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When I Hug You by maestrodog 2 days ago

Excellent work! Heartfelt premise, good song structure, great playing on all the instruments, cool attention to detail (backing vocals), awesome ending! Yeah, it's hard to be away from loved ones, at least you can write a song for therapy, hope she likes it… smiley
Where have all the flowers gone ( scene one) by lyla 3 days ago
Nice work, a story unfolding… smiley
Skedaddle by jrahn 9 days ago
Creative, love the arco bass and drums especially smiley
Cotton Club Blues by pharmakeus 9 days ago
Rockin'! Love the Aussie perspective: "Down to Harlem" smiley
Freak Weather by ffej55 10 days ago
What a great opportunity for you, right place and time! Sometimes a quick nap and tending to other bodily requirements can allow a springboard to vault the performance standard forward since you never really cooled down... you guys were hot! smiley
Duos are particularly fun and easy to administer, ultimate simplicity and flexibility, yet gives the live interactive experience for the audience... recording is fun too.
Love star by lyla 10 days ago
Melody notes are arriving onto notes that are not agreeing with the background harmony which is a fixed alternation between I and ii. Melodically, lots of 4ths 9ths and 7ths which should have special treatment both from the harmonic content of the backing part and the resolutions of melody notes. There are no wrong notes, just notes that don't "go" to the right place. Would suggest mapping out the melody (notate if you can) then plan out the harmony more easily. I agree with @RTe that a bass would help, it has to "know" where the harmony is going, though, to do its job of leading the rhythm parts. Speaking of rhythm, a solid time regime would also help give a sense of direction to both the melody and harmony.
I realize that this is an exploratory work in progress and applaud your willingness to put it out to invite discussion for the common good! It seems people have 2 approaches to making songs: start with chords or start with a melody. This song seems to be of the first variety, toggling between C and D minor with lots of diatonic clusters thrown in. this means that on the first chord, notes that are not part of the tonic triad will want to resolve to those chord tones (C E G): A will want to go to G, an F to E and a B to C etc. Same thing for the other chord, in fact any chord in any composition… The two chord description is an oversimplification, I realize as you do go to an implied E minor or A minor once in a while. The most successful chord patterns eventually end up at V and resolve to I though! Try going from C to D minor then to G7 before returning to C! Ah, then ja'll be jazzin'! smiley
Third Eye by brewchugger 11 days ago

Delightful! smiley
Freak Weather by ffej55 12 days ago
Just checked out Some Down Time on Ewe Tewb... you were doing t h a t then? smiley
Music, along with everything else is constantly changing and evolving, including the way we listen, instead of going deeply into (wearing out) a favourite vinyl record we listen on earbuds to a mix of potentially millions of performances from all over the world. But nothing compares to the emotional impact of live music, it's just that folks don't come out in enough numbers to make larger local groups economic. Acoustic duos and trios can be fun though and will fit in way more places such as coffee shops and eating places, people need to hear live music and business owners need to see the potential for improving their bottom line. Maybe there is a hidden potential in your area if no one else is doing it... smiley

IGY Fail - What a Wonderful World This Should Be by dalerandle 12 days ago
I echo your sentiments, perhaps we can spread awareness of the earth as our environment and be inspired to take better care of her through music…
An interesting snapshot of '50's values in that partial list of topics… rocketry?
Rocking drums and interesting sounds clearly produced smiley
In The Moment by ldecarmine 12 days ago

Groovy 16 beat, rich layers of guitar chords, bop influenced guitar lines anchored by a solid bass and all subtly changing over the course of the song to keep things interesting. Nice work! smiley
WHAT'S GOING ON by KCsGROOVE 15 days ago
Deep pocket rock, nice work! smiley
Homo Viator by Ziur 16 days ago

Beautifully sung folk like melody. Masterfully harmonized, orchestrated and embellished, fascinating sound choices…
Freak Weather by ffej55 17 days ago

Beautiful LA vibe going on… fine solos all around! Strong melodic elements form sections that fit together in a cohesive whole. Intricate detail in the percussion and transitional motifs make for an enjoyable listen indeed! smiley
sword art online in your past remix by StrangeGraphs 19 days ago
Anthemic. How about that unresolved… smiley
Dodge Monaco Garageband by Xolv 19 days ago

