i have been learning to record music in GB since about October of 2005. it has been a very interesting journey. i use Guitar Rig, a Tascam USB122 and a fender strat. i mostly record music for personal reasons, however i do enjoy the feedback i get - so i have a myspace profile.

my influences are:

arab strap, the red crayola, M83, ambulance ltd, LOW, chameleons uk, slowdive, mogwai, siouxsie, the sound, pink floyd, flying saucer attack, movie tone, american analog set, bowie, pale saints, explosions in the sky, gang of four, joy division, early killing joke, the fall, stereolab, can, movietone, windy and carl, gybe, eno, echo & bmen, bauhaus, spiritualized, spacemen3, curve, mbv, the cure, hair and skin trading, LOOP, slint, main, swell, slipstream, GvsB, luna, yo la tengo, saccharine trust, VU, the swirlies, luna, slipstream, love and rockets, th' faith healers

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Modified Alternative May 6, 2006 1423
I am the captain Alternative May 10, 2006 1628
Losing touch with my spacemen Alternative May 13, 2006 816
Lift and Glide Alternative Jun 11, 2006 772
Modified - remix Alternative Jun 15, 2006 859
Hypnotized Alternative Jul 25, 2006 960


Title Genre Released Plays