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Welcome New Moderators! 3 years ago
Me too! I need reorientation.

Welcome Ruby and Randolf!
Rhythmsickness RIP 3 years ago
Sorry to hear. My condolences go out to all of his family and friends.
Need a vocal for a Pink Floyd type of music FINISH! 3 years ago
Sounds nice. Do you have lyrics already or is brassgospelguy writing something?
is iComp dead ? or dying ? 3 years ago
I've had an eventful past year, what with traveling to my then-fiancée's country, getting married, and then dealing with all sorts of immigration woes. That is still happening, but I've given up my night job and discovered I was fooling myself that I was operating on all cylinders. (Too many demands during the day breaking up my sleep into 2 hour fitful snippets here and there finally took its toll on my brain and productivity.) And before that, I had slowed making music because, as an admin, it's tough posting songs and expecting everyone to believe you're just the same as everyone else when it comes to the comments and such. Le sigh…

Now, with a lot more energy and brain power as well as with a lot of the immigration stuff done (still much to do, though), I am gradually getting my creative urges back. Podcasts first; then some music here I think.

That is a long-winded way of saying I agree with previous posters about creative cycles. The great thing here is people can post at their own pace with little pressure for more from the listeners, I think. smiley
Who's got your music without your permission 4 years ago
I don't think they have any of mine. I feel left out. smiley
Other World Computing 4 years ago
I love OWC! I've also dealt well int he past with and .
The iCompositions Flag 4 years ago
That would actually be very awesome. smiley Not that I think PM isn't awesome in his own right.. heh heh.
The iCompositions Flag 5 years ago
Thank you , Arend. Glad to hear it and I continue to send Jan good wishes and hope whatever is happening ends soon and he can go on to bigger, better, brighter things -- including making and sharing music again. smiley
New Audio Theater Project - The Insider 5 years ago
Sign me on. thanks for including me in the email so I can look things over. I'll send you more soon, @olympus.
The iCompositions Flag 5 years ago
Good luck, Arend! Looking forward to any news you have!

(Was just reading about the healthcare system in the Netherlands. Niiiice.)
The iCompositions Flag 5 years ago
Don't worry, I still plan to go to The Netherlands and Belgium for twelve days. Luckily, I plan to hang out with people with senses of humor. smiley
The iCompositions Flag 5 years ago
Maybe I shouldn't go to the Netherlands. People seem to disappear there.
The iCompositions Flag 5 years ago
Glad to hear Jan is alive and well (or as well as can be, whatever happened). For all the fun and coolness of the flag, it's a thing, and it's made a journey and we have pictures of people all over the world with it. Jan, on the other hand, is iComp People, and I hope all is well with him smiley
The iCompositions Flag 5 years ago
Thanks, everyone, for the good wishes!

@hiphopmoses : You can bet I'm only doing this once. Took me 44 years (46 now) to find someone and decide to give up the bachelor life. I won't be doing anything to mess with it smiley Any side adventures will be up to her smiley
The iCompositions Flag 5 years ago
I haven't done anything in a while, but would love to be in a flag collar somehow. smiley
The iCompositions Flag 5 years ago
Hey, everyone! I shared the video on my G+ page as well, just on the off chance one of the 1300 people following me sees it and knows something. I have a friend inThe Netherlands, but he is several hours away the other side of the country. I'll actually be in The Netherlands in March, and I'll e in the Rotterdam area -- but it is kind of my honeymoon, so I probably shouldn't go off on a flag quest. smiley We'll see.

You never know what may crop up once the news begins to get around. If anything, more musicians might find their way to iComps!
No longer relevant. Can't delete the post it seems. 5 years ago
Hey Makena! I had wondered if you were still active in SL. I'll definitely try to come by sometime soon!

Once you get some l$ under you, booking live gigs will draw in a lot more people, and some will sign up and come for other times. Works out fairly well where I play at Starport Omega, anyway smiley See you around!
Genre's 5 years ago
The only way to make everyone truly happy when picking genres is to leave a blank space to fill in. That will piss off the people trying to find genres, though, because there is no common thread to at least try (and then dealing with typos).

There will never be any agreement over what is too much and what is too little, so, best to just leave it as it is. For my own preferences, I think there are too many as it is now. I can't imagine having to scroll through or even figure out what to type to skip through a pop-up list of every genre out there. Just the sub-sub-genres under the sub-genre of Progressive Rock could fill a screen!

And check out that new music, you genre snobs smiley If you listen to something labeled rock that isn't rock, you can always make a comment on the song that you think it fits another genre. The song description is there to put information, including why you picked a certain genre (i.e. "This is Trip Hop, a subset of the Hip Hop I chose.") If I had a nickel for every time I listened to a Country song here despite hating Country and enjoyed it -- well, I'd have a few dollars -- but the point is just listen to music and get over the genres, especially in a place like this made for collaboration and experimentation and learning and sharing.

Heading off to change all my genres to comedy now...
JL Has Landed In Hawaii 5 years ago
I would move to Hawaii if I had a job to pay enough to live there. smiley

Hooray for JL!
Copyright issue - Youtube 5 years ago
Officially, you do need permission to make a cover song. You need to pay the copyright owners the proper fees, especially if you're posting the song for others to listen to (counts as public performance/distribution). It's the same as fees you would pay for performing the song to an audience or putting the cover song on an album, etc. Sampling the actual song is a whole other can of worms...

Youtube is particularly big on this since they have algorithms in place that look for infringement, even to the point of being wrong. (See a recent story about someone who posted a gardening video and was blocked when Youtube thought the birds in the background were singing a copyrighted song.) We here cannot watch everything, but if we get notices from the copyright owners and their representatives, we have to take down whatever it is and then do the question asking. The cost of fighting it is way out of our league. And, again, this is just for cover songs -- sampling is a whole other thing, although sampling might be part of a cover.

Check into Limelight to get a license if you truly want to keep the cover online. Becwil posted information about it here:

And Baboon posted a nice blog entry about it here:

It's relatively inexpensive, actually. I've looked into it for a couple of things I want to do. The main thing keeping me from it is I can't play any instruments to speak of, and getting the collab together is a bear right now. smiley

Good luck, especially if you do get the license and then have to show Youtube you have it. I've heard of nightmares dealing with them. And people think we're draconian here. smiley
Jason Becker Documentary 5 years ago
Just the trailer makes me feel lazy:

It's the official trailer for the upcoming feature documentary film about guitar legend, Jason Becker.

