It's about dang time!
July 24, 2006 | 12:45 am

Three months to finish a song? Is it really that great?: And what's it all about anyway?

Well, I finally finished "Numbers." Between work and other obligations, I don't have much time to devote to my music hobby. But, when I did find time, I found myself plugging away on a dark-ish little tune I was calling "Darksong." I would finish a few measures of it, then promptly delete them and add some more measures. When I had it maybe a third done, I started working on lyrics, and I would erase those nearly as quickly as I wrote them, too. Surely I should have given up on it.

But I couldn't. That relentless beat gnawed at me and begged me to complete something with it. And it reminded me it came from the darker places inside me where my hopes were crushed by realities beyond my control. After finally getting a real block of free time and finding something that helped the lyrics fall into place, the song kind of worked its way to completion. Or as complete as these amateur hands and ears can make it. smiley

Hopefully listeners will like it. I'm continually amazed by the amazing work here on iComp from everyone, amateur, semi-pro, and more. I learn more and more each day. I work slow and may not have as much music as many here, but I hope what I do have continues to be fun and/or interesting for people to hear.

Here is the latest: Numbers



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