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fly me to the moon by irok 17 days ago
Check the 5th last note, should be chromatic (flat 6)! smiley
Sea Of Solitude by FreeEarCandy 21 days ago
Cool interplay between the bass and drums. I like the backing vocals too, a lot of parts to this, sounds real! Nice work! smiley
An Orange Horizon (CTT) by becwil 28 days ago
Interesting chords, I like the pedal point. smiley
The Guitar by calebhawkins 1 month ago
Classic country! smiley
32bit Mega by Aamp 1 month ago
Dangerously fleet! Somehow shows aspects of metal, ska and lydian jazz. smiley

ps is this the "interesting Saturday night tune"?
Cash Out Unmixed by Aamp 1 month ago
Rich and varied, lush chords, very nice smiley
STRANGEROUS by Calchas 1 month ago
Honest to goodness rock and roll, that tells a story! Great lyrics, solid production and song form works really well too! smiley

Badstone_Music wrote:
the lead in guit riff is bomb!! luv it! great work!

Yeah, that nasty flat five! smiley
better late than never i guess by Lapskin 1 month ago
I like the space in this. Really interesting chords. smiley

@Mungo, hehe, a bit of harbinger retrospection?

Mungo wrote:
excellent synths, arrangement and production. It's almost like what I thought in 1969 the future would sound like.

prac2017 by Aamp 1 month ago
An interesting story concept, indeed. I like your exploration of the field of emotion within artificial intelligence. The way people attach to things, tamagotchi, pet rocks, you may be anticipating a future issue. A thought provoking narrative and accompaniment. Thank you for sharing your work! smiley
Snow Forest by Aamp 1 month ago
Loping groove with pleasant lyrical pentatonic melodiousness . . .
I like the ruff in the snare leading into the back beat. Kinda reminds me of a regrouped tango smiley
Static Heart by JanaSaisQuoi 1 month ago

Dark stuff, well done. Crisp and clear production values. The absence of a chordal instrument make the backing harmony vocals especially present. smiley
cant tell me any other way by Lapskin 1 month ago
Slo mo flamenco! Diggin the polyrhythm, the way it settles in! smiley
The Little Triangular Azhole by RTe 1 month ago
I thought it said "Adzhole" but that would be more of a divot smiley

I like the vocal jazz aspects. More improvisation, please! smiley
DumDee Dum Dum by wescurry45nion 2 months ago

I love waltzes, especially those steeped in contrapuntal post classical harmony! smiley
[BrighterDays] Letting go by eido 2 months ago
I have a close attachment to early ideas in my development, playing them, even decades later, evokes a youthful enthusiasm. It's fun to re imagine those "interesting chords" with the new tools at our disposal.

Nice job on this piece smiley
There he goes by lyla 2 months ago
Do wap! Form is good, looking forward to the vocal version smiley
Z'ha'dum by Paigan0 2 months ago
Groovy as all get out! smiley

The lead is phrygian great! smiley
COMPUTER FUTUREWORLD by RiGee 2 months ago
Change is constant, things w i l l be different!

Maybe this is a new genre: Eco-rock! smiley
I'll Shoot The Moon by RubyDubidoux 2 months ago
"Number one with a bullet!"

Go Elaine! smiley
Gravitation by PATROUX 2 months ago

Dark-side-of-the-moonish! smiley
Landing in county Kerry by PATROUX 2 months ago
Intro of alien transmissions, I like the way it takes its time, beautiful backing pads!
Mersey beat takes up too much space, tho IMHO, really liked the soft cymbal, longer 16th pattern, that comes before the main body of the piece. Nicely arranged intro reprise in the coda. smiley
Sea of Love by RubyDubidoux 3 months ago
Classic! Great job on the vocals, Elaine! smiley
ContreBasse by LaFayette 3 months ago
Bass is best! I like the chromatic interior voices! smiley
Night Terror (Reimagined) by ReadandReturn 3 months ago
I like the way you have brought all the elements together into a cohesive whole, the guests the different genres. Very good! smiley

This song has a personal impact for me as my son used to suffer from "night terrors" when he was little, as in awake dreams. I should say we the parents suffered since he never remembered the episodes of acting out his nightmares in real life. We could not wake him, all that worked was to tell him sternly to get back to bed and go to sleep.
red sun by eagle 3 months ago
Beautiful harmonies, commendable sentiments in the poem! smiley
Stack by cove 3 months ago

Beautiful work here! Love the phrasing and Jacoesque bass part.
It ain't necessarily so by Xolv 3 months ago

A song for our times, do you think "fake news" was an issue in Gershwin's time?