Plenty of people here know who he is. If you don't, here's a bit from the Wikipedia page about him:

Jason Eli Becker (born July 22, 1969) is an American neo-classical metal guitarist and composer. At the age of 16, he became part of the Mike Varney-produced duo Cacophony with his friend Marty Friedman. They released Speed Metal Symphony in 1987 and Go Off! in 1988. Cacophony broke up in 1989 and Becker began doing solo work, having released his first album Perpetual Burn in 1988. He later joined David Lee Roth's band and recorded one album with him. However, Becker's success was hampered by his then-diagnosed amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's Disease) and he was given three to five years to live. In 1996, Becker eventually lost the ability to speak and now communicates with his eyes via a system developed by his father. Despite his disability, he continues composing by using a computer and has since released Collection, a "best of" album of his favorite songs and three new songs.
Dice Guys Podcast/Site 6 years ago
Dice Guys Audio Podcast 020: Do You Smell Bacon?

Number 20 already? and what's with all the grunting pig noises?

Today, Jason and Mike provide an update on an unfriendly local game store in North Carolina, talk about CCPs upcoming DUST 514, acknowledge International Womens Day the geeky way, and talk robots and BioWare forum rage. And we have our oinks er Game of the Week!

And dont forget our CONTEST!

Ok, you do get just a pat on the back and a 100% Air No-Prize (shout-out to Marvel Comics!), but think of the glory of your line being used on our show! Wait, dont think about that just enter anyway. Choose one:

Brain Flakes! Still crunchy in milk ______________!


Brain Flakes! So full of fiber, _____________!

Just fill in the blanks and put your entry in the comments on the podcast page itself.

The iCompositions Flag 6 years ago
Ok, the flag is on it's way to the next stop. Enjoy! smiley
The iCompositions Flag 6 years ago
Your Morning Report on the State of Flag Shipping

Well, I got to the Post Office this morning. First, I was informed I need to fill out a customs form. I'm shipping from Oklahoma to the United Kingdom. I have to attest that I am not shipping any of Oklahoma's cash crop or special pharmaceuticals.

Then I was told that because I packed it in the Priority flat rate box I received it in, it would cost $50 to ship. However, if I packed it in my own box, it might take 2-3 more days to arrive and would only cost me $20. When we're talking 2 weeks for shipping, I'm going with the money savings since I'm nearly broke and need whatever I can save for hotel and living in Bogota.

So, I'll repack the thing tonight, fill out the form, and attempt to ship it again tomorrow morning after I leave work.

A Sad Commentary. But, A Clip Still Worth Watching. 6 years ago
Unfortunately, a lot of those people were probably on the way to work (the article says he started at 7:51am). Currently in the U.S., and definitely back in 2007 at the height of the recession (my business closed in 2006-7), stopping to listen wouldn't be much of an excuse to be late to work.

"Why, yes, I'm late, but I just had to stop to listen to Joshua Bell! He's a world-class violinist and he was right there playing in the Metro! And -- what do you mean I'm fired?"

I think the shoe-shine lady from Brazil in the article said it best when she mentions here people look straight ahead and keep moving but in Brazil people would stop and listen. It's a cultural thing.

More than that, however, it's a time and place thing. I lived in Washington, DC, and I know street musicians can pull a huge crowd. I caught Robert Lighthouse ( ) many times like that, several Peruvian and Chilean bands, and a lot more. But they definitely play the shopping and restaurant and touristy districts -- never the Metro station at morning rush-to-work hour. smiley
The iCompositions Flag 6 years ago
That works for me, JL. smiley

Thanks, Vixen. Not so much down as stressed and scared crapless about my trip in April to Bogota to finally be with the love of my life in person. Money for the hotel and spending got taken by my car, and then there is all the photos I'll have to take in preparation for State Dept. applications -- and I really don't like being in pictures. And I haven't learned nearly as much spanish as I hoped, so I'm pretty much at her mercy while I'm there -- which I'm sure she likes. smiley

Anyway, back to work for me, and another note will be posted here later this morning after I send the box.
The iCompositions Flag 6 years ago
Nah. I'll just drop it in the mail when I get off work this morning. (I work nights.) I may not even sign it. Probably shouldn't have asked for it in the first place, and now I've just held it up for the rest of you all.

No pictures. I have a crappy camera phone or web camera and no one to take a picture of me anyway. I don't really like pictures. I'm was going to go down to the National Cowboy Museum and get a picture of the flag with Will Rogers' statue, but working nights and the rest of life nixed that idea.

Sorry everyone. The flag will be on its way today, signed or not.

EDIT: And, apparently I've lied again. I got home, signed the flag, and I have no packing tape. So, I'll take it all to work tonight where I do have packing tape, box it all up, and mail it when I get off work tomorrow morning.
The iCompositions Flag 6 years ago
Yes, I know. Screw it. I can't do what I wanted, and I don't want to take a picture of me, anyway. I'll go buy a laundry marker tomorrow and then just sign the thing and mail it. I'm not even writing in the book because I don't know what to write and apparently can't make time to do it. So much for being like the cool people.
The iCompositions Flag 6 years ago
Um, yeah... Well... I work nights, so getting this thing done how I planned has been a problem. So, I guess I'll just do any old thing and get it out the door. Sorry for the delay. I didn't plan on being a delayer anyway...
Wow..... response to a track someone tried to steal...... 6 years ago
The really worrisome part is it appears he plans to put the song at many other sites and/or publish it.

This is part of the risk of putting music online for comment and collaboration, but the downsides of not taking the risk are much greater, IMHO. It's also why we at iComp add on every option you can choose for sharing that you need to contact and work with the original artist before using. This goes even for the most open sharing option. Always contact the original artist first -- or at the least before completing and publishing. it's common courtesy and, here, it's part of the rules.

