Working with Roy Ashdown
June 12, 2011 | 3:20 am

A reprise of the collaboration enjoyed earlier with his songs and fantastic voice...

I am stoked to be working with a very talented singer songwriter again. We collaborated during the late nineties in a great band of local musicians some of whom I still work with, all of whom have remained friends. Roy and I have performed in trio and duo settings for various functions about once a year since then and we are once again pulling out those well worn songs at the noon outdoor venue in Campbell River BC Canada. We rehearsed today at his house and he seemed inspired to have a bit of the old sound back even if it was only my bass and hatz... I'm hoping that he will be able to spare a little more time from his busy life for his music in the future. We had recorded a 13 song CD which marked my entry into songwriter collaboration. I learned a lot about choosing the right bass part for a song to sound stylistically right as well as harmonically and rhythmically correct. I will always remember the excitement as my brother Geoff arrived with a couple of ADATS and a giant mixer and snake with headphone leads with which we transformed Roy's basement into a recording studio... couches were upended in corners and blankets were hung in critical surfaces, closet doors were opened for bass traps. And so we spent the weekend recording, live off the floor, onto multi track digital tape which was then independently released as After The Fall co produced by Roy and Geoff. Which I would like to post on this site. I suggested it today and he was enthusiastic about his music finding a new audience. Stay tuned.
best wishes




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Thank you so much mre!!
I am stoked too!! We had a great practice today in the "Hobbit Hole" smiley
Tomorrow's gig is going to be epic; I can just feel it.
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I like hearing stories like these along the lines of "we're getting the band back together". I also love the stories of the old days and ingenuity used to make what you got work. I do thank God for technology and making it easier, but at what cost, sound quality, earned respect for your craft etc. Good luck to you guys hope to hear your stuff posted.
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