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Mental Overdrive by DJShadowkat 15 hours ago

Glad to hear you have a dedicated space, can save lots of set up time and avoid distractions!

Love the pseudo vocal sounds and groove in this, great depth and breadth and urgency to the sounds, many levels of dynamics.

Enjoyed! smiley
pee wee (Tony Williams) by mre 10 days ago
Thank you for your listen, rating and kind comment @JonCSebasian! smiley
pee wee (Tony Williams) by mre 10 days ago
Many thanks, Tom! smiley
LOOK, what a good boy I am, Mom & Dad by wescurry45 11 days ago
FYI I am legit listener, # 29...

Materfull music hall piano playing. The bolero triplets are amazingly consistent, remind me of fiddler's cut bowing. Captures the mood of impish joy on Christmas Eve, well done! smiley
Aphrodisiac by jrahn 12 days ago
Cool the way the "1" is disguised at the intro. Way funky! smiley
pee wee (Tony Williams) by mre 12 days ago
Many thanks @jrahn smiley
dore'(gold) by lyla 13 days ago
Love this: the voice, shifting metres and moods, pure head tones, whistling and giggles! smiley

ps Ce est une robe rouge sexy, Red! smiley
pee wee (Tony Williams) by mre 14 days ago
smiley Thanks for coming by and for your comments, I always enjoy hearing what the listener thinks, always helpful feedback. @ffej55 Jeff, I have lately developed a new appreciation for Tony Williams, I didn't realize his interest in composition and orchestration, what a tragedy that he was not able to realize his plans. When I put sounds together, I like the sounds of opposites, paring a breath driven non-fixed pitch sound like a horn or voice [un autotuned!] with a fixed tempered attack and decay sound like a vibraphone or fretted guitar. In this case the lead stringed instrument is a tenor 'ukulele strung with a low "G", this makes it possible to play the low Ab in this song. Fell in love with this song at a summer jazz workshop, love the changes, definitely from the Wayne school. The dusty end, hmm, never heard an out chorus referred to as such, what's the origin?

Thanks also @Piyali. Thankful you are getting some rain! Perhaps we could do a rain song next! ...oops, one thing at a time smiley
blah blah blah blah blah by Lapskin 16 days ago
Hey, just thought I'd stop by... Glad I did! smiley
City is a village by lyla 18 days ago
Cool Bandcamp page! It's never too late for black note Friday... smiley
Gypsy pop by lyla 18 days ago
Modal fun. I like the double tracking, the way it gives the melody power, the second voice summarizes and leans on the sweet notes. Now to reach into the heart of gypsy music and explore the altered scales... Sweet! smiley
My Love Chromium by pharmakeus 20 days ago
Suspended reality... powerful piece. Love the guitar work, Chris smiley
Chromium (chilled upbeat remix) by RTe 20 days ago
Beatzy to the max! smiley
pee wee (Tony Williams) by mre 21 days ago
Thanks for your suggestion.
pee wee (Tony Williams) by mre 21 days ago
@Xolv Many thanks for your listen, comment and rating. It is a beautiful composition by Miles Davis' drummer from the '60s, I was trying for that retro feel, glad you liked it! smiley

Thanks for dropping by @KCsGROOVE I'm glad you enjoyed the piece. smiley

@toveco thank you for your comment and listen, I hope you liked my mix! smiley
Rock Paper Scissors by mre 25 days ago
Thanks for the listens and comments, much appreciated! smiley
stargirl by lyla 25 days ago

This is so catchy, excellent pop melody, an archetype of the ambition of youth. Some choice bass notes outlining the optimistic ascending harmony. Many embark on this path but few are motivated to make such great strides in production skills, but then it is mainly about "the journey". smiley
Analog Trap by jrahn 26 days ago
Lively and rich in inluences. Drum track rocks! Enjoyed smiley
Bhatiyali Revisited - Not Just Binny by binnysharma 26 days ago