Deep, deep, pocket; love the bridge, that turnaround! smiley
My Song 22 by jonsmjohnson 20 days ago
It's a good structure, it does need words, sung or spoken. You've started already "in a hotel lobby on your iPad" Who were you out of town to see? Who would you like to see? etc. fact or fiction? Up to you! smiley

ps maybe fix the ending...
July 8th, 1947 by Komit 20 days ago
Interesting sounds, creative manipulation. I like choirs, warped or not... smiley
Someone To Watch Over Me by mre 21 days ago
Wow, thank you for your kind comments and compliment @Odd, Sachmo was a hero to me growing up, his time was amazing and his influence on the development of the music was monumental. I appreciate that you were reminded of him. "Rechording", I like that! smiley
Ticket Number 20 by Odd 21 days ago
Solid piece of work. Like the parallel minor structure. Strong rhythm section work. Some melodic overlays would give a bit more focus, maybe a vocal melody or some instrumental solos. The drum ending might be up for reconsideration... Overall a strong composition.

I hope your son has had a speedy recovery smiley
Scarecrow by MonikaEvans 21 days ago

Wow, beautiful voice! Lots of space in this, wonderful attention to detail, love the background chordal elements and vocal adds. smiley
03 - Muhammad Ali Speaks & Queen of Hearts - POWER & Refinement Volume 8 by DJSelfBorn 23 days ago
Only loops? Very smooth sounding.

Thanks for the Muhammad Ali clip, I was unaware at the time of his speaking out on civil rights issues.

Perhaps consider shortening your titles in the series by omitting repeated info so as to leave room for others' in "recent posts" box smiley
Someone To Watch Over Me by mre 27 days ago
Many thanks @Ziur, three fingers of Jamesons, on me… smiley
Viver by Ziur 28 days ago

Vital and inventive well executed with depth and passion! Excellent in every respect! smiley
Someone To Watch Over Me by mre 29 days ago
Thanks @KennethLavrsen for your listen and comment. The first section is the verse, which in the show introduces the "chorus". We decided to perform the verse with a traditional rubato delivery as a nod to the recitative, which the verse has evolved from in earlier musical theatre forms. I'm glad you enjoyed! smiley
8 mee-noot by lyla 1 month ago
1) Awww...

2) Make lists, sleep, reduce stress, stay hydrated!

3) 2 days late or 2 months early?

A delightful medley of contrasting styles, almost 9 mee-noots. Diggin' the depth of multi sounds and chromatics, very jazzy first piece. In the last section, watch the one chord harp arpeggios over a 4 in the melody! Poignant and introspective, hopefully therapeutic... smiley
You ask me, Do you love me? by lyla 1 month ago

Do you? smiley

Love this, its simple tonality, the off beat lead, line, the ambient sounds with the massive reverb, of course the derailleur… smiley
Splinter by RadioSeanovan 1 month ago
Nice work! Able drums grooving bass, supportive piano… enjoyed! smiley
"Time Is Mine" by abzwork 1 month ago

Chill. Nice contrasts, cool beat, intriguing harmonic piano interludes, stinging guitar. Looking and sounding great, my friend! smiley
Stomping Polka by KennethLavrsen 1 month ago
Rolicking fun. Well crafted, infectious dance tune! smiley
Prince Rupert Awakes (King Crimson Cover) by RolandOfGilead 1 month ago

Well done, I was late to the party with KC from Discipline on but will look this piece up also. Great piano chops, cool bass and meticulous midi drums smiley
Black Widow Experimental sax by AlHughson 1 month ago
The sax sound is very effective and the piano accompaniment fills in the chords nicely. The drums are playing a good and solid shuffle (for a jazz piece the shuffle is a bit too definitive, to my ears a loose swing would be more effective). The bass is thick and full and harmonically very supportive, however there are some issues in the connective runs that could lead more effectively into the next chord for instance going up from the dominant to the tonic would be good to include the 6th, going up chromatically from there; I know that has been done many times and maybe you are putting an original spin on your work by avoiding clichés. At one point the sax voice starts to sound like it's going into a blowing section, this is especially tantalizing... Definitely not "horrible". smiley
Nippon Blues by Argales 1 month ago

