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ragtime colors by lyla 1 day ago
Interesting! There's an extra beat before the 3 beat pickup which gets the background progressively further and further behind the whistling melody line, Lyla you are such a subversive! In the nicest possible way... smiley
lyla's waltz by lyla 2 days ago
Wanna dance? smiley Definitely old school. You seem to like major sevenths... Love the ending whole tone motif. smiley
finger in the electric outlet makes people dance by lyla 2 days ago
Cool ideas, this would really rock if the time could be ironed out... I crave a consistent groove. smiley
I dreamed last night that. . . by lyla 2 days ago

I enjoy your singable melodic ideas, repeating in major then minor on different tone centres, the contrasting section gives relief from too much repetition and the ending idea, borrowed from the song, sums things up nicely, well done! smiley
Another Way by RichardJohn 6 days ago
A fine collab! Another gem from this great virtual community! smiley
Lasers for you by lyla 8 days ago
Thanks! smiley

I like the overlapping rhythms with the 3/4 metre superimposed over the 2 beat; good use of space to create expectation; using an "A" idea and a "B" idea creates a sense of form; the catchy melodic ideas make harmonic sense to me.

The ending (on the V chord) makes me feel like it's not quite over; at the start of the piece it just, well... starts. there could be some sort of introduction to build anticipation.

I like it when music has a sense of a build, where it progresses somehow.

It seems, Lyla, that you are having a lot of fun with this making music making and that sense of joy shines through your work! smiley
around the broken clock by lyla 11 days ago
I got the 1st play! And a swing song! Thanks! smiley

Got vocals?
Playing with guns by lyla 11 days ago
Guns are very dangerous, not to be played with! Composition could be more powerful with a sense of form, for instance a contrasting section about 2/3 of the way through the piece (B section or Bridge) before the first idea is re introduced, sometimes with harmony parts. The tag ending is good. Still waiting for some swing rhythms tho... smiley
Get away from me by lyla 12 days ago
Nice! smiley I like the theme and variations form, also the ending makes sense!
Eve improv 7 2 14 by jptiptonsr 18 days ago
Very expressive and free. Classically influenced, beautiful playing!

re the hum: it's only audible in the silences and quiet dynamic sections. May I suggest to try cranking the output on your keys and compensating by backing off the trim input on your interface. The theory being that if your pre amplifier is having to amplify more of the signal it's also going to amplify any noise in line. If it gets worse you can blame the keyboard signal and try a different output, headphone vs. line outputs. Good luck! smiley
Goodbye (demo) by MrSwifty 18 days ago
A very moving story. Music is such a blessing to get us through those difficult roads in life. A very strong song with excellent lyrical structure. Very musical lead playing! smiley
The night they let you die , , by lyla 18 days ago
Very strong melodic ideas, they are different yet make musical sense and resolve their tensions... I like the way the B melody, with its quirky rhythm, still falls back onto the strong beat to keep continuity. This could potentially be part of a more elaborate orchestration... I would like to hear the completion of the ending idea, maybe with a tag for a proper ending. Intros and endings are powerful ways in and out of a song. The intro sets the key, tempo and mood, the coda or outro tips off the listener that the end of the song is nigh often book ending the song with the same idea, usually a melody quote or chords from the song. Good work, @lyla! smiley
Let's be kids again, if only for a while by lyla 19 days ago
I like the over lapping rhythms and the pentatonics that give it a child like character. smiley
Are Friends Electric? by DJShadowkat 19 days ago

