A first timer as far as sharing my music goes. Been a song writer since I was a young girl, couldn't stop even if I wanted to. Garage band has opened up doors for me. In particular the use of multiple tracks, which has allowed me to explore with my vocals, something I haven't really been able to do. I learned to play guitar well enough to strum fairly simple songs so that I could put words to them -- but always felt stuck vocally. Being able to either lay a guitar track down, or use loops, has allowed me to focus on experimenting with vocal melodies.

iCompositions has opened another new door. It's a real pleasure to participate in this community, and to see such a wealth of talent and expression! Thanks to all for sharing and listening.


Title Genre Released Plays
99 Bottles Collaboration Other Oct 8, 2007 12167


Title Artist Genre Plays
SUMMER FUNK! doddster73 Funk 4127
Driving into wind and rain JimTheObscure Alternative 1725
No Subtlety with Wae PurePerversity Rock 2600
I Won't Follow You Down jkane [+1] Rock 5478
No Ambition Denschebetta Rock 1293
Sad Goodbye (Vacant Stare) Denschebetta Rock 1415
Albert Einstein JimTheObscure Electronica 1946
Where is the now time? JimTheObscure Electronica 2350
Ships (v2) pete World 1762
Secret Things borris Rock 3097
Happy Acoustic blues69 Folk 2347
lonely skitals Hip Hop/Rap 2431
Acoostifi pete Rock 1754
Eastside zallaz Rock 3705
Australia's Favourite Son JimTheObscure Rock 1811
The House Is Always Empty JimTheObscure [+1] Rock 1901
my life clear skitals Hip Hop/Rap 1359
iCompilations I MoorNoki [+20] Other 8047
VOX POPS: decadence is the new abstinence (VOCALS WANTED!) ponkey Rock 2993
Decadence is the New Abstinence (featuring Baboon) Baboon [+1] Alternative 3037
Decadence Is The New Abstinence (A Crime Against Humanity) etgilles [+1] Rock 2981
Salty Dog RayLaVeau Rock 2318
me and you2 j0j0 Rock 5531
IWANTYOU 4arms Folk 2061
the last embrace revisited j0j0 [+1] Inspirational 2529
Who Are We Baboon [+4] Rock 3946
Greener Grass waltwilcutts Rock 1483
Whiskey On The Rocks (piano and voice) teddyelliot Pop 2643
Buried Alive... - Transitorial World MoorNoki Other 2464
A Ray of Light jkane Pop 4002
I Only Wanted - Revised 4arms Pop 1709
Four Chords of Collaboration (Ian and James Mix) 4arms [+5] Other 2512
Speed my fall PurePerversity Alternative 2752
Finally Figured It Out (Demo) 4arms Pop 1643
October Friday The 13th wetmachine Other 1244
A Story of Jimmy and the Bagpipe Princess (Abandoned Mix) 4arms Pop 1770
Get the Good Terminal PurePerversity Rock 1824
Start the Numbers PurePerversity Alternative 2527
DESIRE ghost [+1] Electronica 2898
Start the Numbers v2 PurePerversity Rock 2387
Slideberry Jam Matt Granz Rock 2564
Blues Improv w/ Harp & Piano JodyGrenier Blues 1586
99 Bottles Collaboration alanatomic [+83] Other 12167
Cry blues69 Blues 1124
how much would it take (studio version) j0j0 Rock 1536
Existential jkane Alternative 2017
The Story of Luke Wallace SaganLee Pop 410
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