Oh yeah, I like! Righteous bass melds it all together…

Glad yur back in town! smiley
Light Is On by Piyali 1 month ago
Let there be light! A fine multi faceted collaboration. I too like the breakdown with wailing guitar and vocals, nice to hear your full voice, Piyali! smiley
Waves by lyla 1 month ago
Ah, ah! Sloof Lirpa! smiley
Retrograde/ james blake by lyla 1 month ago
Gorgeous heartfelt vocal harmonies! smiley

Would like less drums to cover them up tho...
Diamonds and pixels by lyla 1 month ago
Innovative work, sultry image smiley

Pixels are a girl's best friend... [btw diamonds are n o t forever...]
Starman/ david bowie cover by lyla 1 month ago
Well produced relaxed vocals, cool back beat strum, a live feel to this cover. smiley
Hey good lookin'/hank williams by lyla 1 month ago
Yee, haw… smiley
"Big Ron's Party" by abzwork 1 month ago
Cool guitar work, new sounds…

So sorry for your loss...
//// by lyla 1 month ago

Soulfully apocalyptic, I should have known… Always trust your amazing voice as the core of your sound! Amazing. smiley

SubOrdinary Girl by Little_Hooligan 1 month ago
A nice blues song. This song seems to want to swing... smiley
OGLINDA by KaztravetH 2 months ago
Interesting use of parallel majors and surprising resolution in the A sections. Form provides enough variation to maintain interest, ending could be a bit drawn out (tag?) to provide notice. Production is crisp and clear, well done!

Welcome to iComp! smiley
Someone To Watch Over Me by mre 2 months ago
Thanks for listening @SISTERS, I appreciate your frank comment! smiley
/// by lyla 2 months ago
||| smiley

Nice vocal breakdown… smiley
TIME STAY AWAY by SISTERS 2 months ago

Groovy and sophisticated, recording is utterly transparent, letting the song shine through. This is the most exciting thing: what happens when putting two fertile imaginations together! smiley
lasongtt ( MK remix) by lyla 2 months ago
It gets right orchestral at the end! Thanks for the Bach fix! smiley
My Love by toveco 2 months ago
Beautiful work, the spare setting is a big challenge as it's so exposed, brilliantly done! smiley
Invention in Fingers (A Practice composition) by wescurry45nion 2 months ago
Wonderish, indeed! smiley
Invention in G Minor (Allegretto accelerando) by wescurry45nion 2 months ago
Nice to hear someone going for baroque! Contrapuntally well done! smiley
#trip by lyla 2 months ago
#gnipyt sdrawkcab! Cool off beat acoustic sounding drum kit.
Lingering by JonCSebastian 2 months ago
Gracefully melismatic smiley

I did really what to Linger… smiley
but is it art?.... by lyla 2 months ago

Creepy but brilliantly put together, loved the piano motif and the cool mouth percussion until I realized what was saying…

Art is many things to many people but everyone can agree if the question is: "Is it artistic?"

BMMBP! smiley
joy joy joy! by lyla 2 months ago

Someone To Watch Over Me by mre 2 months ago
Hey, @JonCSebastian , sounds like my kinda place! smiley thanks for listening.
Someone To Watch Over Me by mre 2 months ago
@Naaji Thanks, Ramona, glad you enjoyed! smiley
Cabral Ole by ffej55 2 months ago

Wow, yeah I remember the '80s, to me there's a little Steps Ahead vibe in here too, as well as the other previous mentions… Hooky bass line, punchy drums anchor a rollicking vamp; a fantastic guitar solo that's way out of the box. I hope he survived those high risk activities intact!
Awesome! smiley
Someone To Watch Over Me by mre 2 months ago
@RTe thanks for stopping by for a listen, glad you enjoyed our jazzed up version smiley

@Lagusya2, Stan, thanks also for your listen and for taking the time to comment, much appreciated. The "Intro" is actually the verse in the show that sets up the song, quite often played and sung without a beat or "rubato". The off key horn you hear is a flügelhorn, I'm guilty of trying to get "out" as much as possible... Glad you found it interesting! smiley
Van Gogh by lyla 2 months ago