Nice work, has that '80's sound fer sure! Everyone is self conscious about their voice, it sounds good to me! Singing is a human right, not just for the elite...
My friends are mostly acoustic but some are definitely electric...
Breathe Your Love by Everine 20 days ago
So glad that this woman's work is still available. Gorgeous still, revisited! smiley
in the moonlight by lyla 21 days ago
Yeah, nice and peaceful. But the tag ending is busy and syncopated which makes the ending a surprise. A tag is a common device to signal a close to a song, usually repeating the last phrase up to three times (3peat) You sure post a lot of songs! smiley
Jump in the ocean and let's dive under by lyla 21 days ago
I like the form: AABA variations on the theme and the chromatic lines that lead back to the tonic. You have a good sense of when to go to the dominant and when to return and sense of form. The detuned sounds are a little edgy for me and there's a slight lurch in the loop point of the first idea which detracts from the rhythmic drive. A proper ending would also be nice. I hope you don't mind my attempts at helpful constructive criticism... smiley
you never really wanted to feel lonely by lyla 23 days ago
Interesting mix of timbres and genres. Your descriptions are priceless! smiley
Where do you want to go to be free? by lyla 23 days ago
I agree, @borris. I love re pentatonic. It could have more bottom; know any idle bass players? smiley
I was working in the lab when suddenly. . . by lyla 23 days ago
This bugged me all morning so I had to come back. Finally figured out the quote... I couldn't like it "more", thanks for the ear worm!

PS Welcome to iComp @lyla! smiley
"Just Doin' Thangz" by abzwork 25 days ago
Space bass ready smiley
Matilde Miel de Luna by MusicLeft 27 days ago
Much enjoyed, Anto, thanks for sharing. The instrumental sections just cook! Love the bass work smiley
Aurora (Borealis & Australis) by DJShadowkat 1 month ago
Cool groove, nice build. I like the ostinato, quirky the way it shifts the accents over 16 beats. The beach near our house looks NE, sometimes during solar activity we can get quite a show even at latitude 50 º.
The Hidden Stream by JonCSebastian 1 month ago
A pleasant ambient sortie. I enjoy hearing nature sounds mixed in with music, very grounding, even though water sounds... The hammered dulcimer sounds are very realistic but tuning is a little funky. I'm gaining acceptance of the free rhythmic style, am so used to a rigid time regime, though. I like the waltzing piano arpeggios, they anchor the piece with their metre and chord motion. The best music always is going somewhere: there are departures and arrivals, sometimes to contrasting sections... Great job on the production values, very clean and clear with all the sounds, your work in the mix shows.
Fields of Midnight Blue II Vocal by JonCSebastian 1 month ago
Gorgeous, I like this combination of voice and orchestra. smiley
Wild Sanctuary by JonCSebastian 1 month ago
Beautiful well matched orchestral sounds singing modal melodies weaving in counterpoint. Contrast between sections sounds minimal from a textural standpoint. Metre, changes in tonal centre, repetition, rhythmic variation, harmonic patterns and progressions are some musical devices that can delineate sections within a composition. Very nice work, a pleasant listen. smiley
The End by alexmcelwee 1 month ago
Sounds like lots of fun, keep it up! Good luck! smiley
Eight Guitars, One Drum Machine by DJShadowkat 1 month ago
Ya got the Pink Floydy thing going on with this one. Studio cats always like music though few choose to participate... smiley
James Bond Theme by LikelyBrotherhood 1 month ago
Captures the sixties vibe through the harmonies and phrasing but from a warped 21C electronica perspective. There are so many evocative melodies from that era for my cohorts, thanks for sharing! smiley
"FlowerGarden" by abzwork 2 months ago
Like the clay drums, clean guitar and overlapping timing. smiley
Majhong (Wayne Shorter) by mre 3 months ago
Thanks for listening, Anto, I'm honoured by your comments. This song results from a post by Igor with Antonello Messina, Grant liked the song and learned it and it's become a regular in our bag... smiley
March of New Exiles by annamaria 3 months ago
Thank you for calling attention to this issue of the plight of the young through your beautiful and sad piece. You let your vision and ears guide you, tempered by your sensibilities. Thank you for sharing. smiley
14 Jazz by MusicLeft 3 months ago
Sentendo le vostre composizioni e giocare è sempre un piacere!


This piece is no exception, a beautiful easy groove within the complexity. Some of the changes remind me a bit of Stella By Starlight, coincidentally this is a tune I've been working on lately and in 3! Love the bass fills at the end especially, could it be that Mr. Bass is getting ready to step out for a solo? smiley
Forest is amazing place by mikerocky 3 months ago
Beautiful playing. Interesting ending, too; is this leaving the forest? It is an amazing place but coming out onto the shore is always a thrill, suddenly feeling the space... smiley
Tomorrow Wendy by pharmakeus 3 months ago
Down tempo rock - ripping lead solo, Chris! smiley
Two happy squirrels by mikerocky 3 months ago
Jolly chromatic!

