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What Are You Listening To Today? 9 years ago
1983 a merman i shall be- by Jimi Hendrix. HOw amazing. And a total reminder that we should always push the boundaries as musicians. If Hendrix could do it then we all can do it!


Favorite Movie Soundtracks 10 years ago
James Horner the BraveHeart OST

My GOD what a brilliant soundtrack. If you haven't heard it then you should. It has everything you could possibly want, drama passion and peace.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh smiley
15 year old girl belts 'em out like a pro! 10 years ago
Oh well i have to shamelessly plug my number one student Marianna (under my songs as Goodbye my Lover)

15 and sings with the passion of a girl who has had her heart broken.

when she is older she will be the next big thing.
Covers That Surpass The Original 10 years ago
Jeff Buckleys Version of hallelujah....... smiley
Rock Chicks 10 years ago
Sorry to leap in here without reading the post....

Contribute to a Halloween Holiday Podcast 10 years ago
Ahhh heres one i have the time for

check out..... Evil-Ution

Hopefully you will consider me worthy otherwise i will have to put on my hockey mask..........!
Most Stereotyped Movie Theme Song.... 10 years ago
Ok Tv first

I loved the theme tune to British comedies Bread and Only fools and Horse (look them up the rest of the world)

and Movies

well obviously anything by John williams is fantastic but i have the Braveheart OSt and that is pretty Fecking amazing. Also i love the theme tune to Back to the Future (I, II, III) God bless Michael J Fox!
Oxjam 2007 - help wanted 10 years ago
I'm interested too

Count me in (MWAH HA HA HA HA)

Beatles Collaboration 10 years ago

I can sing the long and winding road!!!

let me know smiley
The Fratellis 10 years ago
Nope. There is not a thing original about the Fratellis.

I have had a listen to their album and for me its music by numbers for people who are not really sure what good decent musician craftsmen are.

They sound like everyone else in the charts and i find that totally boring.

The music industry is on its knees and needs some originality and diversity urgently otherwise the masses will be brainwashed. Just like TV has brainwashed people into thinking that reality tv is entertaining!
Sergeant Pepper's not-so-lonely Hearts Club Band 10 years ago
I would love to do she's leaving home if some one would like to collab with me?
Favorite underrated female singers ever 10 years ago
Barre just for today i'm gonna put you in a cute dress and some killer heels so you can be my favourite under rated singer!!!


I could never and would never forget you my favorite peruvian
Favorite underrated female singers ever 10 years ago
Hows about PP Arnold?

She was an Ikette

Sang Back up for the Rolling Stones and the Small Faces, Clapton, Carol King and the Bee Gees.

Had the first hit with "FIrst Cut is the Deepest"

And sings back up with Roger Waters.

She has one fo the most enchanting voices soul has evered produced and although she may be american the Brits feel like she is ours....

Also never forget Kate Bush.... Always supreme number one

PS Thanks Julian and Moses for the love.... i'm sending it back smiley
Well.... 10 years ago
If you don't like making friends around the world, having your musical core shaken daily and hearing lovely things said about your art.... then feck off to somewhere like myspace where the only people to visit your site will be to add you as a friend so they can make up the numbers on their page cos they sure as heck wont be listening to your well constructed euro pap!

I shall stay here with my friends and wish you the best of British with your publishing deal.... Now thats how much of the royalties you're getting??????

Miss Nadie
Irish (and proud) from the UK!
Jump to Random Artist!!! 10 years ago
i agree! Hear Hear!

random is the future!
Best Song with a male name in it? 10 years ago
Song of solomon by Kate Bush

What the world needs now is more Kate Bush
Best Song with a male name in it? 10 years ago
if fernando happens then i have to do ABBA esque bV's smiley
Your Own CD For Us To Buy! 10 years ago
You may purchase my album The M'naughton Rule direct from me, just contact me or read my blog post!


Needed: FBS for Pink Floyd Cover 10 years ago
Hello............. May i do it?

I am the hugest PF fan

Seriously have a Floyd tattoo and therefore feel i should do it!

Also last weekend we were on the river in my friends boat and we sailed past Dave Gilmours floating studio and waved and said hello and he waved back. Also said hello to his wife Polly and little daughter!