Love this rendition of Gershwin's song. Great arrangement and execution of this update, cool guitar solo smiley

Songs of this era are so old they are new again, their brilliance in remaining tonal yet toeing the line of chromaticism is set to shine on a new jazz age. The 2020's are coming up! Roaring Twenties 2.0
Summertime (cover) by theseedsofautumn 3 months ago
A jazzy rendition of a favourite song. A few weeks of summer left yet! smiley
Somewhere Over The Rainbow by wescurry45nion 4 months ago
A favourite song! Thanks for posting smiley
Daily Improvisation Aug 10, 2017 by wescurry45nion 4 months ago
NIce work, I like contrapuntal polyphony; enjoyed the interweaving melodies smiley

With me, for some reason, it conjures images of destitute prairie rodents smiley
Lip Service by falconep 4 months ago
Interesting textures, I like the modal 7 approach . . .

There are still trusted reputable sources that tell it as it is, the Guardian among others. But everyone has a point of view, eh? smiley
Still Summer by Xolv 4 months ago
Enjoyed, thanks for posting. A bit of a Santana vibe going on smiley
Last Dance On Pluto by DJShadowkat 4 months ago
Tinkering is the best! smiley
Hasta pronto chica by Xolv 5 months ago
Swingin' and swayin', thanks for posting! smiley
Game of Thrones Theme by Fioretti 5 months ago

Awesome job! Bring on season 7! smiley
A Lazy Day In Summer by falconep 5 months ago
A catchy melody, an actual melody, the most important thing! smiley
Run by dirigent 5 months ago

Oh yeah! Accented syncopation, re-grouping, chromatic altered harmony, all within the groove . . . all the good stuff, pure jazz! smiley
Outsider by mre 5 months ago
Thanks, @becwil, yes it was Paoul on keys, I'll fix the credits smiley
Why we smile............... by ldecarmine 5 months ago
Pleasant listen, thank you smiley
swamp jam by telecaster29 5 months ago
Reminds me of the kind of community hall jams I'd go to in the 70's (yep, I'm that old), but with a really tight drummer . . .
Good multi instrumental skills, rock on! smiley
O Canada by soulima 5 months ago
Happy Canada Day! smiley
Running A Mile (RR) by becwil 5 months ago
Cool rhythms and right nasty bass! smiley
Seven Steps To Heaven by mre 5 months ago
Many thanks, @becwil!
After the Storm by Konrad_James 6 months ago
A nice sense of form and development smiley

until the next storm . . .
DreamCatcher by Konrad_James 6 months ago
Never underestimate the emotional pull of a widely intervallic melody with a portemento pull! Nice work!
Mine (Acoustic Remix) by Auriemma 6 months ago
Good song structure. I like the violin, a good combination with the acoustic guitar. smiley

Constructively: maybe think about leaving more space for the voice with a conversational approach, letting the voice give way to the violin in the latter part of each phrase as the chords are already covered by the guitar . . .
Oh, America! by Auriemma 6 months ago
My sentiments exactly!