Way intense! There's really a lot of stuff in here… When I was in Musée D'Orsay I got to see the Van Gogh self portrait with the swirls, I recently learned that he pre dated expressing quantum fluid dynamics by almost 2 centuries with those swirls, I looked at it for a long time. Glad I hung in past the rapid panning, if you were designing a listener filter that might be it... Thank you, thank you for the little French rapperette! smiley
In a sentimental mood by lyla 3 months ago

Wonderful sentimental singing! <3 It's amazing to hear the progress of this piece in all its iterations... that it has come so far is a testament to Lyla's hard work and perseverance! It underlines that musical creations are works in progress and what we hear are but snapshots along the way. smiley
Sunset by lana 3 months ago
Nice build, groove, changes and wind down at the end...

Maybe a melody and bridge to make the structure more complete? smiley
Ex millitary by lyla 3 months ago

That's some mighty fast talking... and there's that quote again, what was it now?
Est-ce que tu le rap en français? Je aimerais ça!
You nail the consistency of the beat through the craziness. Creative, cool stuff! smiley
In A Sentimental Mood by mre 3 months ago
Thanks for taking the trouble to comment, Jon @JonCSebastian and Joyce @Little_Hooligan and your listens. I will pass on your suggestions to Lyla, as this was her project. I initially gave her some tracks intended to outline the form and harmony in a functional way to scratch and replace later but she took the initiative to include them in this version of a Billy Strayhorn standard. We had much correspondence about the form as there are some interludes added, it's been a good challenge. We have another jazz ballad in the latter stages where this time I've had the pleasure of being in the driver's seat, stay tuned... smiley
You Don't Have To Cry (Crosby, Stills & Nash cover) by Little_Hooligan 3 months ago
Good work to nail all those vocal harmonies, captures the spirit of the song. The arpeggios on the keys provides a good grounding and the back beat tambourine lays it down. smiley
Nature Boy by Piyali 3 months ago
@OpenC perhaps you are feeling a different initial down beat, unlike rock the downbeat is not always accented; it is all timed out with a click in 2, if you count from the downbeat ("was") you will find it is so. I was going for a cuban son type of feel whereby the downbeat is most often anticipated; I also sometimes indulge myself with the time, disguise the downbeat or reorient the sense of the beat to the listener. Thanks for your listen and taking the time to comment! smiley
Nature Boy by Piyali 3 months ago
Many thanks for your appreciative comments and taking the time to listen. It was a long and involved process, begun in June, with discussions as to key and tempo, trying different temporary backing accompaniments as a guide to vocal takes, then many instrumental takes to replace the scratch tracks and finally the mixes of which there are at least 5. All this to be able to approximate a live performance, I try to do a continuous take with the instrumental tracks but must admit there was a little surgery smiley
I have really appreciated working with Piyali, her rich and expressive voice and her patience with me. Thank you! smiley
Hello yeezus 2 by lyla 3 months ago
Yeesus! An energetic pastiche with elements of post industrial film noir, smaug reappears to engage a Gagaesque motif. smiley
Don't go by lyla 3 months ago
... smiley
Doctone Blues (For Kenny Kirkland) by FranEstein 3 months ago
Blues always gives a lift smiley
Junk Bass by FranEstein 3 months ago
Groovy in a Marcus kind of way! Lovely piano at the end... smiley
Equinox (J.Coltrane) by FranEstein 3 months ago
An interesting take on this tune with a hip hop influenced beat. Enjoyed the improvised keyboard lines, great phrasing! smiley
Peace by Lagusaya2 3 months ago
Peace! smiley
Lyla's curse final part : The sacrifice by lyla 3 months ago

Can it be the final? Fascinating 'til the end, I am partial to munchkin choirs; incredible gender transformation of the lead voice... I await the re-birth from the ashes.

Really like the image, the colours... smiley
Lyla's curse part 2 by lyla 3 months ago
Dammit, Lyla! Totally OTT at the end… amazing!