Really i have to do this or i will be very upset! smiley
Best Song with a male name in it? 10 years ago
i can hear your blues Bernardo.........
(sung to the melody of fernando)

Barre you will always be a legend!!!!!!

So maybe i should write a song about my fav icompers?!?!?!

Anyone fancy helping me out?
Best Song with a male name in it? 10 years ago
Johnny & Mary by Robert Palmer

Don't dis me about ABBA fernando is one of there better songs. Its about revolution which can't be bad!
Best Song with a male name in it? 10 years ago
We have already had Louie Louie! Thats a great song.

there really have been some brilliant answers.

Me and Julio down by the school yard - Paul Simon

Benny & The Jets - Elton John
Daniel - Elton JOhn
Wish i had jessies girl - Rick Springfield
Fernando - Abba
Vincent - Don Mclean
Bob Dylans Blues - Bob Dylan
Buddy Holly - Wheezer
Me & Bobby McGee - Janis Joplin

Theres some more. smiley

Loving it:D
Best Song with a male name in it? 10 years ago
Ok then what about John I'm onlyh dancing - David Bowie

Or not now John by Pink Floyd?

Oh i am so loving this topic! smiley
Which was your first CD? 10 years ago
the first CD i bought was Metallica the Black album

Best Song with a male name in it? 10 years ago
I see i have stired up a good debate here.

well heres a few more.

Corpus Christi Carol (for Roy0 By Jeff Buckley

in Search of Peter Pan - Kate Bush
Houdini - Kate Bush

Floyd the Barber by Nirvana

Jeremy - Pearl Jam

Stan - Eminem

oh this is such a good topic glad i stole the idea.

keep em coming! smiley
Best Song with a male name in it? 10 years ago
As we are asking what the best song with a female name in it why not a male name.

This doesn't make you fruity but its also one the girls can really join in on. So c'mon everyone lets hear your suggestions.

So heres my suggestion........

[color=darkred]Arnold Layne (he had a strange hobby!) By Pink Floyd[/color]

what do you think?

Maybe we can all do a giant collab on the most suggested song???????
Who I Miss.. and hope to see back really soon... 10 years ago
i miss Pandasdontdance she hasn't been on in ages

i also miss robotpantyraid

but i really miss regular songs from hiphopmoses
Best song with girl's name in title? 10 years ago
Lucille? perhaps...

Or see Emily play by Pink Floyd.


Pictures of Lily by the Who


Frances farmer will have her Revenge on Seattle by Nirvana

What about songs with boys names in them?

Bertie by Kate Bush or James and the Cold Gun also by Kate Bush.

Happy jack by the who

or Abraham, Martin, and John by Marvin Gay?

Interesting subject kudos for posting
Downloads/comments 10 years ago
I listen and comment whether or not i like it or whether i have something constructive to say. This means that i only really visit this site if i have the time to sit and listen to other peoples work. I will only download if i feel that my life will be somewhat more complete to have it on my mac/ipod.

I don't mind having people download my songs when i allow but i object to is people "SAVING AS SOURCE". That to me seems completely unfair, shows no regard for my feelings and not playing by the rules. I am referring mostly to the songs from my album. And the reason i offer it for sale is because i wrote that album with someone else and they are entitled to some financial recompence for all the hard work they put into it.

Maybe i'm too honest but when i like a song that isn't available for download i comment that i would really love a copy or email them. 9 times out of 10 they contact me and agree to email me that track.

With regards to paying for it if the artist has moved you enough donate to their paypal. Otherwise enjoy making great friends and music!


Why is everything that tastes so good, so fattening?
Tony Wilson 1950-2007 10 years ago
Although i think the music industry could have done without The Happy Mondays and Bez i certainly used to enjoy TV programmes which featured him and was always a fan of New Order and Joy Division.
What makes me sad is that he was trying to battle cancer only to succumbe to a Heart attack!

