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October 5, 2011 | 4:01 pm

This is my personal opinion and reason for waiting for a trial verdict before jumping to conclusions re: a certain thread in the forums.


The pedophilia charge being discussed is one of the most highly charged allegations someone can ever get. Just the allegation can ruin a person's life. If you are innocent, you will quickly become depressed to the point of suicide as friends and family turn on you. I have known someone who, for a different sex crime accusation, lost his business, his family, his friends, his home -- everything except his life in the two years he was hounded. People vandalized his home, his car. People followed him around and shouted at him in public; they threatened him with death in person and constantly by phone. His wife couldn't handle it and felt unsafe and left him. His business partner, also accused, plead to a lesser charge and left the state and left him to deal with the more serious charges on his own. He eventually plead guilty to something to get it to all stop -- something he also was not guilty of.

This is a very very serious thing and, in the past, false allegations have turned into witchhunts, caused false confessions, and more.

In the 1980s, I lived through the McMartin Preschool Trial. The children who accused their preschool teachers of abuse in this case weren't liars. They were children who were trying to please adults who kept asking them to imagine worse and worse things and point to who did them. In that case there was also an alleged confession. I live in a country where so-called confessions are coerced or "suggested" in order to get out of more trouble. Innocent people who otherwise seem highly intelligent adults have and will confess to things without fully understanding what they are signing or agreeing to. You can only imagine what the poor and mentally challenged confess to.

So, you'll have to pardon me if I want to wait until the trial and a verdict is reached by people who will have much more information than I have from newspaper accounts quoting people who could be saying what they are for any reason, could have misinterpreted what they saw, could have gotten those children to say what they wanted them to say (on purpose or not). Only in the trial will people have all the information at hand in order to make a decision. (Of course, I also live in a country that regularly puts innocent people to death simply because it is inconvenient to change the verdict or because the governor has the balls to do it -- so you'll have to forgive me if my faith in the judicial system is shaken, also.)

You all are free to rush to judgement. I won't. While the reports look bad, I've seen as bad that were not what they seemed to be. (The McMartin case above is just one example of way too many.) And if, by chance, this man is found not guilty and comes back here to see all of this after enduring being held in a federal prison for an atrocity he didn't do.... I'm not sure apologies will suffice.



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Well met!
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Well, if it would have been the accusation only then it would be a very open case.
I wouldn't even think of judging it especially after working with him.
A confession made twice however makes it very different for me personally. That's the thing.

But that's my own opinion. If you want to wait to make up your mind (in public or on behalf of iComp) - that's of course ok. I never asked for an official statement of iComp or anybody else's.
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As I said -- and the reason this is in a blog post -- this is not an official iComp statement. And I gave my reasons for why confessions, however many times they are given, don't prove anything for me.

I can fully understand your shock and anger, malekey, given the collab(s) you had done. Should the court find him guilty, I'll be right there with you. But, considering my friend's experience and the history of these things, I have to wait for the judgement.
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Well said my friend, well said...
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One must always temper these things with a dose of reality, if it is true then it is and if it is not then it isn`t.

Either way nobody comes out of this clean, when you think of it here in Montreal there are so many stories and victims coming out accusing former priests and teaching institutions of abuse that it makes my head spin.

But still this world we live in can be a twisted place for certain, let us hope for the best and if he is guilty then one can make his or her own opionion / judgement on the matter.

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I can only hope that these things never happened. I hope it so much for the kids' sake and for him, too.

But the confessions have been made before this became even public, before anyone else knew. That makes it so different to a case as where an accusation has been made and the person falters under pressure.

As I said I hope this never happened.
So I am clutching on straws as we probably all are...
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