My name is Lance Russell. My first guitar came to me by way of tragedy. My uncle took his life long before I was born and his brothers each took one of his guitars to remember him by. When I was old enough to start looking for things I wasn’t supposed to find his old Dobro was the greatest treasure my eye had ever seen. I still remember the aroma that came from the opening of the case and sound the strings made after being strummed for the first time in decades. This experience awoke a creativity and love for music that I never knew.

Some of my melodies reflect the sadness linked to my first guitar while others proclaim that our trials here are fleeting and are soon washed away by tears like the blessing of rain. And close to my heart is the only pure thing we have in this world, Love. On “Don’t You Want To?” you can hear the need for someone to want you as much as you want them. And in a song to my wife played on our wedding day, “The Queen Of All My Dreams,” the joy of finding your one true love is expressed. I revere the beauty of God’s creation in the instrumental track “Peace Of Autumn” and his Providence in “Your Majesty” and “I See Your Hand.”

These simple songs are a window into my heart and soul and I hope they speak to yours.

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What 2 or 3 tunes best Characterize you? - Borrowed from Bob6stringer October 2, 2007
I got this blog idea from Bob6stringer where he asks you to list 3 songs that best characterize you. I thought it was a great way to "advertise" myself in a sense. So, I have listed those songs below. However they will probably change as I improve as an artist. That's the whole idea isn't it?

Bob's blog:
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Top 10 Favorite Albums October 1, 2006
Tell me what your top 10 albums of all time are.
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Taxi Music Service September 24, 2006
Has anyone used Taxi Music Listing Service???
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Title Genre Released Plays
Runnin' Collab Rock Oct 4, 2017 618
Down in the valley Folk Jun 3, 2017 352
Just Right Explicit Rock Oct 8, 2012 672
Tangled and Burned New Age Feb 10, 2011 524
She's Like The Wind (cover) Pop Oct 23, 2010 621
darkdrunk New Age Jul 10, 2009 743
The Joker Sleeps Ambient Aug 31, 2008 910
Chant New Age May 3, 2007 1279
The Queen of All My Dreams Other Apr 6, 2007 3388
The Queen of All My Dreams with the Queen herself Other Apr 6, 2007 785
Sobering New Age Apr 5, 2007 652
Don't you want to? Pop Feb 25, 2007 817
No Sleep Other Sep 21, 2006 768
The Peace of Autumn Other Sep 14, 2006 1148
When it rains Other Aug 24, 2006 727
Your Majesty Spiritual/Gospel Aug 24, 2006 945
Human Progress Metal Aug 24, 2006 765
I see your hand Spiritual/Gospel Aug 24, 2006 850
Hepless Regret Rock Aug 24, 2006 909


Title Genre Released Plays
Invisible Dyad #13 Other Jan 29, 2007 1474