Not to compare but vocal timbre reminds me a bit of Neil Young. smiley
Operation Barfly by gold6821 7 months ago
Nice work, vox reminds me of Michael Macdonald. Nice work on the rhythm section. All played?

ps probably not "all loops"
blue star by lyla 7 months ago
So happy to hear the finished version! You go Star Girl! smiley
Blue Skies by wescurry45nion 7 months ago
Jazzy! smiley

. . . never saw the sun shining so bright . . .
Bambi Burger by AnEnglishState 7 months ago
Carry on! I heard Bambi on the radio the other day, he grew up to be a marine drill sergeant, recently retired. Interesting lyrical content. I still like "Someday My Prince", a couple of songs from that era have become standard songs. smiley
The little mermaid by hyacinth 7 months ago
Fluid morphing chromatic harmonies. smiley
America the Beautiful by Robmo 7 months ago
Artfully arranged, the opening sounded positively cinematic. Glad to hear there are still patriots in this global paradigm into which we find ourselves moving. smiley
Drone by AnEnglishState 7 months ago
Welcome back, soldier on! smiley
I remember Clifford by IgorBass1 7 months ago

Thanks, for sharing, great tune and playing! smiley
Whisper not by IgorBass1 7 months ago
when I fall in love by IgorBass1 7 months ago
Cool! smiley
"Tippytoes" by abzwork 7 months ago
Sweet vocals, phat bass, singeing leads and drums are right in the pocket at all times smiley
Flowerpot by Euphoria 8 months ago
Ending comes too soon, was just getting harmonically interesting!
I hope that 8 years has found some new knowledge and inspiration to make some new songs! smiley

What's the new band name? Maybe you could have re spelled Rye to Rï or just gone with Canadian Whiskey smiley
Laudamus Te by ZipZipper 8 months ago

Absolutely brilliant! The singing feels pretty "reined in" in a close miked sort of way, although there are hints during the more fortissimo bits at how the voice sounds opened up. The standard for pop vocals, as well as singer/songwriters to jazz, is to be right on the mic for an intimate effect, but this style calls for a more bel canto full voice setting, I think. I am not criticizing your voice as your vocal chops are really great, the melismatic bit is really cool, just thinking that if you backed off of the mic the dynamics would all move up a notch or two; but maybe the legit classical sound is not what you want . . . also always fascinated by your work! smiley
Salinator funk by IgorBass1 8 months ago
Shake that salt! Salination for the nation! smiley
April Blues Again by bingsolex 8 months ago
Expressive guitar playing, lively drums. smiley
Flutterbye by ScottHorwath 8 months ago
Full of hope and reverence. Best wishes for your friend! smiley
Uncertainty by falconep 8 months ago
Condolences for the loss of your cousin. smiley
Isn't she bassly by IgorBass1 8 months ago

Song for G by IgorBass1 8 months ago
Welcome back, Igor! Cool bass song! smiley
Donald Trump to Ground Control by thenownows 8 months ago
Missed this when it came out at the pertinent time. Still relevant, and good, brilliant lyrics!
In The Rain (VIMH) by becwil 9 months ago
Some interesting sounds and textures here, a new sandbox to play in! I like the counterpoint between the lead voice and the accompaniment voice and the pentatonic nature of the material makes it very accessible. My suggestion would be to have a bass part that is independent of both the lead and accompaniment voices that outlines the fundamentals of the harmony as there is maybe a little too much octave doubling of the bass and accompaniment part. This marks a new and interesting direction for you and well received ^ it seems. smiley
Wishes by lyla 9 months ago
Hey @lyla nice work!
The "space"* is very powerful. A strong form with sensible tonal chords make a versatile framework for a wide range of potential subsequent expressions from hip hop to ballad. I think you're on to something! smiley
*brilliant how it prepares the surprise ending!
ps sorry I'm late . . .
Moonflower(Santana Cover) by Zzyzxx 9 months ago

This nails the latin vibe. Nice groovy song as a platform for soloing! smiley
Neat Bossa Audition L4 by Xolv 9 months ago
Sweet guitar tone, I like the restrained edge, like it's try'in' to bust out. Nice samba-esque bridge too . . . smiley
No Homo Action by ZipZipper 10 months ago

A wondrous pastiche of various melodic and harmonic flavours, at once ethnic and contemporary, all carefully orchestrated. Well done! smiley
Good Vibes (Rebelution cover) by GoofyDawg 10 months ago
One earth, one people, one spirit! Peace , , ,
The Birth Of A Star by thsantac 10 months ago