I love boats, I love south Asian music and I love this! Awesome! smiley
Lylatronics by lyla 28 days ago
Very effective. Love your experimental approach and fearlessness! Rhythmic sophistication, some new ideas. Will have to listen again to get the words... cool stuff smiley
The Jacket by musicbybruce 1 month ago
A moving sentimental song of loss and comfort, speaks to the human condition. Your singer should come out into the light, she did a fine performance, choral like in the vocal harmonies. The last verse really got me, the way it comes around full circle... *sniff
Yep, beautiful! smiley
"Denizens Of The Dark" short version by abzwork 1 month ago
Multi layered, slow build, masterful guitar, cool bass smiley
don't **** with me by lyla 1 month ago
Love the vocals, double tracking in octaves is hard to do... Pumping compression on the bass, another TNE... technical improvements duly noted: excellent audio quality on the initial field recording, mix has more clarity width and depth. Good stuff smiley
your view from above and you can see it all by lyla 1 month ago
The accompaniment sounds work really well, the changes cast the melody favourably. smiley
Castles Made Of Sand (Jimi Hendrix cover) by toveco 1 month ago
Captures the vibe of the times, great backwards guitar and vocals, wicked bass. smiley
New york ft New york by lyla 1 month ago
Love the little song in the middle despite it's lo-fi quality. Again, who is this singer? Folk like but with good time and intonation singing a very good melody and later vocal harmonies. Another thermo-nuclear ending... smiley
Don't break my bones by lyla 1 month ago
This has a heavy vibe all right that "ratchets" up throughout. Love the Bulgarian quality of the vocals and the low frequencies (please credit the vocalist if you know who it is). Interesting and edgy.
I want your love to make things right by lyla 1 month ago

Whoa, this just keeps getting better and better, love the innocent sincerity of the vocals, gorgeous! The backing tracks are groovy but maybe a bit busy, the vocals still stand out well and they have to be the centre piece but whatever you feel/hear. The choppy bit in the middle with all the varispeed effects is brilliant, the way the groove stays throughout, the prog in me loves that kinda stuff. The ending... all for now, keep singing, love that voice! smiley <3
I don't remember being there by lyla 2 months ago
This has such a great time feel, down tempo trip hop and the parts are timed out beautifully with a nice spacious mix! smiley
Locked by lyla 2 months ago
I can't keep up with you... funny fadeout. The chords are classic smiley
Lifeline by ffej55 2 months ago
Bummer dude is right! A testament to your work ethic to come back and re write all your responses, so personal too! Thanks for sharing! smiley

ps have you heard Imogen Heap's song Lifeline? Off her new album.
A Little Bit Of Nothing ReMix 2 by jrahn 2 months ago
Cool, love the electronic monster voice vocal sounds and the drums sound great. Also appreciate the tremelo modulation effects having their own rhythm, very musical! smiley
In the streets by lyla 2 months ago
Lots of good ideas, synth scoops, drops, piano riffs etc. in this. The beginning could be a bit more sparse as it just kinda 'turns on'... Exciting to hear your progress, keep up the good work! smiley
They are dancing in here! by lyla 2 months ago
So t h a t ' s what you've been up to... quite the video editing job, lots of work in there. I like the uke chord rhythm track, I'm old fashioned and like a bridge for contrast every so often but... The keyboard solo fills toward the end changes it up enough to keep the interest.

ps smiley higher res mp3!
Lifeline by ffej55 2 months ago

Brilliant blast from the past! Stellar lead solo, awesome rhythm work!
I Still Believe It's You by BillyLondon 2 months ago
Nice work, brilliant that you managed to quote the Toreador from Carmen... well sung smiley
men-an-tol by telecaster29 2 months ago
Beautiful, deep multi-dimensional sounds smiley

I remember seeing Stonehenge as a lad...
Life Is A Toy by BillyLondon 2 months ago
Cool vamp, interesting varied percussion parts, super clean vocal production. Well done! smiley
You! by lyla 2 months ago
Natasha is a soulful singer, nice that you're producing other's efforts smiley
Sandra by lyla 2 months ago
I didn't realize you had a rooster on your roster smiley Quirky, quirky! Bass player gets his ones fours and fives a bit funked up, as a bass player I've had it happen myself, I get looks... good stuff on the vocals, you deserve a decent mic!
If you must know by lyla 2 months ago
I must! smiley A deeply personal song... Glad to hear you are doing some vocals, well worth the wait!

Also glad to see some other comments! Yay! smiley
I'm just a Little Alligator (I just want to have some fun) by lyla 2 months ago
LIke the bass, tap dancing and quirky keyboard parts (played, not looped). smiley
crocs by bingsolex 2 months ago
Beautiful old school guitar tone. Well done! smiley
laying with eyes closed on a steel table by lyla 2 months ago
More beautiful singing; that soprano, wow! Are you singing in this choir?
The Badass of Catacombe#44 by pharmakeus 2 months ago
Gestalt off the scale, some serious primal catharsis... be well M8! smiley
glass roses by lyla 2 months ago
Beautiful singing.
Open Air by Filmscorz 2 months ago

Beautiful and thought provoking...
Open Air 2 ( Wisdom ) by Filmscorz 2 months ago
True about the world leaders, so bent on repeating past mistakes smiley