Sadly, we can't do anything to a song on MacJams, but it sounds like MacJams has it covered. I hope this person gives up after that and doesn't hide your song all over the internet. Good luck, BigCee, and if I can help out in any way, you got it. (That last is for me; I can't speak for iComp on that one. smiley )
Dice Guys Podcast/Site 6 years ago
Hi peoples!

I don't post every update here since my podcast isn't about music, but in case you like board games, role play games and video games, along with a generous helping of Internet stuff, come check it out. This week:

Dice Guys Audio Podcast 016: All Your Marble are Belong to Us

Jason and I are back in full swing. I dont know what were swinging, but, hey, at least we have our podcast out the same weekend we recorded it! Grab your favorite drink, sit back, and listen to us pontificate. (No, thats not a dirty word.)

Our Sweet Sixteen episode has us pondering another podcast, as if we havent bitten off more than we can chew already. We talk about Chinese game manufacturing, virtual table tops (like the one being developed for Google Hangouts by +Joshuha Owen ), and Skynet. And we have our Game Pick of the Week!

Also, we found an article by a woman who let her kids win all the time. What is your take on it? Leave your comments on our site or here!

And you can grab the theme song now here in my iComp collection! Enjoy!
The iCompositions Flag 6 years ago
Ok, I'm getting the address of the next person to send the flag to. I hope to send it out this coming weekend. I need some help taking a picture of myself where I plan to take it. smiley

I have no idea what to write in the book... hmmm...

The flag will be on its way soon!
The iCompositions Flag 6 years ago
I have the flag! Thanks!

Going to try to get picture of it this weekend and send it on its way Monday or Tuesday.

And @rogerboreham: the force is with me, but I prefer to live long and prosper. smiley
Behringer's 3 New iPad/Mixer Boards 6 years ago
That Alesis IODock looks sweet. I've been keeping my eye on it. If I can afford an iPad and IODock at the same time, I'll be pretty much set. Well, except I would need new mics -- I have a Samson and a Blue Snowball which are both USB, and the IODock has 1/4"/XLR ports.

Money. Need some. smiley
Behringer's 3 New iPad/Mixer Boards 6 years ago
NAMM is coming! NAMM is coming!

After CES, musicians and music business folk get to party down at the North American Music Merchants show. It starts today, January 19th, but announcements from equipment manufacturers are already hitting the news. For example, from Engadget:

Behringer outs three iPad-housing USB mixers

...Behringer turns out some pretty serious audio gear. The latest offering? Three new mixers that throw an iPad into the EQuation. A dedicated app serves as an interface, while the iPad provides the brains and the power source. They're no dumb terminals though, as you'll also find a dedicated audio interface, mic pre-amps and a new dual-engine KLARK-TEKNIK FX processor, complete with 32 configurable "studio grade" presets (reverb, chorus, flange and so on). The trio comes in three sizes: 16 channels for the iX1642, 24 on the iX2442, and 32 for the big ole iX3242. Behringer's keeping the volume down on pricing and availability right now, but they'll be on display at NAMM this week....

I don't have my iPad yet, but when I get one, I want to make sure there are plenty of toys like these to use with it so that I have no money for years to come.
Everyone is too nice 6 years ago
Did I name you, @AlanStarkie? If I wanted to name names, I would have. My comment was a generic comment about whether people should be too nice or too mean in their comments on songs and what gets anyone suspended or banned from the site.

But, since you insist on bringing yourself back into this: The post in question was already apologized for twice. That is a grown-up thing to do. I'm sorry that's not good enough for you, but that's your choice if you really wish to think you're fighting some great power.
Everyone is too nice 6 years ago
You get out of here what you put into it. Be nice, you'll get nice and generally useful comments mixed among those who don't know how or don't have the time for the in-depth analysis some people think they need. Be an ***, and you'll get the same back or get ignored.

Be abusive and dance on and over the line of the TOS, and you will get suspended and/or banned. Simple as that. There are a million websites out on the internet where you can piss on people. This isn't the place for it.

I find it a little ironic that a thread titled "Everyone is too nice" accuses the mods of being mean. Good one.
Happy New Year to iCompers! 6 years ago
Happy New Year! May everyone have a great 2012!
Dice Guys Podcast/Site 6 years ago
Dice Guys Audio Podcast 011: Second Life Terrorists!

The 11th Dice Guys podcast has Skyrim, Second Life Terrorism, Pamela Anderson as the Virgin Mary and then it just gets weird. We found people who live their lives by following what the dice tell them to do. And when everything gets just too crazy for you,we give you some web series to relax with. And, of course, Game Picks of the Week and Brain Flakes!
Dice Guys Podcast/Site 6 years ago
Dice Guys Audio Podcast 010: Holes in Space-Time?!

New Dice Guys podcast is up! This week, we look at lasers ripping holes in space and time, psychologists who think we're all addicted to video games, and more things public libraries are doing with gaming. And, of course, we have our Game Picks of the Week and Brain Flakes!
11-11-11 6 years ago
Today is one louder.


Happy Nigel Tufnel Day, iComp Musicians and Listeners!
Dice Guys Podcast/Site 6 years ago
Dice Guys Audio Podcast 009: Guys Down Under! Not.

Saturday means new Dice Guys! Episode 9 goes down under to the outback of Australia where the Guys find crocs, and dirt, and game design. And you get bad, cheesy accents, too. Mike also gives his mea culpa for confusing some game rules for last week's game pick, and Jason gets to rant and provide one word so we get to label this explicit when we finally can submit to iTunes. Yay! (Never an f-bomb...) We also look at creating house rules and discuss why public libraries must be saved.

Again, we try to keep these to 30-40 minutes and games range from classic family to hobby board games. Sometimes a smattering of role play game stuff. Hope you enjoy!
Your Music on Vimeo Projects 6 years ago
Vimeo has opened a Music Store, allowing its members a way to get music for their video projects. How do you get your music in Vimeo's store so you can make a few bucks or, if you allow free use, get into some cool video work? From their F.A.Q.:

The Vimeo Music Store sources tracks from our partners at Audiosocket and Free Music Archive. If you have an account with either site, your music should appear in Music Store when searching the appropriate tags! To contact Free Music Archive, please visit:​contact. To contact Audiosocket, please send an email to].

