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A Little Hue of the Blues by revoltington 1 day ago
@gepo thanks so much. Actually this particular piece did not take as long as some of the other pieces. It's in 4/4 and fairly slow. Once I get the drums programmed and the chords worked out, I usually improvise the guitar and use the best takes. I did this last Thursday night and fought with the mixing and then put it out friday morning. So I probably spent like five hours on it, roughly.
And he's back from a holiday. Sounding groovy strait away. Catchy tune. Live sound ever-present with cool tone on the guitars. Enjoyed as always KC. Good straight to the point lyrics too, tasty solo. Elegant and jazzy!
Broken Sonata by ScottHorwath 2 days ago

Excellent and a joy to listen to!! Fine work!
For No One (Beatles's cover indeed) by Didier 3 days ago

Not too shabby. One of my most fav. Macca tunes. You did pretty well I'd say.
Guided By Her Soul by thsantac 4 days ago

Lovely and sweepingly engaging. Well done.
Chevy Impala Garage Band by Xolv 6 days ago
Surprised more people didn't comment, actually!
Chevy Impala Garage Band by Xolv 6 days ago

Very cool infectious intro. Great bass line. Love the chords. Very Late Steely Dan sound. Excellent job. Digging it.
The Canal of Hypocrisium by revoltington 6 days ago
@KennethLavrsen thanks so much Ken your impressions are much appreciated.
Corcusating Rays of Light by pharmakeus 6 days ago
Dig the guitar tone used here. The keyboard intro and guitar really give off a jeff beck atmosphere. Very soulful. Dig the tone and reverb change too. Reminds me a little bit of The Final Peace by Jeff Beck at times due to its feel.
Zuma Beach Acoustipades by revoltington 6 days ago
@JeffMcCaskill thanks for lending your ears and impressions. appreciated.
Zuma Beach Acoustipades by revoltington 6 days ago
@BigJimSlade thanks so much for listening and your comments are certainly appreciated.
Zuma Beach Acoustipades by revoltington 6 days ago
@gepo thanks for listening and commenting. much appreciated.
Zuma Beach Acoustipades by revoltington 6 days ago
@LunaBleu Thanks so much for listening and downloading. Much appreciated!
break by eagle 6 days ago
It certainly sounds like a nice cruise somewhere. Evokes rest and relaxation. Great ambiance and atmosphere. Cool lyrics too! Fine collaboration folks!
Venezia blue gondola mix by A1K3M1 6 days ago

Cool synth riff. Some menacing interferences adding mystery and wonder. Cool sounds and cool transitions. House and a little ambient lounge it is! Anything can happen at anytime. Anticipating sudden drama and traumas. Cool.
Lurking Metallic by revoltington 6 days ago
@eagle thanks so much for your feedback. much appreciated as always
Whence by Mungo 9 days ago
Swirling molecules colliding and multiplying. Interesting stuff. Industrial Techo?
You Ghouls Do by Mungo 9 days ago
What bubbles beneath the surface? Are you adding Eno-ssification to something. Sounds like outakes from the Waiting Room on The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway.
Whirlpool by BigJimSlade 11 days ago
Love the energy and the very authentic homage to punk. Very Cool.
shower the people by eagle 12 days ago
Soulfully done. Your voice lends itself so well to this type of song. Excellent cover man.
HANG OUT by Imekia 13 days ago

Cool intro which sets up the groove and experimentation going on. Then a set up for the unexpected like a cool little synth melody, reminiscent of the 80's. Sort of Howard Jones like, that little riff.
First Steps under the Sun by gepo 13 days ago

Cool warm tones, how that for an oxymoron. Nice playing and enjoyed!
Old Time Rock 'n' Roll by VictorBarrett 15 days ago
It's kinda cool. You must be playing some guitar on it? It's not all loops is it?
Bigfoot hunting mix by A1K3M1 15 days ago

Entralling. Totally out there. Sounds like a deconstruction of light jazz and forced into a new dimension. Original and crazy. But it works as well. Cool.
Flying Shoes by LaFayette 15 days ago

Sounds great straightaway. This is COOL jazz. Great chord progression. It's a Beauty!
waterland by eagle 15 days ago
Digging from the first note. Soulful vocals. Great art happening here. Excellent!
Metricated Phloems by Mungo 16 days ago

The title sounds like a level 5 biohazard. It is very intense and riveting like a slab of concrete coming at ya'. In some ways it reminds me a little of the modern day version of King Crimson.
The Big Ol' Underwater Door! by revoltington 16 days ago
@Mungo-I was wondering if you would somehow stumble on to this tune. And when you did, how would you respond. Not surprisingly, you the Zappaphile, knew exactly where to go with it in the much precision like manner. If anyone on iComps would get the reference it would have to be you Bill. -You go to the Blue Parrot!! You go to Winchell's Donuts to hang out with the highway patrol!!! Huh, Huh, Huh!!!
Let There Be Drums by KennethLavrsen 19 days ago

The drumming is pretty swell. And it's always refreshing to hear a little surf music now and again.
Jennys Song/Dawns End by firecircle2 21 days ago