As for the piece, wonderful "out" flügel sounds masterful comping and piano coda smiley
POP! by lyla 2 months ago
A musical pop-puré ! Composition is structurally together and groovy, some interesting metre things in the middle section, well done! smiley

ps neighbours don't seem "into it" so much smiley
late night rainbow girls by lyla 2 months ago
Along the same lines:
Francis bacon 1959 / maybe I can by lyla 2 months ago

The Lyla doll is priceless! smiley Intriguing opening movement, sounds like a ring modulated choir (both of which I like but never heard together) also diggin' the Tolkeinesque spiders. Then a study in contrasts? The distorto bass line is V. good, glad to see you're giving the bass its due! Yay! smiley
j'taime by lyla 2 months ago
Très mystérieuse alors...
Beautiful like hello by lyla 2 months ago
^ seconding what @GuitariusMaximus says! Honest and real... smiley
Rock Paper Scissors by mre 2 months ago
Many thanks for listens, ratings and comments! The final snipping sound is made by rubbing 2 small cymbals in a circular motion with a release. All the sound effects were home made by close miking the rocks and paper etc. smiley
Dripping Tears ~ Cry ~ by Piyali 2 months ago
Beautiful emotive singing. Meticulous vocal production. smiley
fancy diamond tears by lyla 2 months ago
Field recordings add urgency. Edging toward the melodic minor, this way to jazz town... smiley
The dolls by lyla 2 months ago
Interesting mix of sounds. Disturbing to hear the smashing sounds...

A couple of things: You could wring more fidelity out of your pieces if you maximize the bit rate of your .mp3 files, this is in the options when you choose your compression method, if you can, choose a bit rate of 320 bps. the maximum. There is also the ACC method which preserves more dynamics in the audio. You will produce larger files but will still easily be within the 20 MB maximum file size. You and your listeners will be pleased with the increased fidelity smiley Also, your endings, while they do have a coda or outro quality to them, tipping off the listener that the end of the piece is coming, the actual end is kinda clipped. This kind of attention to detail is important; more musically satisfying to have a gentle fade to silence, even a brief silence at the end will help leave a positive impression. Hey, keep up the good work! It keeps me coming back... smiley
come to the opera by lyla 2 months ago
I admire your fearlessness! smiley
our love is black like the night by lyla 2 months ago
Very dramatic, I like the mix of tonalities with resolution at the end. No loops that I could hear, sounded like multi tracked layers of keyboard sounds, improvised therefore jazz... smiley
crossing alone by lyla 2 months ago
I like the more multi-track approach with the field recordings mixed in. Very expressive! smiley
20 in 30 (Mov't 1) by soulima 3 months ago
Vibrant! Rhythmically vital. I admire your discipline, setting goals is a sure fire way to increase productivity. Good luck with the project! smiley
hold on by lyla 3 months ago
OK, yur officially a "honky tonk woman"! smiley Sounds like playing with wild abandon, I especially like the polyrhythms and the drum break...
Duck Strut by ffej55 3 months ago

Very nice, many influences apparent. Beautiful arrangement and playing. Awesome guitar fills... smiley
Jazzy Jazz Blues by anders007 3 months ago
Snazzy and jazzy improv.
Insomnia by Piyali 3 months ago

Wonderful conviction and range in the singing! Now I'm wide awake! Crack backup production and playing too! smiley
Distractions by jrahn 3 months ago
Nice work, kick azz drums! smiley
My Lovely Friends by Piyali 3 months ago
Beautiful vocal colours, orchestral sounds, a wonderful collaboration! smiley
{the Usual} Whiskey, Straight Up and the Truth by pharmakeus 3 months ago
Cheers! smiley
Something, 'Bout Nothin' by scaustrita 3 months ago
Groovin', airy and free! smiley
Nutrinos In Three Flavors (Electron, Tau & Muon) by DJShadowkat 3 months ago

Very groovy and trance. A catchy main idea, deceptive in its simplicity, falling nicely into the changes. I like the returns to the main theme and the stuff in between, whirling, swirling pot-puri of sound... I admire your technical mastery and the way you've arranged the various elements into a complete and satisfying whole. smiley
Füssen by neurologist 3 months ago
Very accomplished, spicatto bowing even! I liked the journey the B section takes us on, it would be nice to come back to the predictability of the first theme for the ending, but perhaps there is a wider context... smiley
First snow by lyla 3 months ago
Aye, winter is coming! I like the background sounds of kids playing, it almost starts to rock out at one point smiley
Nice work smiley very good balance between the sound elements, mix is airy and spacious with lots of depth in every direction. The composition has a sense of urgency to it, all those unresolved tritones – sounds like a warning as the graphic first impression lends a sense of foreboding.
I was a mother's child by lyla 3 months ago
Nice and sad... Your backing vocals? Brief as they are, they add a lot – the "human element"...
we were doing something illegal by lyla 3 months ago
Yur busted, hehe smiley cool hip hop beatz.