And now you know. smiley
Dice Guys Podcast/Site 6 years ago
New Dice Guys podcast up! Episode 8 is for Halloween! Well, kind of. Jason Spargur didn't pick a Halloween game smiley As usual, we keep it light and fast -- about 30 minutes because we know not everyone has a lot of time. You'll get a mention of where to find some cool gifts for board game fans, a PBS documentary about video games and art, and movies we like at Halloween! Enjoy!

Dice Guys Audio Podcast 008: Halloweenie?
Hyper Midi? 6 years ago
Adding a tempo event or tempo map should do the trick. Are you just playing the MIDI file using Quicktime? Importing it into a program like Garageband or Logic or Pro Tools? Some of those allow you to select at import whether to use the tempo map or not.
The iCompositions Flag 6 years ago
Where is it going after Shadow?
Really ugly GB 09 data loss problem 6 years ago
Hithrow: that is usually a memory or drive speed problem. You can generally help that by either:

1. locking tracks, especially software instrument tracks; click the lock symbol next to the headphones on the track -- or

2. export your song to AIFF or high quality MP3, then make a new Garageband project and import the file you just made. This mixes down the tracks in the original to one track, so you can continue adding tracks and taking up memory and processing power again.

The caveat on #2 is if you have to fix something in the mixed-down track, you have to go to the original, edit, and mix it down again. While you can unlock and edit tracks if you do #1, the caveat for it is it may not fix trouble caused by drive speed.
ACTION: Short Story - New iComp project 6 years ago
Just finished listening to all of it, too. I agree that it is a great piece considering Preston took on so much work himself, fitting editing all our parts (when we finally got them to him) in time he had amongst his extensive school and other activities. For that, any rough edges can be forgiven, I think, and the final product can be enjoyed for the story, the choice of/created sound effects and the excellent music -- both from Preston and others who allowed him to use their tunes.

If you like science fiction, give at least the first couple parts a try and see if you get hooked. smiley
icomp collab rock experience 6 years ago
Looks like you all are moving on ahead with this one fast. Good luck to you! I'd love to try a part of it, but with my work, current things in life, and the Dice Guys website project, things are a bit full for me at the moment.

Can't wait to hear what you all make!
Dice Guys Podcast/Site 6 years ago
Looks like it IS a trend! Another podcast on time for Saturday! Yay!

This week: Like your boardgames served up Indiana Jones style? We have a couple of those this week. Mike reviews his Pick of the Week from the last podcast is he vindicated for picking an unopened game? And has the sexualized depiction of women in role play and computer gaming filtered down to board games now? All of this and Brain Flakes in this episode of The Dice Guys which has nothing to do with 007. Mike just likes 007. A lot. So deal.

Dice Guys Audio Podcast 007: Adventures on Cardboard!

We keeps these shows to about 30-35 minutes and try to keep them flowing fast so people can have something fun to listen to during commutes, making dinner, or while signing legislation to save us from ourselves. Enjoy!
icomp collab rock experience 6 years ago
What kind of singer.. and do you have lyrics yet?
Dice Guys Podcast/Site 6 years ago
Hooray! Another Dice Guys episode finished on time! This may become a trend...

Today's Dice Guys podcast asks where the advertising for board games is, talks about how to pick games quicker at game time, and serves up some crunchy brain flakes. In the flake bowl: Dianne Rees's article on great information to start looking at the educational perspective of gaming, getting lost in corn mazes, and more.

Dice Guys Audio Podcast 006: Its in the Bag!

We keep these shows to about 30-35 minutes -- check them out while you're getting ready for school, heading to work, or swinging from the skyscrapers on your web.
Dice Guys Podcast/Site 6 years ago
So far so good. I have to figure out RSS subscriptions I want to make sure people can subscribe to the site stuff and the podcast itself separately.

And as usage goes up, I have to talk to my ISP. They have "unlimited" storage and bandwidth but not really for this if it gets huge. I don't know how many downloads it would take to flag me, but I bet it's less than I might think.
Dice Guys Podcast/Site 6 years ago
Thanks, jl. I didn't notice the thread before I used the Lounge. works for me!
Dice Guys Podcast/Site 6 years ago
Ha! I hope not. smiley Luckily, there is no Clay in the structure of the site.
Dice Guys Podcast/Site 6 years ago
Hello everyone!

This is totally unrelated to music (thus why it is in the Podcast forum smiley ), but I wanted to just tell you my latest little venture has fully opened for fun and enjoyment:

The Dice Guys

My friend Jason and I are covering board, card, and dice games, some hobbyist games, and just general fun and weird internet news. We update the site regularly (or now we do since it just officially opened), and we have a approximately 30 minute podcast each Saturday. The podcast is pre-recorded right now, but hopefully we can go live one day.

Visit and enjoy!
RIP Steve Jobs 6 years ago

I knew it was coming, but I didn't expect it so soon after he announced he couldn't do his CEO work anymore. He burned the candle to the very end.
If I were to cover one song it would be...... 6 years ago
Something by Genesis: probably Heathaze or Mad Man Moon.

In fact, I have sheet music for Heathaze and have been trying to find some people to make the music for me to sing and edit, but my keyboardist has disappeared smiley
The iCompositions Flag 6 years ago
I think I'm on the list to get this thing. How are people signing it? I remember from way way back something about making patches to sew on it because marker didn't work? Tips, hints, help before I get it so I can send it back out fast, please smiley
The iCompositions Flag 6 years ago
While the US Post Office does have its issues staying in business (and it is run differently than any other government agency in that it has to make its own money to use), hopefully it doesn't close down entirely. The real problem seems to be a $5.5 Billion retirement trust fund payment (see here) which it shouldn't have to make anyway. Except for that, it's apparently paying for itself or extremely close to it.

I've had many more problems with FedEx and UPS than I have with USPS.
The iCompositions Flag 6 years ago
Good luck, Trilo!

I'm supposed to be last on the list before sending it back to you, and there is nothing out here in Oklahoma except Sunny and triple digit heat, so the mail should still run here. If I get it, I'll hold it until you say. smiley
feature request wrt uploading 6 years ago
I'd like to interject that because you have no issues uploading to other places (especially youtube and gmail --both Google properties) doesn't necessarily mean there is something wrong with iCompositions itself. There could be an internet hiccup slowing you in between you and iComp that isn't between you and the other servers. There could even be prioritizing going on by internet service providers that can cause problems.