Sounds pretty good for an 88 production. Fine work Al. Nice to see you post something again. Sorry about your misfortune.
Projections from St. Stephen's Green by revoltington 21 days ago
@eagle @BigJimSlade Thanks so so much for your impressions and for listening as well!
Speed of Love by gepo 21 days ago
Very nice guitar driven track, dig the chords.
Elin's Garden by KennethLavrsen 25 days ago
Lovely work. The sound is phenomenal too.
Deliver Me from the Republicreeps by revoltington 26 days ago
@VictorBarrett Thanks for your running commentary on my back catalog. I appreciate very much!
fixing a hole by eagle 27 days ago
Very cool arrangement. Nicely done Arend! Super!!!
Maybe (Radio Edit) by Axelbreeze 27 days ago

Really well produced. Sounds absolutely terrific.
Zoe by LaFayette 28 days ago

Excellent work. Very nice guitar layering and playing.
On a Saturday (v1) by Mungo 28 days ago

Up from the depths and into the mouth of the monster go I. That's how I feel right now. Drums sound live, like you played them in the living room or something. Cosmic darkness and Sonic Solar Sound Sweepage into the unknown.
End of the Line by VictorBarrett 28 days ago

Unique funk. Cool guitar riffing. Digging it!
In the Evening (a Led Zepp cover) by revoltington 1 month ago
@VictorBarrett-Let me sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your praise. It's always nice to be acknowledged by your peers and you more than adequately did that. I'm eternally grateful. Thanks.
National Guitar Blues [Unplugged] by pharmakeus 1 month ago
Your unique take on blues. Guitars sound great and very authentically the blues. Slide is very cool. Nice work!
The Fear Machine by VictorBarrett 1 month ago
Cool sounding instrumental!
The Ship Song (Nick Cave & Badseeds Cover) by SteveScott 1 month ago
This is really great fellas. Really dig it. Nick Cave is cool! Nice choice! Mighty Fine Cover!
Weaving Spiders by A1K3M1 1 month ago

Super cool sounds and collar. Original, mesmerizing and fresh.
Nymphs And Satyr (part 2) by thsantac 1 month ago

Parts seamlessly flow into one another. Floating in time and space. Well crafted and executed!
Just Dreaming by Gadzooks 1 month ago

Superb work. Well done!
Further Side of Silence by KennethLavrsen 1 month ago
You did whip up a really swell accompaniment to the fine folk song!
IT MUST BE LOVE by KCsGROOVE 1 month ago
A tasty, classy tune. Like the chords, changes. Nice work!
Metamorphosis by gepo 1 month ago

beautiful warm tone. lovely playing. really nice!
the limbo dancers by telecaster29 1 month ago
Like the tones and texture given off by the 12 string. Starts off like a J. Tull musing which is cool. Great sounds and atmosphere. Love the space in the piece.
Silence = Death + Smile by A1K3M1 1 month ago

How you're coming up with those sounds, I'll never know, otherworldly is the word here. Affecting and strong!
colors by eagle 1 month ago
A most terrific sound. The marriage of vocal and music is perfect. Excellent work fellas.
Travail (7/12) by Mungo 1 month ago

Cool percussion and production. Sounds pretty cool. Great atmosphere too.
Diseases of the Band (Intro)/Twenty Small Cigars (Zappa Cover) by revoltington 1 month ago
@Vixen-thanks -I think the Dangerous Kitchen appeals to a lot of people due to the fact it's everyone's domestic nightmare having to clean up. Plus it's pretty funny too!
While My Guitar Gently Weeps by blisscats 1 month ago
It's like the Psychedelic Furs got a hold of it and made it post modern Beatles. Interesting stuff.
Summer Fun by Vixen 1 month ago
Well done everyone. Good Stuff!
AN EYE FOR AN EYE by KCsGROOVE 1 month ago
Very catchy and cool little chord progression. Great tones flowing around all over the place. Good, good stuff.
Storm (2/12) by Mungo 1 month ago

Love how the percussion jumps in amid the opening haze. Great sounds and atmosphere. Great sonic clarity. Very affecting. Love this percussion! Really drives everything nicely, like the rancher herding the cattle across the prairie. Reminds me of Peter Gabriel's ambient works.
GUITARMAN by KCsGROOVE 1 month ago
Missed this one CEES. Good jangly pop tune. Really nice stuff. Great live sound.
Tree Knot by August_Oster 1 month ago

Some acoustic inventiveness going on. Taking the Kotke and the Fahey in new directions. Very original and well captured. A beauty!
PB&j Meet the FBI by revoltington 1 month ago
@eagle thanks A but my name is todd, not bill. He he. Take care!
Radiation Overdose by A1K3M1 1 month ago

