My name is Mike Cook. I've been playing guitar and keyboards for over 20 years. I love being in a band but my passion is creating music in my studio with just my guitar, keyboard and computer. I love all styles of music and have been focused on Electronica and Soundtrack type of music lately. I'm hoping to get back to more guitar oriented music for my next project. I'm also in the process of working with to get my first two albums available for purchase through iTunes and local distributors. More news on that soon.

Here's a list of what I use to make music and relax. Mac w/Grageband & Digital Performer, Microkorg Synthesizer/Vocoder, M-Audio MIDI Controller, Roland R-70 Human Rhythm Composer, Fender Strat(s), Sigma Acoustic, Line 6 POD, Sierra Nevada

My latest album titled 'Spunky Fumigation', is an instrumental album with each song having it's own style and musical influence. The title track features Nils Primgard on the drums. An amazing drummer and great friend, Nils drumming skills take this song to another level! There's a song on here for everyone and a few surprises. Enjoy!

My first album is titled 'First Contact'. The idea and recordings of these songs began in early 2007. Due to other projects (including recording tracks for my second album) I did not complete the 'First Contact' album until late 2008. By listening to the album from beginning to end, the music tells you a story. Starting out with a hopeful beginning and ending with...well, you'll just have to listen to it and see how it makes you feel. Enjoy!

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Kassi Electronica Feb 8, 2010 652
Flight Delay Electronica Feb 8, 2010 368
Storm Coming Rock Feb 8, 2010 378
Reasons (w/ vocal) Rock Feb 8, 2010 396
Reasons Rock Feb 8, 2010 609
Intro Rock Feb 8, 2010 560
Piano Jam #2 Rock Feb 8, 2010 643
Piano Jam #1 Rock Feb 8, 2010 570
Cold Nights Rock Feb 8, 2010 619
Weak Signal Other Feb 8, 2010 373
The Landing Other Feb 8, 2010 388
Peace Offering Other Feb 8, 2010 522
New Beginning Other Feb 8, 2010 350
Looking For Life Other Feb 8, 2010 369
Contact Confirmed Other Feb 8, 2010 373
Face to Face (Stand Your Ground) Other Feb 5, 2010 452
Prepare for Visitors Other Feb 5, 2010 489
First Signs of Trouble Other Feb 5, 2010 366
First Contact Other Feb 5, 2010 392
Calm before the Storm Other Feb 5, 2010 343
Memories of Bombay Rock Feb 5, 2010 438
Thinking of Brazil Rock Feb 5, 2010 432
Peaceful Rock Feb 5, 2010 432
Free Jam Rock Feb 5, 2010 415
Spunky Fumigation Rock Feb 5, 2010 544