I have squirrels too, but i n the walls of my studio, I inadvisably made them double...
There's Something Wrong With You by DJShadowkat 3 months ago
A righteous groove underneath a sweepy expansive synth sound. I too am a cat person. "Talk to the hand!" she seems to be saying. Expressive chin marking would make for an interesting marionette effect when mewing...
Room 608 by kpenson 3 months ago
Nice romp over Rhythm Changes on the keys. I like the way you get out yet still land those long phrases. Always driving and swingin'! nlsn sent me BTW... smiley
TOSIN by Tony2008 4 months ago
Mister Abasi should be lookin' over his shoulder! smiley
The Swinggin Beat That Makes That Body Go Shake by DigitalRedux 4 months ago
All the elements to the well told story are there. So this was all played by you? Well done! The aeolian sound is unusual in jazz... smiley
colors by eagle 4 months ago
Beautiful, I love the way the vocal floats over the background textures. A thorough study of the piece is necessary to sound relaxed in the vocal entries as well as stylistic familiarity, kudos! smiley
American Life (Argales Mix) by Argales 4 months ago

Well done, Maria; wow, you have learned so much. An exciting club ready piece... smiley

ps I checked out the original... yours is musically more interesting by far! The long slow build, interesting harmonies, beautiful background vocal harmonies. Well done!
A drop in the sea by MusicLeft 4 months ago
A beautiful thoughtful work, as with the girl in the yellow hat. smiley
Spring Rain by eagle 4 months ago
A refreshing take on an old standard. Beautiful solos too! smiley
"BaseJump" by abzwork 4 months ago
Base jumping in style: smiley Your music is hipper! smiley
"BaseJump" by abzwork 4 months ago
May I give it a go?
Just A Little Relief by BMSSP 4 months ago
Nice backing for something, be interesting to see where it goes. Welcome to iComp! smiley
Self Destruct by Sleet 4 months ago
7/4 I believe. There are 7 "beats" which are further subdivided. I appreciate how much work you have done. May I suggest some sort of bridge to give a bit of formal structure and an opportunity for a return?
Velvet Touch (6/12) by Mungo 4 months ago
Drums are phat and in the pocket, Harmonies make good sense and create a pleasing form to hang something on...
Midnight Blue by nlsn 4 months ago
Excellent work Nelson! These snowy days are perfect for listening to and making music, eh? smiley beautiful trumpet work too, @Jacalore as well as bass and drums from Shael...
Walkin' Man by Gadzooks 4 months ago
I'm a fan of live recordings, there's magic in the immediacy. Nice mellow groove, good rhythm section work sets off the vocals well. smiley
"The Bush" by abzwork 5 months ago
Loved the drops, the tight (real tight) snare, drum parts are integral yet constantly evolving. Fantastic regrouping passage in the middle. I wanna play along... smiley
Sarang Om by chilladreams 5 months ago
Nice work, very serene... Hi to Matt, I'll be over soon to jam smiley
Chocolate by ffej55 5 months ago

Beautiful! Pleasing form, interesting interludes, able improvisations, perky syncopations with everything arriving just as it should. Very "LA" sounding; sweeeet! smiley
No Mas Mermaids by Bonecage 5 months ago
Brilliantly naughty! Thanks to @Axelbreeze for plugging you on chat! smiley
Poco prima di svegliarmi by MusicLeft 5 months ago
Love this, Anto! Beautiful playing, I'm hearing lots of North African tonalities. Groovy bass with cool fills and harmonics. Solid drum track, sounds live. The simple harmony gives lots of room for your guitar solo, love the ways you get "out'! Great track! smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley

And the painting! You are a modern renaissance man! smiley
"Rockin' That" by abzwork 5 months ago
Other worldly backing vocal sounds...
"The Way To Love" by abzwork 5 months ago
Thanks for the B-day present! Just clicked over a new decade this week smiley Digging the orchestral pad, the tweety arpeggiator, polyrhythmic drums, and Abz trading... smiley
The Sudden Apotheosis of Suphankalaya by pharmakeus 6 months ago
I looked up the sad tale of Suphankalaya... A fulfilling journey none the less with Frippish guitar solos. smiley
Testostrogen by ffej55 6 months ago

Wonderful! Stellar production all around. I can hear some Tribal Tech/Steps Ahead in here but turntable sounds update the sound. Great bass tone and pocket, great key solos, fantastic drum production... Best to you in the New Year! smiley
"Do No Wrong" by abzwork 6 months ago

Expansive, rhythm tracks, intriguing vocals. A new direction for you, my friend! smiley
Majhong (Wayne Shorter) by mre 6 months ago
Thanks for your listen and comment, @KennethLavrsen, much appreciated smiley
Summertime by mre 6 months ago
Many thanks @carlajpatterson for your listens and comments. smiley
Majhong (Wayne Shorter) by mre 6 months ago
Thanks again, @DJShadowkat. I have an older version of Quicktime and avoid iTunes except for content I've bought but thanx for the tips. Playing live is fun, I guess I'm to stupid and unselfaware to care... smiley
Fire Dance by mre 6 months ago
Thanks for your listen and comments @ DJShadowkat. I just noodled along with the camera audio, it was a really fun night, Elsa was the star of the show though! smiley
Bass cat by mikerocky 6 months ago
Good live feel. My cat likes music too... smiley
My Song 10 by jcrouch227 6 months ago
Pentatonic improvising over an Am to B minor vamp. A Dorian would work as well.
Hobo Silent Night by TheTiler 6 months ago
It's all in the rhythm, finger pickin' good. Classical ending... smiley
Starbright Wings by pharmakeus 7 months ago
Ambitious and far reaching. I like the progressive feel to it, well done, guys! smiley
Ion Sleet by DJShadowkat 7 months ago

Intricate and constantly variable as it unfolds, shows your attention to detail and control of the audio medium. I loved the restraint and simplicity of the drums, in particular the back beat "ride" cymbal sound. Also loved the ions at the end (sounded like little space people to me), jamming with the whacked out computer drummer.

I'm glad of the snowstorm, Mark, for who knows if this would ever have been made?
15/8 FUNK by ldecarmine 7 months ago
Interesting groove. This would be really hard to play as it is on the familiar blues form. Was it made completely of loops as the tag suggests, or are the guitar sounds played? I appreciate the work that went into it. smiley
Majhong (Wayne Shorter) by mre 7 months ago
Many thanks @TheTiler for your listen and comments. I'm glad that our joy of collaboration in music making comes through.

Concerning the video file, I've had my share of challenges in uploading videos, here is what I've learned: do not use the .m4v format, it wont work, rather go for the .mov format. This is available in iMovie, you may have to re import your finished video (eg. from GarageBand into iMovie, if you're adding sounds to your visuals and the camera's audio track) Depending on the length of the work you will have to compress it more or less to get near but under the 30MB limit, also the dimensions have to be under 500 X 360. There are some stock compression levels to experiment with or you can customize the video in the share section of iMovie, choose 15 frames per second which will halve the information for starters. Hope this helps, I'll look for signs of success smiley
Edelweiss by TheTiler 7 months ago

A very different arrangement indeed! I love the way the familiar waltz becomes a skipping lilt through the alpine meadows with a flexibility from phrase to phrase as if motion is dictated by terrain. Acoustic guitar sounds exceptionally resonant and very clearly recorded. Singing is strong with a hint of tenderness. Definitely the mountain man edition! smiley