Bass sounds killer. I agree with eagle above. A nice synthesis of styles. I'm down in the ambient lounge.
Spring Rain by eagle 1 month ago
A refreshing sound! Very lovely collaboration! Sounds great!
Capers on the Caspian by revoltington 1 month ago
@jarcieri thanks again man! @lewisgreenbaba thanks muchly man! @Axelbreeze thanks so much man! @Xolv thanks again man!
Bottoms Up by jarcieri 1 month ago
Nice playing and tone! Nicely done!
cyclone by telecaster29 1 month ago
Cool chords Kevin! Great atmosphere with a sense of wonder and foreboding as well. Everything sounds excellent. Drums are great!
DiscoRevival by eagle 1 month ago
Excellent job fellas. Sounds fantastic. Kind of evokes a little bit of Mike and the Mechanics vibe in a way.
1914 by Xolv 1 month ago

Lovely work. Nicely done! Like the guitar work!
Velvet Touch (6/12) by Mungo 1 month ago

Groovy Track Bill, I agree it does open up itself too any kind of possibilities, but as a piece of minimalistic art, it works just fine too!
land anchor by Imekia 1 month ago

Very groovy! Cool choice of sounds! Has loads of atmosphere and fun and moodiness. That's what's necessary in my book!
Peace at Last by gepo 1 month ago
Great tone. Sound terrific. Tranquil and could give peace of mind.
My Song Is Flat by KennethLavrsen 1 month ago
Lovely and breezy and a breath of fresh air. Really nice work people! Congrats!
TIME by KCsGROOVE 1 month ago
Gorgeous tones. Lovely playing and a very nice relaxing piece/peace. Very pastoral. For a lazy sunny day! Nice work!
The Legendary Fountain of Youth by thsantac 1 month ago

Congrats on such a wonderful composition here! Outstanding work!
Nunca comprenderas (You'll never realize) by lewisgreenbaba 1 month ago
Very cool tune lewis. Very much enjoyed, cool singing! Way to go!
Repent Idioticus by revoltington 1 month ago
@thsantac-much thanks for your comments!
Silver Back Politicos in the MIst by revoltington 1 month ago
@KennethLavrsen-thanks so much for commenting.
Silver Back Politicos in the MIst by revoltington 1 month ago
@Mungo-thanks for your comments, much appreciated
Silver Back Politicos in the MIst by revoltington 1 month ago
@gepo thanks for your kind remarks, much appreciated.
Boogieman Bye Bye by Xolv 1 month ago
Yeah, Grease comes to mind but only because it's a 50's motif and refreshingly fun take on that sound with a slick of electronic sounds. Sounds very groovy and ginchy and bit'chen!
How I Love Her by RickWillingham 1 month ago
I can see Luna's Heep connection but that's a cool thing. Good tune. Enjoyed!
Crazy About You by gepo 1 month ago
Lovely little picking tune. Nice touches of harmonics and all the natural sounds of the strings seem to pour out and add a little something extra to the overall ambiance
Happiness by Deebeesea 1 month ago
Very nice collaboration between all. A very sweet song. Nicely done folks!
Guinevere [cover] by eagle 1 month ago
Wonderful cover, so nicely executed and recorded. A treat to listen to for sure!
SO HARD TO SEE by KCsGROOVE 2 months ago
Getting thick and dirty here! Lots of cool tones crossing around! Fun stuff!
Hope by LaFayette 2 months ago

So lush sounding and airy! Very nice work!
Familiar Taste of Poison (Cover) by LunaBleu 2 months ago
Well Done and Enjoyed!
Sunny Mood Shifts and Dispositions (Leave Me Ambiguous) by revoltington 2 months ago
@eagle my sincere thanks! @LaFayette my sincere thanks to you! @LunaBleu thanks so much for your kind words much appreciated! @KCsGROOVE Thanks for listening much appreciated as always!
inside by eagle 2 months ago
Awesome work fellas! Wonderful song! What a collaboration!
Abandoned Child by thsantac 2 months ago

Beautiful intro! Gorgeous sounding music. Epic!
Last Chance by gepo 2 months ago
Hey Gepo, groovy guitar playing. Like the grittiness to it. Enjoyed!
My Best Lines by brewchugger 2 months ago
Oh cool and rockin' hard here. Fun and full of entendres. Mean guitar solo and reminds me a little of the Supersuckers-Eddie Spaghetti especially! Super!
return to the sea by Imekia 2 months ago
The sounds and textures drum up turbulence to me. Very Cool. A voyage to the depths of sonic possibilities!
CALL MY NAME by KCsGROOVE 2 months ago
Nice comforting warm tone. Nice space between instruments. Good tune!
Say It Ain't So, Sir Galahad by revoltington 2 months ago
@KennethLavrsen Thanks again Ken, it's muchly appreciated!
This Is A Lie uptown mix by A1K3M1 2 months ago
Dig the off Kilter funkiness to this. A little disturbing in an arresting affecting way. Cool and interesting collar going here.
Bahama Mama (Cover) by Deebeesea 2 months ago
Enjoyed! A breath of fresh air for me. Something a little different and fun. Wonderful job folks. Very well done!
Be Your Own Light by thsantac 2 months ago

Terrific. Full of atmosphere and space and wonder. Cool transitions and such. Congrats!
Lost Without Your Love [cover] by eagle 2 months ago
Nice choice and a great yearning vocal. Wonderful job and performance! Congrats
Two Hearts by KennethLavrsen 2 months ago
Congrats on a wonderful collaboration. Well done and executed!