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Paradise Lost by JoelGoffin 8 years ago
I love these soundscapes! I think this would sound cool if there was a simple rhythm in the back from a drumset that is barely audible, so it almost makes the listener doubt if there are drums in there...that is one of the first things I thought of, but I am a drummer, soo...Have you listened to NO-Man (not on this sight) and the song "The City in a Hundred Ways"? that is a close example of what I am hearing in my mind! It is a very simple pattern played on just a ride cymbal...
Shir ha Shirim - I by dirigent 8 years ago
I totally dig the melody and the counterpoints! Very interesting! Have you thought about putting this, or something similar, on top of an ambient piece of music, like maybe the song "flicker" by Joel Goffin (he is on this sight, too!)
Flicker by JoelGoffin 8 years ago
Very cool piece! I especially like the string (guitar?) melody that slowly comes in and out of the background, teasing the listener! Very cool!