In fact, that you say sometimes your upload her goes just fine makes me think this is the case: routing issues through the internet.

It'd be interesting to perform a speed test or network ping and trace from you to iCompositions both when uploading is going fine and when it is slow as hell. If the two reports match, then we can point better to iComp server issues. If they don't, then it's likely routing,and not much can be done about that.
Dice-dictated Music Creation 6 years ago
Fascinating! I may have to give this all a try.
RIP Ed (Sloparts) Wemmerus 6 years ago
Sad news indeed. Hopefully his music will live on here, at MacJams, and wherever else he left it to touch people for years to come.
Bjork's Biophilia - The way forward? 6 years ago
joolsoakland wrote:
Anyone remember Peter Gabriels Xplora 1? 1990's? Anyone actually play it?

I played it. Also, I still have a copy of his EVE which came out a year later -- which is more a puzzle game like what Bjork is doing here.

I don't think what Bjork is doing heralds the future of music any more than Gabriel's work did, but it's definitely cool to see and explore what the artists put together. smiley

Some info and screenshots:
so much for the icloud 6 years ago
Okay, there really isn't any way to make this response flow, so I'll just bullet point all the various topics you bring up.

- I did answer why the money needs to be paid: bandwidth and processing time. Let me repeat myself: I personally do not believe $24.99 a year covers much more than bandwidth and processing costs. Reports are 70% of it, however, goes to the music companies to distribute to the artists. So, I've answered again. I'm more than happy to repeat this until you read it.

- Here's something else I'll repeat: iCloud does not share your music with other people. It shares to your registered devices, up to 10. If you hand out your files to everyone else, that's your doing -- not iCloud. Could you register a friend's device as yours? Sure. And then they have access to your account and your credit card and can buy anything they want with your money. Not very smart. Thus why I said "friends if you allow that sort of thing" - -but laugh if you want.

- You say you aren't worried about iCloud piracy, but most of your posts have to deal with people sharing the music around or it getting onto other people's devices or them somehow getting to listen to it from another person's iCloud (which is not the case).

- Yes, I'm saying the blog is wrong. It was posted before the full announcement was made. I've watched the keynote and I've read Apple's materials, and as far as I can see the iCloud pushes the files to devices and the files are played from the devices. There is no streaming. Until I get further information from Apple or reputable sources published since the keynote, that is what I am going with.

- You can talk about all the other MobileMe features if you wish, but it's obviously confusing your message if more than one person here is having a hard time understanding your points. You're all over the map on this one, Moses. Just the music question is complicated enough without trying to be angry about everything else at once in the same thread. I'm not trying to be mean or dismissive or obtuse or disagreeable. I'm trying to figure out what the hell you are trying to say, and I'm not the only one. So, take your "irrelevant" and shove it (to be blunt, because I just call it like I see it, too).

- Piracy has taken a hit from a combination of starting to sell music online as well as shutting down the massive players like Napster and Limewire. Streaming services like Spotify and Pandora also contribute to people not feeling a need to download tunes illegally since they have access otherwise. This is fact, full-stop. Just one recent article on the issue: "U.S. Internet Piracy is on the Decline," USA Today, March 2011

Need more? Here is an article from Harvard Business Review concerning a study concerning "unbundling" and digital distribution: "The iTunes Effect and the Future of Content," Harvard Business Review, January 2010. Among other things, it says:

Elberse studied music sales for more than 200 artists over more than two years. She found that people are buying more music than they used to, but because more are buying online, they're buying singles instead of full albums. The revenue from all those extra songs they buy doesn't come close to making up for the revenue lost on the albums they don't buy.

Boldface emphasis is mine to highlight that sales are up. Revenues, however, are down and this article goes into why that is the case. Hint: it's not piracy. The majority of the article and report is a bit off topic.

More to the point:

"iCloud: A Music Industry Game Changing Product & How Artists Make Money From It," The Ladies League, June 2011.

This is an opinion piece and also mentions streaming, but I cannot verify streaming through Apple's released information. What it does mention, however, that does agree with information I've read from Apple is that despite your concerns, artists will get money from this, thus monetizing the piracy that is going on. From the article:

But the truly innovative and radical part of the iCloud service is its ability to allow copyright holdersthe labels, artists, publishers and, possibly the songwriterto make money off of music not bought the first time around. The iCloud service places all music from a subscriber, not just the music bought from iTunes, into the subscribers iCloud account, making it available for stream or re-download. This includes music:
- Ripped from a CD
- Downloaded from a peer to peer service
- Received in an email
- Downloaded via IM
- Ripped from your friends CDs
- Received free from the band
- Downloaded via a drop card
- Taken from a public share folder
- Captured as a stream and converted to an MP3
- Bought at AmazonMP3
- Etc
Each time a subscriber streams or re-downloads a song via the iCloud service, the label and publisher (and possibly the songwriter for the public performance) get paid. The iCloud business model has created a way for copyright holders to make money off of pirated music without making consumers feel like they are paying for the music.

iCloud's matching identifies the song, as far as I can see down to the actual recording, thus even understanding the cover versions and paying out to the appropriate artists and writers.

It'll never be 100%, but is something better than nothing? Ask the artists and writers who'll be getting a little more money in checks. (That the music companies will get more is a side argument -- an argument that usually ignores the small music publisher which should see a benefit from getting some money from matched pirated songs.)

- Really? You don't see how getting a 256kbps file for the 128kbps file you have on your system is an improvement? Moses, I know you are smarter than that. I'll spell it out: improving all those hundreds of files for just $24.99 instead of paying for each individually or having to re-rip them all saves the consumer valuable time and improves the value of the service itself. Paying each year if you don't rip a lot of CDs or if you rip at higher bit rates wouldn't do much, and the matching service probably isn't for people like that. Thus the reason the matching is a separate thing from the syncing itself.

