B-side...hehe

B Sides 10 years ago
Maybe the best 7" vinyl ??
"Penny Lane"/"Strawberry Fields Forever" by The Beatles
Mastering Software 10 years ago
Ozone 3 here too. It really is easy to use
and very effective for rock/electronica.

And I too just installed Logic 8
and let me tell ya...it is very sweet.
Logic 8 is out ! 10 years ago
If you have all the jam packs and don't need Soundtrack, Mainstage, and other fluffy stuff
Logic Express 8 might may more sense.

Check out the manual...only 1000 pages smiley
Logic 8 is out ! 10 years ago
checked out the specs:

1GB of RAM (2GB or more highly recommended)

2GB RAM for EXS smiley

Yikes time for me to buy more RAM.
Mixing in GB 10 years ago
here's a good read. It's a start at least:
MISSING BOTTLES 10 years ago
here's 13

Symphony Contest 10 years ago
I vote for Aafaar2 smiley
zallaz returns to gigs shock! After 10 year gap! 10 years ago
nothing like playing a good gig smiley smiley

MUGshot Presents: 10 years ago
it's true I mugged myself...and it was fun smiley

thanks jl smiley
Djembe anyone? 10 years ago
ok got you down as a double...trumpet/djembe smiley
Slap Bass Players 10 years ago
hehe slap bass players...only if they mess up! smiley

yeah the ernie ball super slinkies are great for the price.
10 million plays! 11 years ago
Congratulations PM and the crew!!
A marvelous milestone!!
and here's to many more to come smiley
Ok, I'm a hack- I admit it! 11 years ago
Modernistas wrote:

So here's what I'm getting at: I have no formal musical training and play strictly by ear. I know what sounds good to me but I don't really know why it does. I feel like lack of knowledge of theory is presenting a brick wall.

The really short version is this- I'm looking for a starting point. I picked up a Berklee method book, but I'm curious as to any suggestions you guys have about where I should start or recommendations for resources. It would be a huge help!


I'd say the best place to start would be with the local music teacher. Find someone in your area to help you learn what you want. It all comes out of the instrument.

Just my .02cents
Best or worst GIG STORIES!! 11 years ago
hehe Dave
she really wanted you to do some Jim Morrison!

....they always want to sing smiley
Best or worst GIG STORIES!! 11 years ago
Hey Jeff yeah! It was a one shot deal a fill in. He usually
used this guy named Ruby or Red I can't remember too well.
But Sun Ra went through alooot of horn players his gig was a revolving door(you could have easily played with him too!) and he had this big old house not far from where I live now that was an open jam session all the time. It was really some good times.

These were the last years of his life and he was still having fun making music. But the gig payed like next to nothing. I think I made like 33 bucks that night!

Really this area is a real breeding ground for great players.
The Brecker Brothers grew up around here and they have a sister who is a great piano player. And I taught her 2 sons
music for years.

Unfortunately everyone just sort of migrates to NYC and you just lose touch.
Best or worst GIG STORIES!! 11 years ago
I file this one under....the musical twilight zone....

So it's the early 80's and I'm new in town(Philly) and I'm "sitting in" at all the jazz clubs giving my card out and one bass player says "you free on Sat." I say sure.

Next day he calls asks if I can fill in for him on a Sun Ra "hit" You familiar with his stuff? Sure sure, I lie. Get there an hour early he tells me...


Get to the job and Sun Ra wants to see me. He's in the band room dressed in these elaborate sparkly robes with this outer space hat...what a trip. He looks me over. He doesn't look to happy. "You want me to play something" I say. He frowns and motions to his little helper? assistant? The little helper dood opens this gigantic steamer trunk pulls out a bizarre purple feathered cap all sparkly with crystals and stuff pasted on and what not.

"Put it on man" he says. So I put the hat on and Sun Ra's face lights up and he shakes my hand and says "Ok now you're ready to play!" smiley
Best or worst GIG STORIES!! 11 years ago
that's the spirit James! ---no fear--
and Jeff your story was a real pisser (LOL)
guess I'm up next hmmm...lemme think, so many... smiley
Best or worst GIG STORIES!! 11 years ago
Hey guys loving this thread! Great stories. Ah the musicians life! Well I have a few, from disasters to hilarity. From popping 2 bass strings in the middle of a solo to playing an outdoor venue with the mosquitos swarming to drunken bar brawls with chairs flying and having to run for your life.

I guess one of the funniest is when I was hooked up with this Italian wedding band. (usually I just freelance...but the leader made me an offa hehe) anyway, Last set and we were just pumping out the disco....stayin alive stayin alive...and the girls were dancing like mad and there was this one lady in particular, wearing a tight strapless red dress, a very revealing garment I may add, who had captured alot of attention.
Well the groom who was very drunk, we all were....it was a partay...approached her from behind and just pulled her
top straight down and exposed her. Well she did not seem to mind! Not at all! They started dancing and laughing, the groom was enjoying it very much and was even taking some "liberties" with her.

The bride, not too happy, out of nowhere had grabbed the wedding cake she launched it at the groom. Well all hell broke loose...and I just remember me and the drummer just literally rolling on the floor...what a scene!
Aspiring Film composers? 11 years ago
He's an interesting article on being a film scorer
worth a look

compression 11 years ago
well you need some compression. Compression will fatten the sound. But too much and it sticks out of the mix and sounds like it was recorded in another time zone.
You know how kids like to stick there faces against the window
and they look kinda cute. But if they really squash their faces
hard against the glass they look like monsters....well that's too much compression.
Multiple Time Signatures 11 years ago
Tobz wrote:
Here are lots of pieces in lots of unusual time signatures...

.... a very incomplete list..... smiley
but it's a start smiley
Multiple Time Signatures 11 years ago
Barretok wrote:
How about Revolution #9? number 9 number 9 number 9 number 9 number 9 number 9 number 9 number 9

heres the whole piece backwards!

Multiple Time Signatures 11 years ago
well that's close jobu...
actually the verse is one measure 3 one measure 4 one measure 3 then one measure 3 one measure 4 one measure 5
then one measure 4 one measure 5 two measures of 3
two measures of 4

Multiple Time Signatures 11 years ago
"Good Morning Good Morning" by the Beatles (On Pepper)
That has some really odd time changes in it....I've still not
really sure how to count it. smiley

PS: Tommorrow Never knows is 4/4
Multiple Time Signatures 11 years ago
the most famous rock tune in odd time would have to
be "Money" by Pink Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon)
that 's in 7/4
then there's the Mission Impossible theme in 5/4
VOICE on GB 11 years ago
thanks for this link cowboy bob
Upright Bass Instrument 11 years ago
Internet Radio - Call to Artists 11 years ago
feel free to use any of my stuff
Thoughts on loops 11 years ago
Here's my take on loops.
To me they are like fancy metronomes.
I'll set up a drum loop and just practice over it.
In this way I get into some good practice sessions which leads eventually to
compositional ideas So for me loops are very useful as a starting tool.

Symphony Contest 11 years ago
Are Orchestral Preludes allowed?

Invisible Dyad Contest Sign Up 11 years ago
Count me in.
5 Word Story Song 11 years ago
I'll steal those sausage gumballs