Some constructive criticism, if you don't mind: take care to make sure your loop points come at the exact time of the down beat of each bar as there are little glitches in the time that detract from the groove. One way is to use the metronome for measurement to check that everything lines up. This is SO important and would improve your pieces a great deal if these rhythmic inconsistencies didn't happen. Once those all important phrase downbeats line up with the metronome, the click sounds can be muted. This means, though, that care must be taken to choose the right tempo at the beginning of the process; tempo and groove are inextricably linked in both this kind of straight 8th context or swing music. Of course you could also make a scratch click track to be erased before mix down, the old fashioned way. If you record clicks you will be able to line things up visually as well, as they will show up in the wave form display. It's more work but do it, you will be glad you did! smiley
UFO's are taking you all away by lyla 3 months ago
Starting the melody on the 4th does give a weird dark tension, released by going down from the 3rd instead at the end, giving a sense of conclusion. Some loops, but I'm pretty sure the melody was played on your keyboard... give yourself credit where it is due! smiley
goes to paris by lyla 3 months ago
Had to listen as I am actually in Paris on holiday! smiley
Long Vacation (English Version) by otadehan 3 months ago
Lots going on here! Well done! smiley

Thanks to Phamakeus for the plug!
goes to egypt by lyla 3 months ago
مقال مثير للاهتمام، أحببت عمق الأصوات مع الحبال بالتناوب. في البداية اعتقدت قال بأنه "أغنية صحراء رملية" لكنه هو في الواقع ما يكفي من الطعام الحلو ... smiley
goes to africa by lyla 3 months ago
Cool! smiley
day dreaming about paradise by lyla 3 months ago
Gimme a one,
gimme a flat three,
gimme a four and a sharp four,
gimme a five,
but please, please do, gimme a flat seven! smiley

You're Just A ***** by Naaji 4 months ago
Cool! Although I don't condone blame and holding on to bitterness, it's sometimes helpful to get things off one's chest anonymously like this. Interesting tonality with some cool note choices, almost Eastern in flavour. Your voice is very clear and nuanced, am I detecting a new mic after all? hehe... smiley
Some of my best friends by macoconuts 4 months ago
This song touched my heart, well done, Maco! smiley
ADIOS by RAMZAR 4 months ago

Fantastic! Trans atlantic, pan genres and across the hemispheres, a triple whammy! smiley
superstar symphony part 1 by lyla 4 months ago
Bring on part 2! smiley
Disco for everyone by lyla 4 months ago
Yay! *applause* new pic, new sound! smiley
How can you be so wrong? by lyla 4 months ago
Interesting form and progression, like the way the chords walk back up to the ending/beginning. Drums are locking in, more consistent rhythmically. The final ending could be a bit more definite with a held note or some final repetition or some such signal... smiley
Vierd Blues by mre 4 months ago
Thanks everyone, it was a real treat to play those old Miles tunes, as well as the newer ones, with such an accomplished group of players! smiley
pass midnight by lyla 4 months ago
This piece marks a turning point. Nice work on the beatz and bass!
now for an improvised solo on the keys... smiley
The Colour by vegetal 4 months ago
Grooves like all get out!

I have not encountered this "serious mode" before, it must be a mode of dour minor which seems to produce a mood inversion... smiley
The Hidden Agenda by Everine 4 months ago
Love the spoken intro, makes it personal... smiley
Weird (Music Video) by musika 4 months ago

Thanks for posting. I had a roommate who studied animation when I was in college so retained an appreciation for independent productions, it's a lot of work... Enjoyed! smiley
Slap Head Boogie by ffej55 4 months ago

Your going to Europe to find something,hope you find it by lyla 4 months ago
Slightly more ambient than I expected, assuming that there are degrees of ambience smiley a jaunty F Lydian rondo. smiley

ps I am actually going to Europe!
Ascent of the Houselickers by shavingronaldscar 4 months ago

Beautifully blurring the boundaries between beatz and bass! Great to see you're back! smiley
1-7(Apenas Um Jogo) by Xolv 4 months ago

Mellow latin morning listen smiley
Birland by doghouseman 4 months ago

Nice!! A favourite song, thanks for sharing! smiley
Vierd Blues by mre 4 months ago
Thanks @Xolv, it was a truly inspiring week! smiley
maybe saturday by lyla 4 months ago
A jaunty little tune. Interesting interactions between the 3/4 metre of the tune and the drum sounds...
Asthmatic Hyperbole by DJShadowkat 4 months ago

Groovy! Nice long build, clever arrangement and such clarity and depth to the sonic technical mastery. smiley