- Finally: Just because you paid $99 for years into MobileMe doesn't obligate Apple to keep the service going. They've decided it's not working, have provided all current subscribers with service until June 2012, and that's plenty of time to find alternatives. The services they determined to be actually used the most are becoming free with iCloud. For people who have recently subscribed to MobileMe, they are providing refunds. They aren't obligated to do anything more, and have probably done more than most companies would do.

-------------- NOTE -------------

All of the above is my personal opinion. The following is moderator stuff:

Anyone insinuating other people discussing in this thread are sheep or stupid or any other negative thing will cause me to lock this thread. I've done it before, and I will do it again. Civil conversations with good natured ribbing: fine. Calling people names because you disagree with them: not cool, against the TOS, and results in locked thread. End of moderator rant.
so much for the icloud 6 years ago
Moses: I'm still not understanding your point. The iCloud songs are only shared among your own devices, not everyone. I can't connect to your songs and get them. They aren't being shared to millions -- just to up to 10 devices you and your household own (and possibly friends if you allow that sort of thing).

Now, if you're trying to say there is no longer any copy protection on the files to keep people from just handing them out, well, that's been true for a long time. And even with that, there is evidence showing less music piracy since iTunes and other music buying services went into effect. As for the money, $2.00 a month is barely paying for the processing and bandwidth to handle all the music matching: Apple and music companies are not seeing very much if anything from it.

Th article you link to is wrong, as far as I can see. There is no "streaming" of the music. The music is pushed to your devices (up to 10) and the files physically reside on each device, therefore allowing you to listen to your music without an internet connection. It's an improved syncing service, allowing you to more easily get your music in good quality to all the Macs and iDevices you own. Unless you actually hand someone or email someone a music file, no one else is getting hold of your files except for you and your family or friends (up to those 10 devices). And, to sync, that means everyone's music collection is the same, so Billy Bob isn't going to be able to have different music from Moses if Moses is sharing his iCloud syncing, so the amount of this "iCloud piracy" you seem to be worried about just isn't going to be huge. Honestly, kids and parents probably aren't going to sync up to the same iCloud, much less friends. Who wants to listen to their parents' music? Ugh.

Also good to see no one even mention the iDisk, iweb, mobileme part hmmm.

Actually I've mentioned this in other forums, as well as my curiosity about what will happen to Photo Gallery. We aren't discussing those parts here, though. This music topic is complicated enough as it is without bringing in the other services.
so much for the icloud 6 years ago
My understanding is the files are actually pushed to all the devices, so the only storage on iCloud is of working documents, the last 1000 photos in your photo roll, and then calendar and address book and reminders. Some backups, too? Music files and those photos don't count towards iCloud's free 5GBs of storage space, and you aren't streaming the music when you're playing it because the files have been put on your device.

Any songs not found by iTunes Music Match), which would include your own music made in GB and Logic, gets moved and synced like any other file. Any music found by Music Match gets the 256Kbps AAC unprotected iTunes version pushed to their devices. The charge to do the Music Matching is $24.99/year. That pretty much pays for the processing power and bandwidth and that's it. The music artists and publishers already got their money when you bought the CD you ripped.

You did buy the CD you ripped, right? Because, if you didn't, it doesn't matter that you paid to Music Match. I bet the Terms of Service for Music Match will mention somewhere that you agree that all the music it is matching is from your paid CD purchases and not pirated copies. Match on a pirated copy and you've now broken the law and/or rules twice. Good luck with that. smiley
so much for the icloud 6 years ago
Well, we can't help it if the UK is a backwards nation. smiley
My First Computer Was... 6 years ago
NorthPoint wrote:
Timex Sinclair 1000, $99.95, 1982. BASIC programming language, cassette tape backup. My Christmas present that year was a 16K memory expansion.

That was mine, too! I fondly remember using velcro to keep the 16k RAM pack from jiggling and losing all the lines of BASIC code I would painstakingly type in from BYTE magazine.

My brother had a TI99/4A which I used to program some beep-boop music.

By the time I went to college, I had my Atari 800XL.
Collab.. well maybe.. got an idea about something. not music 6 years ago
Hmmmm... I've been wanting to do more of this since working with Olympus some, and I like to pretend I'm a writer on days that I am awake. Maybe I can pull something cool from the Gutenberg Project (repository of classics that are copyright free now) and either adapt an audio drama script or pick an actual classic play (which would still need some work for audio only).

One of the hardest parts of this is making sure everyone submits audio of the same quality so they can be pieced together and all sound as if they are coming from the same space. There's only so much fixing the editor can do smiley

I'm game, though. It takes a lot of work and time -- at least the first couple of them smiley
Request 2 Show Comment Box at Top For iComps Reviewers. 6 years ago
I prefer the comment box at the bottom. You read the other comments and then add your own. It's a good flow so you can see what others say and expand upon, agree with, or not repeat something already said.

You can already scroll as the song plays, reading other comments and the song description. You can even already type in a comment and submit it without interrupting the song playing. Of course, why are you reading comments or sending a comment instead of paying attention to and listening to the whole song first? smiley
Why do people hate moderators? 6 years ago
And I think it is also important to point out that privacy is a big issue with us. Perhaps there is a cultural difference at play here with RT, but we will not discuss details of any dialogues, agreements, etc. out of courtesy to all the people involved in the issue. You do not have the right to hear all about what happens or is told to us in private discussion. We take this very seriously. We will never discuss what is told to us privately or talked about in the process. I don't think you're going to find much agreement here from people that we should share their private discussions with you or the rest of iCompositions.

If someone wants to provide details themselves, then that is their choice. And as long as revealing the details doesn't affect other people in the dispute, then we usually just let it go. If revealing the details affects the other people in the dispute, you can be certain another warning will be issued at the least.
Why do people hate moderators? 6 years ago
Where is the moderators now? That person that women are talking about is not here to defend himself.
Thats bad in my book!

The moderators are here. Since no names have been said (by the person you are posting against), there is no foul. If names start being thrown about, then we will lock it down or get rid of this thread. Until then, people are well within their rights here to discuss events that have happened to them, especially within the context of the topic. We simply ask people keep names and exact specifics (dates, quotes, etc.) out of it in order to preserve the privacy of any behind the scenes negotiations that may have taken place.