RIP Mr wilson always contraversial and interesting!
Nicknames 10 years ago
I am Nadiestar
Real name Nadie
nickname Nade
never NADS (just to clear things up!) smiley
Occasionally i will answer to Oi! smiley

Why do you make things that are so nice so fattening?
Lee Hazlewood 1929-2007 10 years ago
Yep RIP Lee... Boots keep walking!
99 bottles reprised 10 years ago
55 is done diddly

as is 31
99 bottles of beer on the wall... 10 years ago
can i have 55 please i fancy another!
Drunk Music 10 years ago
listen to anything by the pogues!

or the doors LA woman!
What Song Do You Detest? 10 years ago
Umbrella ella ella ella ay ay ay

99 bottles reprised 10 years ago
As i can't be 69 dude can i be 31!!!!?????
BANKSY (and artists etc.) 10 years ago
My sister got me his book for xmas. everyone stopped eating the dinner and started reading the book. He is really clever. excellent book you should get it smiley
Invisible Dyad Contest Results 11 years ago
well done guys!!!!! jolly good stuff! smiley
Illumination Radio is on-the-air! 11 years ago
hello i would like to be on the radio if i could pretty please smiley

any song that you like/want to play i would be happy for you to play on your show......

The day that I met......... 11 years ago
Mine are still not as cool as barre's or Becwil's but.......

I forgot that my ex boyfriend played bass for Carl Palmer. He was nice but a bit up himself. They toured all over Europe playing fanfare for the common man and carmina burana. What was worse was that my ex would video it and subject me to smiley
But the best one was meeting a soul legend Micheal McDonald at the mermaid theatre in London after he did a gig for BBC radio 2. My friend and mentor Kim Chandler (top vocal coach and has worked for loads of famous people including Puff Daddy and boyzone) was his backing singer and blagged us back stage entry to the aftershow party. For a massive legend such as Michael McDonald he was so wonderful and sweet and he loves dogs so we talked animals and music and he was BRILLIANT. Who would have thought that when i was a kid listening to "shine sweet Freedom' in my bedroom that on day i would be stood talking to the legend himself? smiley

I have also mt Randy Bachman from Bachman Turner Overdrive as he was producing a friends album.

And i know Faye from Steps we are guest vocalists on a project over here called Plastic cinema the music is fantastic and faye is a really good singer. Listen to her song Take me Under. I'm on the track I Wish. I also have workedon this project with singer Diane Charlamagne (moby etc) The main writer in this band was Moby's bass player and was in a band called the Vegastones. They were awesome. She is one of my closest friends and we used to be in a band together.
I have also met tennis ace Pat Cash when his band Full Metal Racquet played a pub i played in. He was nice and a bit of a flirt.
And i sang on a track for failed reality programme singer Kym Marsh. But i didn't meet her.
Finally my friends dad is the World famous best selling author Ken Follett. He is excellent very funny and plays bass when i go round his lovely house we often jam and i once told him an inappropriate story about naughty bits which he loved.
the end.... i think until more coming flooding back smiley
The day that I met......... 11 years ago
Barre i am so Jealous YOU MET RICHIE HAVENS!!!

I did meet Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran My friends band supported them at wembley arena. I forgot to mention that as i was so caught up remembering all the celeb food i had scoffed!! smiley
The day that I met......... 11 years ago
I have supported a band called LEVEL 42 they were famous here in the UK in the 80's and early 90's.....
smiley lessons in love........

Well Mark King to be precise and he was nice and shared his ryder sandwiches and booze with me as we didn't have any cause we were the lowly support act.

I have also supported Jim Davidson the "comedian" but all he was interested in was getting laid (which he was too old and awful to do)
I have also Supported David Essex (70's pop and West End star) too he was very nice and a bit quiet and didn't eat his sarnies so i did smiley yummy smiley

I have also worked with an Irish Comedian over here in the UK Frank Carson but he wasnt funny and not only did i not get his jokes but i didnt get his sarnies either.

I did meet Paul Daniels but i liked him NOT A LOT!

Over to you Jools! smiley
Have you heard ... so and so? 11 years ago
Just heard Dave M choone The struggle within. was awesome.

Really loving all the great music on here but i feel i'm playing catch up as i've had so many comments and listens and i'm still trying to listen to everyones stuff. I need more hours in the day! smiley