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The core of the earth by Narananda 2 days ago
Aural feasting in a rich SoundStoryscape smiley
Behind The Night (Candlelight Mix) by Axelbreeze 4 days ago
Nice work, strong vocal performance, sincere presentation smiley
Propterea (therefore) by Thau 5 days ago
I really like the chord changes and the shifting accent of the rhythm part as well as the marriage to ambient captured audio. The melody lead voice, however, seems to not quite know where to go for all its lush delays and reverb; I would of course like to hear a jazz solo . . . Lots of cool ideas! smiley
Look Around (AITW) by becwil 5 days ago
I can tell that you've worked long and hard on this Bec. I love the woofy commanding syncopated bass and the wonderful chordal percussive bed to create a space for the anthemic melody, rising triumphantly to . . . the seventh! And then no resolution, down to the sixth. So I'm thinking it's a trick of delayed gratification or something but it only resolves subtly in the bridge if you are listening for it. I don't know, maybe that's the effect you wanted. Maybe eido was affected too. Hope you don't mind the intended constructive critique.
There is increasing push back against contemporary Instant Culture, having a vast amount of choice at all times leads to pretty shallow investigational tendencies. Go deep and dwell!

PS it is an awesome melody, totally tonal! smiley
Mr Tangerine Man by EvilFactman 5 days ago
Might as well laugh! Every day we think we can't be surprised any more and, surprise!
This is my radio by Lapskin 5 days ago
Cool beat. Very dense, so many great ideas, but competing for space, maybe could be pruned a little so each bloom can be fully appreciated. That way the composition can be longer too. I always overplay the chordal accompaniment and so have the task of trimming anything that is in the way or unnecessary, but it makes such a difference. Hope you don't mind my criticism, M8! smiley
Double Standards by gold6821 5 days ago
Yeah, life is a paradox. Good form, solid playing, classic harmony. A little Steely Dan influence in there? smiley
Over The Edge by Neumuzik 6 days ago
Nice work, I dig the descending chromatic turn around, it feels right to start on the 5th (D) but can't help thinking it should start one fret higher (Eb), that way it would set up the last note rather than just having it
sound twice, which is not as strong. So: b6 5 b5 4 3 b3 2 b2 and the phrase arrives at one! Hope you don't mind my suggestion. smiley
Delayed 98 by irok 6 days ago
Sounds vocal ready! smiley
Glitch by ScottieJames 8 days ago
Nice work, welcome to the playpen! smiley
Spring Blues by bingsolex 10 days ago
Nice work, spring can't be far off now smiley
E-Swinger in C Something by DJShadowkat 10 days ago
Nice work, gents, a nice trad vibe with a ghost of Sachmo smiley
Pretend by Naaji 10 days ago
Nice work, Ramona, welcome back! smiley
prac2017 HoboKa by Aamp 11 days ago
Evokes rich visuals. Interesting morphing of major and minor modes. Melismatic vocals are cool too. smiley

ps, I like your new look, in colour! smiley
They Are Gone (OTT) by becwil 12 days ago
An expression of honest feeling.
I like the way the odd meter is revealed by adding the subdivisions later. smiley
How Deep is Your Love (acoustic Bee Gees cover) by artist08 12 days ago
Nice job on the song, sounds like you made it your own! smiley
PESTLE AND MORTAR by bonsushi 13 days ago

Spooky fun! I like the chord changes! smiley
My OxyContin Blues by Larzman2 14 days ago

Dark . . . and hard as anthracite! Powerful the way the octave vocals highlight certain lyrics. Good down home vibe in the guitar accompaniment with the cry of the slide tugging at the emotions.
Song raises a lot of issues around the coal industry's misdeeds in Appalachia where they did literally blow the tops off mountains, bulldoze the rubble into the valleys and scrape off the now surface coal seam, all to burn for electricity. Fracking natural gas took care of that practice's continuation. Opioid addiction is also serious stuff since the prescribing has been curtailed leaving folks to take their chances with the fentanyl laced street drugs. smiley
Well done! smiley
Lilac Waltz by Bulaev 18 days ago
What? I was just getting interested! smiley
Short and sweet smiley
Cometh the man by Lapskin 23 days ago