I suggest you not drag this out, Linda, and risk things being disclosed that really don't have to be. We won't be able to lock anything down before it would already be seen.
Why do people hate moderators? 6 years ago
It's all pretty simple. There really are only a couple of rules that are just restated several ways:

1: Don't use copyrighted material in your songs or artwork for your songs unless you have permission to do so. If you do and we get a complaint (or if it is obviously blatant), especially a legal cease/desist/remove order, then we will remove the illegal material;

2: Be excellent to each other.

Being excellent does not include using Nazi terminology to define people here, nor does it include non-constructive criticism like "I've heard geese that sounded better," nor does it include accusing someone of things and still carrying on after being proved wrong. And it certainly doesn't include leaving the site, asking your account to be shut down, and then going onto other sites and claiming you were banned.

Luckily 95% or more of the people here don't do things like that and tend to have a great time sharing, collaborating, and learning. The rest are off spreading misinformation and/or their own misunderstanding, but that's all right by us moderators. We would much rather attract the wrath and ire and keep these people occupied so the majority here can enjoy the experience.
Just don't think it is right... 6 years ago
jesseup wrote:
But you are entitled to your point of view, as am I, I mean, it's a free country, right?

Actually, the privacy laws and freedoms in Henno's country are different from the ones in the US. In fact, not every country has exactly the same constitution (or equivalent) and case law to have the same freedoms and rights you are espousing. That's a conceit U.S. citizens have: that rights are the same everywhere as they are in the U.S.

In fact, the freedoms and rights you're speaking of don't exist in the U.S., either, especially concerning what is private, what is public, and what you agree to when using or signing up with services. There is a lot more complication here than you seem to think. However, I can see from your language that you are here to proselytize and not debate, so I won't waste my time.

I do wonder a bit why someone who is so worried about privacy is on the notoriously insecure and trackable internet.

By the way: loose vs. lose. A pet peeve of mine. Read it; learn it.
Just don't think it is right... 6 years ago
jessupe wrote:
offbalance wrote:
I would think another purpose might be so that settings and the clock and other things are not lost in the case your battery runs out of juice before you have a chance to charge it....

Are you sure about that?....

Yes, I'm sure.
Just don't think it is right... 6 years ago
The sole purpose of the back up is to power the sim/rfid tracking software contained in the phone.

Interesting. I would think another purpose might be so that settings and the clock and other things are not lost in the case your battery runs out of juice before youhave a chance to charge it. But, I guess that's just the sheep in me thinking... I'm glad you enlightened me about the sole purpose for battery backup.
Firefox 4 not working properlywith Quicktime 6 years ago
Of course those running a system with Quicktime X installed should not be seeing the issue. If they are, then there is another problem.

I'd also be surprised if this would not be an issue on Windows 7, which also has 32- and 64-bit modes. In fact, I have to run the 32-bit version of MS's own Internet Explorer because they haven't made a 64-bit version of their Silverlight plugin yet which drives Netfllix streaming.

Happy hunting all the various things making trouble...
Skype Selling to Microsoft? 6 years ago
Disappointing, to say the least.

Still, I wish all the messaging program would finally come together so that I wouldn't have to keep track of iChat, Skype, MSN, AOL, Google Voice, and god knows how many others because all my friends and family use different ones. And, no, the catchall programs that supposedly do them all do not work. You still have to make an individual account with each one, remembering account names and passwords, and then not all the features work.

If I was a gazillionaire, i would buy all of them up, combine them all, and give it out for free.
Just don't think it is right... 6 years ago
Cell phone companies keep the same data, but on their servers. And they get it just from pinging your cellphone wherever you are, even when you aren't using it if it is on.

I wish the mainstream media would point out that this is a common practice and people should be mad at everyone and not just apple.
iPad Music Apps 6 years ago
Hey, Lummie -- drop these bits in your blog to give another place for them to be hit on by the search engine. Very good info all around. smiley
Garageband on iPad 2 6 years ago
Thanks Xolv. Probably will pick up the new GB now -- or maybe the full iLife package since I'm thinking I might want the new iPhoto and iMovie after all...
Garageband on iPad 2 6 years ago
I've read the Garageband update on March 31 did include the ability to open projects imported from Garageband for iPad. Has anyone worked with that yet? Does it take connecting the iPad to the computer and importing via iTunes, because that's going to be a problem since the iPad I use isn't mine.
iCompositions: The Movie -- COMING SOON! 6 years ago
We've been sitting on this press release for a long time, but since casting has begun and filming will begin soon, it'll be all over the movie industry news in a day or three! I'm reprinting the official release here for everyone's enjoyment!

PRESS RELEASE: iCompositions.Com, Columbia Pictures, Sorkin Ink Deal

It's official: iCompositions.Com is the next social networking site to get the "Sorkin Treatment" and become a web phenomenon turned into film! Aaron Sorkin, who wrote the screenplay for the Academy Award-winning drama The Social Network, has been working with the owner of iCompositions.Com, only known as "PM," since the release of his last movie. Sorkin recently completed the iCompositions screenplay and Columbia Pictures, a division of Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE ), has acquired production rights. General casting has begun and casting call announcements will appear in industry newspapers and sites starting today.

When asked why he picked iCompositions, Sorkin replied, "I've been lurking on iCompositions for years and have always been fascinated by the musicians and the way they come together to make songs and sounds you never hear on the radio anymore." He explained there were levels of intrigue and subterfuge at work in the whole commenting structure that he thought could work on a whole new level if these people were ever to meet in real life.

"It's incredible," Sorkin continued. "The amount of interaction going on, good and bad, and all of it resulting in, overall, thousands of great songs? It's the quintessential movie story: aspiring people putting themselves on display and working hard and eventually overcoming difficulties to become better in the end. In fact, it's more inspiring than Facebook!"

The enigmatic PM could not be reached for comment. Sorkin said even that will work into the story. "PM has always been mostly in the background, and often the iCompositions members wonder if he really exists. There have even been songs about where he might be!" The movie's focus will be the search for PM, providing ample opportunity to travel the world using the cities of iComposition members as film locations. Text and snippets of voice will be the only view of PM until the reveal at the end of the movie.

