For years I've worked developing small websites and fixing computers. Now I work in retail in an effort to get more time to make one of my creative efforts do something. I dabble in writing (lyrics, screenplays, stories), I am slowly learning Final Cut Express video editing, and I enjoy making bits of music. My big goal is to get back to cartooning -- but that will likely take surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

I like nearly all music (barring most rap and country -- you'll find me picking up bluegrass or classic country rather than today's power country pop), so I won't list favorites, although I'll admit Prog Rock (from Pink Floyd to Genesis to Marillion and Porcupine Tree) will never be absent from my iPod.

Some of my old cartoons, before I had to stop drawing due to CTS, are available at my website: Off Balance Productions Maybe I'll get around to redesigning it some day. Ha!

My biggest music project of 2009 was the "Five by Seven" CD -- songs made from the poems a friend's father wrote for her mother. More about it can be found in my blog article here.

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Another Setup View Setups Jul 13, 2012 551
My Latest Setup Setups Jul 13, 2012 501
The Dice Guys Theme Comedy Jan 29, 2012 1121
SD: Warp Funky (iPad GB) Pop Mar 31, 2011 923
Space Alien Brain Freeze Boogie Electronica May 25, 2010 1988
Sx7 - Colors of Life Collab Pop Dec 24, 2009 1656
Sx7 - Days of You Collab Folk Dec 24, 2009 1095
Sx7 - Movement of Time Collab Folk Dec 24, 2009 1091
Sx7 - Sands of Time Collab Rock Jun 29, 2009 1775
Sx7 - Between Time & Space is Forever Collab Folk May 28, 2009 1481
Space Alien Spaz Stomp Electronica Mar 7, 2009 1768
Doctor Who Jig Electronica Feb 1, 2009 1607
Gemini Breezes Electronica Sep 15, 2008 1633
What the Hell? Collab Rock Sep 13, 2008 1453
SD: On Again - Off Again Collab Rock Apr 15, 2007 1496
numbers Alternative Jul 22, 2006 2164
Off Balance Studios Setups May 26, 2006 2980
SD: Highway Bound Alternative Jan 28, 2006 1940
Walking on Air (video touchup) Collab Music Videos Jan 21, 2006 2121
Photogenic Memory (trial) Collab Alternative Jan 5, 2006 1798
War on Christmas Comedy Dec 24, 2005 2304
SD: Channelling Hornsby Rock Dec 20, 2005 1847
SD: Amblin' Folk Dec 20, 2005 1213
SD: Something in the Dark Electronica Dec 20, 2005 1441
SD: Drivin' Folk Dec 20, 2005 1469



Title Artist Genre Plays
Without Me Baboon [+3] Rock 2055
The Day The Whole World Went Away (With Short Video) olympus Electronica 784
Sign of Love Baboon [+3] Rock 2468
the Banana Split Rock Shadownight5150 Rock 756
Microsoft iComp Acquisition Interview lummie Spoken Word 984
Lunch Tongue Homebrand Electronica 2772
Bond Is Gay.... Just for One Day AnEnglishState Pop 923
Creep (wRex) RubyDubidoux [+1] Pop 2301
Dark Walk davisamerica [+2] Other 2315
Electric Avenue (Eddie Grant cover) Citizencal2 Dance 2958
Godzilla (BOC Cover) Baboon Rock 2890
Alfonzo oakenbras Alternative 781
Everybodys Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey (Beatles Cover) Tony2008 Rock 1753
Shiver Joshua_Irwin Alternative 1198
Althea Apostrophe_X Rock 885
Did You Know It's Christmas? 8MonthMalfunction [+1] Holiday 1588
Veyron Joshua_Irwin Alternative 1072
This Is The End? Joshua_Irwin Alternative 1019
Aquamarine Tres Alternative 1047
Find the River Vixen [+1] Rock 1930
come sail away - styx cover that80sboy Pop 4569
062309 (Fudgie! or Tales of Whales) LittleBunnyRabbits Other 1056
The Car Tune Cartoon MIR [+1] Electronica 2957
Gently Humaniversally Folk 1427
Slaughterhouse! ChrisDay Rock 1052
You Are The Moon PerseusCluster Electronica 827
Alanis - hand in pocket randolf World 1988
Flame & Co JIG Dream_Nth Electronica 899
WTF.... No Techno? (Now with vox) DX_OF_TX [+1] Hip Hop/Rap 1281
inane lyrics [an original song] randolf Other 2180
the way you look at me j0j0 [+2] A Cappella 2501
Ex Astra Cuniculus -7- If I Had the Time Surak Metal 1282
Chaingang Blues pharmakeus Blues 1909
SAGO SISTERS Alternative 2889
The Seventh King and the Ghost Machine eurostrike Electronica 3295
9/11 PART 3 (anchormans´ last words) dr_elvis01 Alternative 1951
9/11 PART 2 (what is media?) dr_elvis01 Alternative 1712
9/11 PART 1 (9/11 and the mass media) dr_elvis01 Ambient 3445
why camrockb4 Electronica 830
Wallstreet Gangsta EvilFactman [+1] Alternative 4185
COMING BACK Barretok Rock 1864
The Lucid Dream Journey Vespertine Other 904
Fire quviq Dance 1086
Watch It Burn PinkFreud [+1] Rock 1738
Inn Haathon ki shubhamagarwal World 1310
Fantasy farfor44 [+2] Alternative 1636
Celebutard (the JM Remix) DaveM [+1] Rock 2398
After the Proximity (Intro) Everine House 1240
Silver Screen RedthruNthru Spoken Word 1738
Waiting for you to call DaveM [+2] Rock 4835
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