Cool track, I like the space, the follow voice, the bass pedal, its melodic sparseness and musicality.
Would humbly suggest editing the name to: Cometh the Man smiley
For Anna, Bianca and Carina by Xolv 24 days ago
Hope the three ladies enjoyed this as much as I!
Reminds me of classic Jobim bossa! Great work! smiley
Lockdown (OTT) by becwil 26 days ago
Expansive and deep, a valid form of therapy to counteract the profound sadness of this terrible situation. As a former educator this issue strikes home to me. Why can they not see the folly of the path that has led them to this place, a slope so slippery they have become inured to the sliding. But Arms are one of the last bastions of American manufacturing smiley
So Wrong by EvilFactman 28 days ago
My faith is with Emma Gonzalez and her generation, that needed changes will be made! smiley
Conversations by Broken_Soul 1 month ago
As my old dad would have said: Ferra•pew•ick!
An ambitious undertaking, operatic with all the different sections. I like the pitched vocals best. Drums too, did you play or program them?
Endings are hard but on the other hand they pave the way for new beginnings . . . What to do with negative emotions (write a hate song and send it along? Not really a solution, is it?)? I'm old school in that I just concentrate on my breath in the faith from experience that "this too shall pass", it always does! Then there are all the scales and arpeggios to get lost in that the creator of this Universe has given. Take care, man! smiley
Valentine's by Aamp 1 month ago
Bizzy piece! Cool chords.
Hope your cold gets better, happy Valentine's! smiley
Fall Down King by rcandrews 1 month ago
Nice work, commanding guitar lines! smiley
My Valentine (Cover) by brassgospelguy 1 month ago
Nice work! I like the way you did the vocals, soaring horn solo too! Well done! smiley
Real Music by RevJoE 1 month ago
As for criteria, they haven't replaced Melody, Harmony, Rhythm and Form yet. smiley
Polarity by DjDetski 1 month ago
A feast of sound craft! smiley
Finchley [1] by DjDetski 1 month ago
Nice work, well balanced with the ambient audio.
Congratulations on getting your masters! smiley
Black Cicada by pharmakeus 1 month ago
You guys! Just gets better and better! Awesome! smiley
* * * * *
* * * * *
* * * * *
* * * * *
* * * * * smiley
"Magnetic Flux" by abzwork 1 month ago

What the . . . Some new sounds smiley
vibrando by Xolv 1 month ago

Nice composition, I especially like how the melody sets up the bridge. Improvised guitar lines are sweet. Rhythm parts and mix are flawless.
Well done smiley
WHERE I WANT TO BE by Davidlyons8 1 month ago

^ Yes!
sound of 4000 by Lapskin 1 month ago

WHA HOOO! A strong sense of beat, a grounding in tonal music but fearless in pursuit of alterations . . . fearless! smiley
I Know, I Know by shavingronaldscar 1 month ago

Hoping you can find a little time now and again! smiley
the new iMac 4k by Lapskin 1 month ago
That's a bit of difference (few bits, really)! Sounds are super defined! smiley
Blue Sticks by Bachthoven 1 month ago
Short and sweet! smiley
Traveler by FarhanBabeh 1 month ago
Reminds me of what I listened to in my youth, good stuff! smiley
Walk on Through by Larzman2 1 month ago
Beautiful singing, playing and structure smiley
Dreadnought by Neumuzik 2 months ago
Thought it was going to be a cover of Good Times Bad Times at first. Rockin'! smiley
Footprints by mre 2 months ago
Thanks for your generous comments and rating, @abzwork, nice to see you around these parts smiley

Thank you @Aamp for your listen and taking time to comment, I'm glad you enjoyed. I hope you're staying warm this winter! smiley

@pharmakeus Hi Chris, glad you could stop by for a listen, glad you found the time to, thank you for the comment. smiley

Thank you @Telemetry, for your listen and comment. Yes, tenor horn is very similar in sound to the valve trombone, the fatter bore the Eb horn compensates for the extra tube length of the valve trombone in Bb, I believe. I find it pretty well matches my vocal range so find it lots of fun to play as well as having a better range for some standards. smiley
Footprints by mre 2 months ago
Thanks very much, @Xolv for your listen and thoughtful and kind comments. smiley
My tenor horn is like a shrunk baritone horn or tuba pitched in Eb. I call it my "pocket tuba" in the company of my pocket trumpet smiley

ps for r e a l l y good tenor horn playing check out Ian Bellamy in Bill Bruford's Earthworks!
Footprints by mre 2 months ago
Thanks, Phil, wishing you a HNY too! smiley
Impermanence by tomdevine 3 months ago
Solid form, pleasing harmonies. The lead lines in the outro hint at the melodic potential. smiley
fly me to the moon by irok 3 months ago
Check the 5th last note, should be chromatic (flat 6)! smiley
Sea Of Solitude by FreeEarCandy 3 months ago
Cool interplay between the bass and drums. I like the backing vocals too, a lot of parts to this, sounds real! Nice work! smiley
An Orange Horizon (CTT) by becwil 4 months ago
Interesting chords, I like the pedal point. smiley
The Guitar by calebhawkins 4 months ago
Classic country! smiley
32bit Mega by Aamp 4 months ago
Dangerously fleet! Somehow shows aspects of metal, ska and lydian jazz. smiley

ps is this the "interesting Saturday night tune"?
Cash Out Unmixed by Aamp 4 months ago
Rich and varied, lush chords, very nice smiley
STRANGEROUS by Calchas 4 months ago
Honest to goodness rock and roll, that tells a story! Great lyrics, solid production and song form works really well too! smiley

Badstone_Music wrote:
the lead in guit riff is bomb!! luv it! great work!

Yeah, that nasty flat five! smiley
better late than never i guess by Lapskin 4 months ago
I like the space in this. Really interesting chords. smiley

@Mungo, hehe, a bit of harbinger retrospection?

Mungo wrote:
excellent synths, arrangement and production. It's almost like what I thought in 1969 the future would sound like.

prac2017 by Aamp 4 months ago
An interesting story concept, indeed. I like your exploration of the field of emotion within artificial intelligence. The way people attach to things, tamagotchi, pet rocks, you may be anticipating a future issue. A thought provoking narrative and accompaniment. Thank you for sharing your work! smiley
Snow Forest by Aamp 4 months ago
Loping groove with pleasant lyrical pentatonic melodiousness . . .
I like the ruff in the snare leading into the back beat. Kinda reminds me of a regrouped tango smiley
Static Heart by JanaSaisQuoi 4 months ago

Dark stuff, well done. Crisp and clear production values. The absence of a chordal instrument make the backing harmony vocals especially present. smiley
cant tell me any other way by Lapskin 4 months ago
Slo mo flamenco! Diggin the polyrhythm, the way it settles in! smiley
The Little Triangular Azhole by RTe 5 months ago
I thought it said "Adzhole" but that would be more of a divot smiley

I like the vocal jazz aspects. More improvisation, please! smiley
DumDee Dum Dum by wescurry45nion 5 months ago

I love waltzes, especially those steeped in contrapuntal post classical harmony! smiley
[BrighterDays] Letting go by eido 5 months ago
I have a close attachment to early ideas in my development, playing them, even decades later, evokes a youthful enthusiasm. It's fun to re imagine those "interesting chords" with the new tools at our disposal.

Nice job on this piece smiley
There he goes by lyla 5 months ago
Do wap! Form is good, looking forward to the vocal version smiley
Z'ha'dum by Paigan0 5 months ago
Groovy as all get out! smiley

The lead is phrygian great! smiley
COMPUTER FUTUREWORLD by RiGee 5 months ago
Change is constant, things w i l l be different!

Maybe this is a new genre: Eco-rock! smiley
I'll Shoot The Moon by RubyDubidoux 5 months ago
"Number one with a bullet!"

Go Elaine! smiley
Gravitation by PATROUX 6 months ago

Dark-side-of-the-moonish! smiley
Landing in county Kerry by PATROUX 6 months ago
Intro of alien transmissions, I like the way it takes its time, beautiful backing pads!
Mersey beat takes up too much space, tho IMHO, really liked the soft cymbal, longer 16th pattern, that comes before the main body of the piece. Nicely arranged intro reprise in the coda. smiley
Sea of Love by RubyDubidoux 6 months ago
Classic! Great job on the vocals, Elaine! smiley
ContreBasse by LaFayette 6 months ago
Bass is best! I like the chromatic interior voices! smiley
Night Terror (Reimagined) by ReadandReturn 6 months ago
I like the way you have brought all the elements together into a cohesive whole, the guests the different genres. Very good! smiley

This song has a personal impact for me as my son used to suffer from "night terrors" when he was little, as in awake dreams. I should say we the parents suffered since he never remembered the episodes of acting out his nightmares in real life. We could not wake him, all that worked was to tell him sternly to get back to bed and go to sleep.
red sun by eagle 6 months ago
Beautiful harmonies, commendable sentiments in the poem! smiley
Stack by cove 6 months ago

Beautiful work here! Love the phrasing and Jacoesque bass part.
It ain't necessarily so by Xolv 6 months ago

A song for our times, do you think "fake news" was an issue in Gershwin's time?

Love this rendition of Gershwin's song. Great arrangement and execution of this update, cool guitar solo smiley

Songs of this era are so old they are new again, their brilliance in remaining tonal yet toeing the line of chromaticism is set to shine on a new jazz age. The 2020's are coming up! Roaring Twenties 2.0
Summertime (cover) by theseedsofautumn 6 months ago
A jazzy rendition of a favourite song. A few weeks of summer left yet! smiley
Somewhere Over The Rainbow by wescurry45nion 7 months ago
A favourite song! Thanks for posting smiley
Daily Improvisation Aug 10, 2017 by wescurry45nion 7 months ago
NIce work, I like contrapuntal polyphony; enjoyed the interweaving melodies smiley

With me, for some reason, it conjures images of destitute prairie rodents smiley
Lip Service by falconep 7 months ago
Interesting textures, I like the modal 7 approach . . .

There are still trusted reputable sources that tell it as it is, the Guardian among others. But everyone has a point of view, eh? smiley
Still Summer by Xolv 7 months ago
Enjoyed, thanks for posting. A bit of a Santana vibe going on smiley
Last Dance On Pluto by DJShadowkat 7 months ago
Tinkering is the best! smiley
Hasta pronto chica by Xolv 8 months ago
Swingin' and swayin', thanks for posting! smiley
Game of Thrones Theme by Fioretti 8 months ago

Awesome job! Bring on season 7! smiley
A Lazy Day In Summer by falconep 8 months ago
A catchy melody, an actual melody, the most important thing! smiley
Run by dirigent 8 months ago

Oh yeah! Accented syncopation, re-grouping, chromatic altered harmony, all within the groove . . . all the good stuff, pure jazz! smiley
Outsider by mre 8 months ago
Thanks, @becwil, yes it was Paoul on keys, I'll fix the credits smiley
Why we smile............... by ldecarmine 8 months ago
Pleasant listen, thank you smiley
swamp jam by telecaster29 8 months ago
Reminds me of the kind of community hall jams I'd go to in the 70's (yep, I'm that old), but with a really tight drummer . . .
Good multi instrumental skills, rock on! smiley
O Canada by soulima 8 months ago
Happy Canada Day! smiley
Running A Mile (RR) by becwil 8 months ago
Cool rhythms and right nasty bass! smiley
Seven Steps To Heaven by mre 8 months ago
Many thanks, @becwil!
After the Storm by Konrad_James 9 months ago
A nice sense of form and development smiley

until the next storm . . .
DreamCatcher by Konrad_James 9 months ago
Never underestimate the emotional pull of a widely intervallic melody with a portemento pull! Nice work!
Mine (Acoustic Remix) by Auriemma 9 months ago
Good song structure. I like the violin, a good combination with the acoustic guitar. smiley

Constructively: maybe think about leaving more space for the voice with a conversational approach, letting the voice give way to the violin in the latter part of each phrase as the chords are already covered by the guitar . . .
Oh, America! by Auriemma 9 months ago
My sentiments exactly!

Not to compare but vocal timbre reminds me a bit of Neil Young. smiley
Operation Barfly by gold6821 10 months ago
Nice work, vox reminds me of Michael Macdonald. Nice work on the rhythm section. All played?

ps probably not "all loops"
blue star by lyla 10 months ago
So happy to hear the finished version! You go Star Girl! smiley
Blue Skies by wescurry45nion 10 months ago
Jazzy! smiley

. . . never saw the sun shining so bright . . .
Bambi Burger by AnEnglishState 10 months ago
Carry on! I heard Bambi on the radio the other day, he grew up to be a marine drill sergeant, recently retired. Interesting lyrical content. I still like "Someday My Prince", a couple of songs from that era have become standard songs. smiley
The little mermaid by hyacinth 10 months ago
Fluid morphing chromatic harmonies. smiley
America the Beautiful by Robmo 10 months ago
Artfully arranged, the opening sounded positively cinematic. Glad to hear there are still patriots in this global paradigm into which we find ourselves moving. smiley
Drone by AnEnglishState 10 months ago
Welcome back, soldier on! smiley
I remember Clifford by IgorBass1 10 months ago

Thanks, for sharing, great tune and playing! smiley