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Tightrope Over Tunisia by revoltington 7 hours ago
@brewchugger thanks for stopping by chugger!
Tightrope Over Tunisia by revoltington 10 hours ago
@maestrodog much thanks much appreciation!
Tightrope Over Tunisia by revoltington 11 hours ago
@artneuro much thanks my friend on the other side of the world.
@Xolv much thanks, much appreciation!
Tension by Mungo 19 hours ago

I think the graphic relates well to the theme and the ambient comp. The sounds are really great and convey the theme as well. We are now in the brain getting thermographic data on the amount of tension going on!
Ukulele Cover - Psycho Killer by rex 19 hours ago

Very nice rendering and cool take on a new wave classic!
Don't Look Back by KennethLavrsen 19 hours ago
Like the dark and eerie intro to the lightness of the tune like sunlight breaking through the clouds. Breezy and bright!
WasteLand (ruff) by Tony2008 19 hours ago
Cool socially conscious rock tune! Enjoyed!
castell coch by telecaster29 19 hours ago
Dig the rhythms and such. Cool experimental jazz. Some nice chords adding some cool shades of color too.
AUTUMNRAIN by KCsGROOVE 19 hours ago
Lovely tune. Really nice shimmering guitar. Fine work.
Infatuation Infarction by revoltington 3 days ago
@artneuro much thanks as always.
Again really nice production. Well done. Great tones and tasty playing. Congrats!
CAN'T YOU SEE (acoustic version) by KCsGROOVE 20 days ago
Great tones. Sounds really, really good! Nice collaboration! Congrats!
Hurt by pharmakeus 20 days ago
It's raw and it works. Very intimate sounding recording. Fine cover!
Lobster and Canary by Xolv 20 days ago

From the first note it's sunny and relaxing. Gives one a sense of peace too. Really nice! It's like lovers walking on the beach, though I hate that cliche, it's true! Excellent comp!
Katrina by artneuro 20 days ago
This is really, really good. Good stuff. Much Enjoyed! I could hear the Tubes doing something like this. Excellent tune! Great solos. Dig the nasty tone!
Rocket Sled Deliverance Out of Here by revoltington 26 days ago
@KCsGROOVE thanks Cees!
Penelope's Perpetual Pomposity by revoltington 29 days ago
@Beatle128 Thanks for listening!
Penelope's Perpetual Pomposity by revoltington 29 days ago
@Tony2008 Gee, much thanks for that wonderful comment. Golly! Much appreciative and glad that you enjoyed this! I was a little worried it was too much!
Politics Makes The World Go Around by artneuro 29 days ago
Can't argue with any view here. It's true we deserve the politicians we wind up with. People don't bother to vote and research the people who are running. I like the DIY punk, new wave aesthetic going on here. Very cool melodic guitar solo with a scorching presence. I could here the Gang of Four doing this!
DO IT ALL OVER (acoustic version) by KCsGROOVE 29 days ago
The acoustics sound perfect and crisp with nice timbre too. Nice work KC. Enjoyed!
Fuzz is a Fuzzy Thing by Xolv 29 days ago

Very relaxing, lovely stuff. The mix is perfectly toasty warm with ambience to boot. Fine job!
I Was Named By My Mother (Ennead #7) by mfwmiles 1 month ago
A master work Miles. Great songwriting and melodies and moods and pop rock operatic creativity!
Oh nice choice for a cover. Forgot about this tune. It's a good one! Fine cover of an adult contemporary classic.
Love is a Lovely Thing by Xolv 1 month ago

Very lovely theme going here. