Five by Seven Project Finished
December 24, 2009 | 10:08 pm

Just in time for Christmas, I finished a collection of five songs made from a friend's father's poetry. Whew!

Back in February, my friend Alliya asked me to recover some of her father's poems from an old floppy disk and put them on CD for her. Her father, using the nickname "Seven" on the 'Net, had written 50 love poems for her mother before he passed away in 2001. He called them "Songs by Seven." I asked her if they were actually songs. She said no, and I said they probably should be. She asked me who could do that, and I said "Me!" before I knew what I was saying. Oops!

So my amateur self began working. And working... And pleading... And learning... And finally, thanks to many wonderful folks at iCompositions, there are now five songs put together on a CD which Alliya will be giving to her mother as a surprise gift this Christmas. I hope she likes it!

I created cover art for the CD, which you can see here:

Outside insert:
Inside insert:
Back tray:

The songs are:

1. Colors of Life
2. Between Time & Space is Forever
3. Days of You
4. Movement of Time
5. Sands of Time

Big thanks to pete, lummie, joshua_irwin, and rusticalia for helping out or creating music for the poems! And thanks especially to Alliya for letting me make her father's poems into songs. I hope I've done them justice!

And for those keeping count, yes, it was going to be "Seven by Seven" but it took me almost a year to get to 5 songs, and I wanted it done for Christmas. smiley And "Five by Seven" is a good CD name, too...



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This is such an endearing project. The art is meaningful and well done, too. Thanks for posting the links.

Everyone involved with this project has done a great job.

I find this whole idea to be an excellent way to express caring for family and friends. You done good, obie!
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Thank you for commenting on my work.

I am so sorry to hear of your CTS.

I am new to icomp and finding my way around and uploading right now. As soons as I have uploaded I will be checking othe peoples' work out.

In the meantime, that was a wonderful things to do for your friend with her Father's poems smiley

Blessings for the New Year.

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Offbalance, thanx for posting the links to the people that contributed to the songs being made..i sent them my thank you's.

Again thank you for putting this together for my mom..she absolutly loves the songs.

All credit and graditude is due to all that was involved.

Thank you!!!!!!
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