<3 the bass!
Lyla's Curse by RTe 3 months ago
The addition of the bass ties the harmony together and cements the groove. The mix is spacial and detailed. Inspired and brilliant! smiley
lyla's curse part 1 by lyla 3 months ago

"The night is dark and full of terrors!" Better stay on your right side... smiley
Distorted dimension by lyla 3 months ago

U've been busy! Lots of stuff in here! Can't quite make out what the "dude" voice is saying... sound design and effects are cool and of course early choral snippets. Like, like the painting!
In A Sentimental Mood by mre 3 months ago
Thanks for your listen and comment, Ramona, yes she's very clever! smiley
Cosmopolitan by Argales 3 months ago

Expansive, sophisticated, you're on to something here, Maria! smiley
Message in a bottle (Cover) by wescurry45nion 3 months ago
Very musical and lyrical, enjoyed the bass! smiley
Black and blue by lyla 3 months ago

Nice bottom! Nice and low, the way I like it smiley the vocals are a sweet surprise. Super subs of the future will thank you for their raison d'être...
Birdemic by lyla 4 months ago
Reminds me a bit of Indian pop smiley lots of 'verb on that flute. Poor birdie... smiley
pee wee (Tony Williams) by mre 4 months ago
Thanks for the observations and listens @Mungo. Practically speaking, when playing in small clubs, the bandstand will only allow the drums to be set up on the side. But his allows far greater communication with the rhythm section than the typical set-up with drums at the back and behind everyone else. Thanks for the references, I'll check them out! smiley
UnRepentant by Mungo 4 months ago
Drums and guitar has always been a thing... smiley
nightshift by eagle 4 months ago
A choir of one! smiley
pee wee (Tony Williams) by mre 4 months ago
Thanks for popping by... smiley
Ritual for the beast by lyla 4 months ago
I love those early polyphonic contrapuntal choral works... We did some, when I was studying, by Palestrina, beautiful!

Monster sounds are smaugalicious! smiley
Sounds of death (car crash) by lyla 4 months ago
Itchy, edgy and dire...

I like the roll in the ground rhythm, cool, sounds as if it was done on a drum pad triggering a synth patch or something
Micheal jackson by lyla 4 months ago
Nice, I like when the harmony gets dense at 1:00 smiley

Michael Jackson had great bass lines... hmmm...
My last song by lyla 4 months ago

So long, it's been good to know you, hope it wasn't anything I said! smiley

This is beautiful, Lyla, the nature sounds are evocative and the free keyboard explorations are sensitive and musical. The harmony sounds like it's about to go into cool modal diatonic 4ths [there I go again! Just shut the ... up, mre!] anyway, I *think you should keep going making songs, especially with singing smiley

* Do I hear a seconder?

ps the birdies seemed unperturbed by the direwolf, if that's what it was...
Crosses ft Anna by lyla 4 months ago
Wont fall over then... smiley

Nice collaboration. smiley
Musical murder case 1 by lyla 4 months ago
Really like the art too!
Musical murder case 1 by lyla 4 months ago
A musical collage, er... killer! Hehe, how did you get that file size? smiley
Lyla in wonderland by lyla 4 months ago
Cool harmonic sequence and groove with lots of variation, you should rap! smiley

Only loops!?
some shiny stuff x A.L.Y.L by lyla 4 months ago
Existentially marks the spot. Righteously random... D-dorian!

Ask Lyla You L... [?] smiley
Rainbow girls 2 by lyla 4 months ago
Thanks for trying,
It Looks The Same To Me by DJShadowkat 4 months ago
Crisp and wide, enjoyed the nature sounds and laid back groove.

We all share responsibility to steward our world and live sustainably.
Funk Groove (8bars Preview) by Argales 4 months ago
So far so good, Maria! smiley
Rainbow girls 2 by lyla 4 months ago
New sounds for Christmas? smiley

I like the urgency, the mini breakdown, the modulation gives a sense of "going somewhere" then...

I don't get the "drag" bit, drag what?
TGTE by lyla 4 months ago
Too good to end?

Sey, gninnigeb eht yllaer si dne eht? smiley
rinca and me having a jam by rogerboreham 4 months ago
Beautiful! Merry Christmas to you too! smiley