Amazing richness in the sounds, dramatic composition. smiley
Dream O by becwil 10 months ago
O K ! It would be an interesting and illuminating process to score it out and give it to musicians to play in real life, to allow this creation to breathe smiley
Quatuor à cordes by Odd 11 months ago
Soulful singing. Pleasant minor chords. smiley
James Piano Improvisation Video by wescurry45nion 11 months ago
Big fun! smiley
to keep a dream by lyla 1 year ago

Sounds great! Retro "Manciniesque" accompaniment. I love the ornaments you added to the vocal part. Lovely voice (bel canto heaven), rare in contemporary music. smiley
this too by guitardogcar 1 year ago
An "of the ages" topic, solid song structure, amiable and sincere delivery . . . yah, I believe! smiley
Automatonophobia by ZipZipper 1 year ago

Wow, impressive orchestration, blown away by the arco string arrangements!
A little distracted by the glitchy spaces, thought it was a buffering issue at first.
So musical, the piano at the end, perfect! smiley
Dream E by becwil 1 year ago
Dreamy! smiley
Harmony is a many splendored thing . . .
Voyage by LaFayette 1 year ago
Cool song, nice boat! smiley
The Harbinger Delusion by mre 1 year ago
Thanks listening and for your comment, @ KCsGROOVE smiley
Middle of Nowhere (Planet 9 Version) by DJShadowkat 1 year ago
A compelling and groovy chord sequence. Don't be coy, what a r e the new toys? smiley
Fixing the New Windows by Xolv 1 year ago
Nice mellow piece, I like the lead voices and the strings! Only we know how many tries it takes to "get it right" but strive we must . . . smiley
The Harbinger Delusion by mre 1 year ago
Thanks for your listen and comment, @Xolv glad you enjoyed. And dogs are noisy . . . smiley
Nice Guy by ZipZipper 1 year ago

Nice work! smiley
mood swingers by Lapskin 1 year ago
Wot's all 'iss den? smiley
Put The Darkness Behind Us by DJShadowkat 1 year ago
Sounds of great clarity and depth as usual. Kudos! smiley
Absolute for Guitar by composerrogue 1 year ago
becwil wrote:
Absolute music is a good thing.


Beautiful classical guitar sounds! smiley
AND So........ by ldecarmine 1 year ago
A pleasant listen, nice chops on the guitar smiley
Looking by pharmakeus 1 year ago
Thought provoking. Well produced collab. Dig the random percussion and multi vocals at the end. smiley
A Poison Tree by pharmakeus 1 year ago
Cool, I'm glad I'm your friend and not your foe!

Looking forward to hear the end result . . . smiley
Shades of Green by ozgurcanalkan 1 year ago

Global colours and rhythms shifting, wondrous horn playing. I like this a lot! smiley
"I Feel You" by abzwork 1 year ago
ffej55 wrote:

Loved everything especially the Eric Gravatt style drumbs

Drum 'n bass, reminds me of Jojo Mayer. Signature octave displacement in the bass, altered horn and guitar lines; I like the clean and nylon guitar sounds for contrast and the aux bells and percussion. Maybe tail out the ending gong with a fade would be my only suggestion . . . fab work! smiley
Impathogen #3 by DJShadowkat 1 year ago
This Impathogen has an infectious groove! smiley
Baby It's You by RubyDubidoux 1 year ago
Way to go, Elaine, nice song! Cute pic too! smiley
flashing lights instrumental cover by lyla 1 year ago

Very smooth and groovy, tempo is just right!
Impathogen #1 by DJShadowkat 1 year ago

Cool rhythms, expansive tones, righteous build!

Peace and carrots! smiley
"My Love.."(Bday set) by abzwork 1 year ago

Hey Erin, I like this a lot: interesting groove displacement in the drums that resolves once the other rhythm parts enter; enjoying the space in the horns versus the extreme extended lines in the guitar; most of all I liked the ensemble harmony horn interjections, you should do more of that, man! Like a Big Band! Cool stuff, best wishes! Happy belated birthday/father's day/solstice! smiley