Sick vocal chords
July 25, 2008 | 6:05 pm

Been to the voice specialist today...bad news! smiley

Some of you may (or may not) know that i suffer from Asthma. And over the 5 years that i have been suffering it has progressively got worse! I also work as a vocal teacher so my knowledge of voice is fairly good but not as good as the knowledge of my own voice.

Today i had an appointment with the top vocal specialist recommended by the British Voice Association, BVA Mr John Rubin. Unfortunately the 3 years that i have had to take steriods to regulate my asthma have started to take their toll on the quality of my voice. I had a laryngoscope, which is a camera into my trachea and viewing my vocal chords. I am now suffering with Vocal haemorrhaging of the left vocal fold. There is some markings on the right fold but the left is the worst.

So unfortunately until i can be given the all clear by my specialist i am on complete vocal rest. No talking, singing, gigging, ANYTHING! smiley


Its like losing the use of your hand. It's there. You can see it! But i can't use it. For someone that doesn't have a TV and spends most of her free time making, writing, playing, listening to music then you can understand the anguish that i feel. I can't even hum. And it's not the same doing it in your head.

Anyway i shall keep you all updated of my progress but hopefully one weeks rest will do the trick and i won't need any further treatment (and hopefully not surgical) and i can resume normal practise.

And like the yellow pages for now i'll let my fingers do the talking!



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Take care of yourself, Nadie.

There's always chat!

I'm sending good thoughts your way.

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Terrible news. I'm wishing you a speedy and permanent recovery.
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Get well soon and take care ...
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How terrible -- best wishes for a speedy recovery. Now is a good time to read that epic novel you've always had your eye on, or something...

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Wishing you the best, always.
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take care nadie!!

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I wish you well. Don't cheat during the week. But if you need an op, do it. We need you, but not as much as we need you to be well. smiley
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Ok I'm no expert but a giggle now and then is still recommended, take care of that special gift...
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Hey Sis I know you got my message today and thanks for the "wave" he he he.
Just wanted to say hey I've been there a couple times I was told to give Basketball & Football because I yelled to much during the game smiley . I actually have lost my singing voice for a couple of years when I was younger and it needed time to heal, I lost an octave because of it. So listen to the Doctors and be quite please. I'll be expecting lots of emails now LOL xoxoxo.
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Sorry to hear that Nadie. Hope you get better soon. smiley smiley
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Lemon and honey, silence and rest. My best wishes to you and we will be "hear" for you when your voice returns to us.

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smiley .oO( smiley ) smiley .oO( smiley ) smiley .oO( smiley )
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Awww Nadie I'm very sorry to hear about your voice. As a singer myself, I know how important our instrument is to our physical, intellectual and emotional being.

As a speech pathologist, I know exactly what your vocal folds look like right now. By going on vocal rest (although may be difficult) will give those puppies some time to heal and reabsorb the blood. I'm sure after vocal rest they're going to re-scope you and check the status. You will probably get some voice therapy after that too.

I am very sorry you're going through this. Make sure you update us all on your next appointment.

Best wishes
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As you know, I have been through similar with Acid Reflux (also caused by steroids for asthma) damaging my vocal chords, and I don't feel my voice has been the same since... Rest up and be a good patient and hopefully everything will be back to normal soon!

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We all hope you stay the course and stick with the treatment Nadie. I'm sure you can beat it and come back better than ever. All the best Nadie!

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This has to be amazingly hard... to just be silent vocally. It will take a ton of discipline. Just know lots of us out here are praying for you, and pulling for you. You'll get through this, and be better because of it. As noted above, maybe a little giggle now and then (whispered) would be good medicine. Chin up, and keep smiling!
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I hope my fave singer in iComp is back and running.
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Hi Nadie,
Hope your voice gets better and your OK.
As you are unable to sing i've done my new version of your "Wake up" song together with my frind Tony Kay from Bristol.
Hope you like it that way.
So take care of you and head up, you will be back soon ... i can feel it.
Kisses and best wishes
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Oh my goodness.... I am praying for you to get better very soon. Take care.
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