Movie Compression
April 26, 2007 | 10:52 pm

People ask about movie compression a lot. Usually they just need some quick tips to get something that is small enough to upload here (under the 20MB limit) but still looks nice. I've made some tips.

The audio within a movie file can really add to the size of a video file. A couple other big factors are compression routine and frame rate. You really can get away with about 12-15 frames per second for internet video. Quality of the image can be a factor and I generally only get a little fuzzy at the default medium setting for an Expert export in Quicktime Pro.

If you have Windows and Quicktime Pro or if you have a Mac and you have iMovie or Quicktime Pro (your Mac came with iMovie; Quicktime Pro is handy for video work and is just $30), I have a little tutorial/cheat sheet I've put up here:

OB's Movie Compression Tips

How good are these compression tips? Someone who used them recently transformed a 500MB MPEG movie file into a file less than 100MBs that was accepted by YouTube as an upload.

These are just tips to get you started. If you have a question and I have time, I'll add to the FAQ on the tips pages. Otherwise, remember Google and experimentation are your friends.

Good luck!

P.S.: fx303info has some more technical tips about open source solutions available on his iComp blog here. If you want some more nitty gritty, there ya go!



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Thank you! As I work alot with films, this is very helpful information........
I-Comp is a great place to be!
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By the way On2's VP62 encoder codec for personal use is free. This is essentially the flix flash encoder. The licensing basically says you can use it for non commercial purposes. But there is no watermark or time limit like you get when you download the On2 flix demo software.

It's no longer available from On2's site, but you do a goole for "On2 vp6 personal codec" and there are places it can be found. I have a windows copy I'd gladly make available if that's permitted. You can use it with Virtualdub or similar.

It's the weirdest things I've run across. The free version comes with 5 profiles (.vps files) which are 2KB binary files consisting of 90% 0s and an ASCII pointer back to the path file. Some hex at the beginning. My guess is that if you knew the exact offsets, you could create other profiles.

You get 3 single pass (good, best, streaming) and 2 two pass settings.
i havent yet formulated an opinion on how good it is. I will say it's popular and expensive and this free personal codec lets you use it legally at no cost.

Bottom line - I'm pretty knowledeable in this area, can usually make stuff work, but am by any means a guru. For every thing I know well there are hundreds I'm clueless about. Point being - anyyone who contributes what they know adds to the collective pool which benefits everyone.
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