ps also thanks for Chris for plugging you on chat smiley
Ranui's Song by NeonCollective 7 months ago
Welcome to iComp! smiley
THE QUIET DARKNESS by ldecarmine 7 months ago
Nice guitar work. Interesting cascading rhythms in the accompaniment. I like the bass part too the way it slides into chord tones. Cool stuff smiley
A NIGHT IN TUNISIA by ldecarmine 7 months ago
This is an update for this song, nice groove and guitar interjections. I love this song and all the possibilities for arrangements, here is ours:
Now's The Time (Charlie Parker) by mre 7 months ago
Many thanks @grathy , we are putting the finishing touches on this winter's concert for next weekend... Here is Silent Night a la Cuba from a few years ago:
Frosted Leaf by grathy 7 months ago
A touching dedication. Sorry to hear about your friend... but music is a healing force (hug)
Your Word Means Nothing (Radio Edit) by Axelbreeze 8 months ago
Great work, Ax and Carla! smiley
Now's The Time (Charlie Parker) by mre 8 months ago
@SOULWAVE many thanks for your listen. I passed on your comment to my wife and she was quite touched. I'm so glad the piece evoked pleasant memories for you. smiley
Majhong (Wayne Shorter) by mre 8 months ago
Thanks for your listen and comment, @ffej55 , yes we often have to walk a dynamic tightrope between being heard but not so people have to shout over their dinner... a challenge in places like this with hard stone and glass surfaces. smiley
Brutal Memory by pharmakeus 8 months ago
Fascinating sounds, Chris, a completely new direction, unusual instrumentation. Our unpleasant memories are best acknowledged, learned from, then released...
Cee by BigDaddyCee 8 months ago
Nice work here, solid rhythm track!
"Palace Of Glass" by abzwork 8 months ago
Dig the wet drum sounds and clean guitars. Glad to see you're still at it... smiley
live once by Lapskin 8 months ago
Interesting sounds, Laps, well arranged and spaciously produced. My friend likes using Ableton too...
SUCH A LONG TIME by SISTERS 9 months ago
Musical singing, poignant lyrics, able accompaniment smiley
Fever Tree by ffej55 9 months ago

Yeah, what he said ^ ! He sent me... smiley
state of war by ploesch 9 months ago

Thought provoking lyrics, musical singing, detailed production, much skill evident all round smiley
autumn leaves by archjerry 9 months ago
Great piano improvisation. This song could be: Autumn Leaves Swing One Night in Tunisia smiley
Afterworld (APS) by albinoSQUIRREL 9 months ago
Dark and thought provoking. Captures the vibe of the game. Great instrument sounds and playing!

BTW the trick to streaming video here is to upload a .mov file...
Michelle's Marsupial Mystique by pharmakeus 9 months ago
Positive perambulations in the pocket! Michelle will be mighty mad! Suitably subtle, yet full of surprises... smiley
ice by telecaster29 9 months ago
Fascinating panning, phase shifty background pads, then it opens up with Chinese fiddle sounds, then in Harmony, then searching outside... The drums are great, a good groovy feel. Well done! smiley
Majhong (Wayne Shorter) by mre 9 months ago
Many thanks @telecaster29 , yes I'm playing the tambourine with my left foot smiley
noire by telecaster29 9 months ago
I like the subtly shifting tonality and textures smiley an expansive sound scape... a comment would be that it is all very rubato, a beat would be good for a bridge then back to rubato for the out section...

Thanks for your comment and listen on Majhong, I'm gonna check some more of your stuff... smiley
"Magic Pixie Stratocaster" by pharmakeus 10 months ago
Nice axe, Mate! smiley
Now's The Time (Charlie Parker) by mre 10 months ago
Thanks for your listen @ mfwmiles, my wife and Jenn do the wonderful work, I just show up to play the bass smiley
Edge of Time (The) by chilladreams 10 months ago
You're going all self contained on us, then... I like your soprano sound, Dave, the back resonance thing is very expressive.
The Angry Sea (Pacifico) by chilladreams 10 months ago
Nice work, Dave. Very expressive flute timbres, an introspective minor tonality. Pleasant ambient music. smiley
Fortress by Stebbo 10 months ago
I like this a lot! The piano and later rhythm section "big entry" set off the vocal perfectly, very melodic singing and playing, evocative lyric, well done! smiley
Photon Train by DJShadowkat 10 months ago
I like the laid back 16 beat groove. Scooping pentatonic riffs remind me of Japanese koto music... Cool, must be all that cold water smiley