"Wait until you see who we have on board as PM!" Sorkin gushed. "You're going to be amazed!"

Music from iCompositions will be used in the soundtrack. Columbia Pictures executives confirmed they are already working on rights issues. Some songs will be used as they are now, however an unnamed Columbia spokesperson confirmed some songs will be reworked, probably by popular artists. "Let's face it," the spokesperson said. "Most of these songs just aren't ready for primetime." The spokesman said Lady Gaga and Kanye West have been contacted, along with some others.

Filming for the iCompositions.Com movie, which still has yet to be named, is expected to be completed by August 2011, with production and special effects to be finished by December. Final work should be completed in time for a Summer 2012 release.

About Aaron Sorkin
Aaron Sorkin is an American screenwriter, producer and playwright, whose works include A Few Good Men, The American President, The West Wing, Sports Night, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and most recently The Social Network.

About Columbia Pictures
Columbia Pictures is an American film production and distribution company. Columbia Pictures now forms part of the Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group, owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, a subsidiary of the Japanese conglomerate Sony.

About is an internet community for aspiring musicians with a focus on Mac-using artists and, even more specifically, users of Apple's GarageBand. Artists can upload an unlimited number of songs to be played and critiqued by other members of the community. We strive to facilitate the exchange of constructive criticism to give each artist the opportunity to improve and enjoy their musical adventures.

iCompositions has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Wired, The Detroit Free Press, Apple eNews, and Macworld Magazine. We have users from Canada, Japan, Germany, Italy, France, the UK, Austrailia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and many more countries from around the world in addition to the majority of our users from the United States.


How are my songs on without my permission? 6 years ago
How did you locate that? I put icomp, icompositions, and artist names into their search field and didn't come up with any hits. Are they hit via Google or other search engines?
USA today interviews musicians using GarageBand for iPad! 6 years ago
Drakbots wrote:
even though i still dont get the ipad...

Like carla and I already know, you'll figure it out when your fingers, your eyes, and other parts of your body don't quite work the same as they used to. smiley smiley
USA today interviews musicians using GarageBand for iPad! 6 years ago
jamesmerryman wrote:
Thanks for checking it out. Surprisingly, I wasn't lip singing. That was the actual recording. I used my iPhone headset mic. It was ok, but I hope they make a dedicated iPad recording mic for the future.

I saw in some of your videos you may have a pro mic? Is it XLR? There is an adapter for that, although a little pricey:

Another adapter is:

If you use a USB mic (I have a Samson C01U Studio Condenser, for example), you can use Apple's camera Connection Kit to connect it. (Andy Inhatko talks of this here: )

And there is the iRig mic, which is a condenser electret mic and connector kit:

I haven't any of these myself. These are just a few things I came across recently when pondering what I will need once I get my iPad and Garageband for it.
Songpage problem 6 years ago
Can you provide links to some which gave you problems?
USA today interviews musicians using GarageBand for iPad! 6 years ago
Very cool, James. Congrats!

Can't wait to get an iPad and Garageband for it -- as wella s several other music apps I've seen. It should be a blast making the two or three songs I'll make this year. ha ha!
iPhone4 Users - FaceTime? 7 years ago
I've used it with my brother: mine is on the Mac and his is on his iPhone. He was calling with a tech question, and used the camera-flip option to switch to the back camera to show me the inside of a computer he had opened. So, that was useful and cool -- but usually we use iChat or I use Skype with my other friends.
Apple Does It Again iPad, Very Cool :) 7 years ago
Odd they chose a different camera from the iPhone for the rear-facing one. Availability problems maybe?

Looking forward to getting one as soon as I can. I have a lot of necessities piled up in front of it, though.
Garageband on iPad 2 7 years ago
I've read a report that sharing files from Garageband on iPad to Garageband on the Mac isn't quite working right yet. Mac garageband reports it needs a newer version to read the file, so I suspect an update is coming soon to Mac GB. Keeping watch for it... smiley

I look forward to getting an iPad 2 and using Garageband on it. There are other recording and mixing apps, too, but this one gets you in the door at just $4.99 and is (or will be) compatible with what I use on my Mac, so...
Japan- EarthQuake and Tsunami 7 years ago
8.9?! Whirlpools and tsunami and more... I'm with you and the rest, Rich, in wishing our iComp friends in Japan and other affected areas the best.
no DnB and Dubstep genre??? 7 years ago
Oh, for the days of iComp when there were only about 10 genres to choose from... (sits back with a smile, hands behind his head, blissfully remembering those days of yore...)
iComps Media Player Needs a Tape Counter. Here's Why: 7 years ago
Google Chrome should do a good job, too. Here is a site of HTML5 Browser Compatibility test results.
RIP Gary Moore 7 years ago
Just really became a fan of his a couple years ago when we dropped a new blues album of his in the player at my workplace. So, I've been catching upon his and Thin Lizzy's work. Sorry to hear he's passed...
NEW device for iPad users Alesis StudioDock 7 years ago
I was wondering when something like this would finally come along. Cool... Can't wait to see how people use it when it arrives.

Here's a link to Alesis' page on it:
Giving Away Lyrics? iCompers Did It First! 7 years ago
Now wouldn't it be cool if NPR follows up with an article/radio piece about iComp? smiley
My Touch 4G 7 years ago
I'll take a stab at this and am sure I'll be corrected if I'm off on any of it. smiley

This site uses the HTML5 "audio" tag wrapped around the link to either an MP3 or AAC file (depending on what was uploaded and what the listener has selected). You need to ensure your browser you're using on the MyTouch supports HTML5 audio. I believe there is some javascript involved as it selects the proper file and sets up the link, so you should have that enabled as well. (It might detect your browser and use the tag it needs to use, but I'm not sure about that.)

YouTube could be playing Flash-based video or HTML5 video depending on your Youtube settings. The other sites may be using Flash-based audio or be using the old "embed" tag which calls up a media plugin. I can investigate that if you provide me a link to a site or two that work properly. However, I would suggest you check into other browsers to use on your phone, such as Opera Mini 5 or Dolphin or Chrome if available. The included web browser, according to reviews I'm finding, doesn't score as high as other phone browsers on the HTML5 tests.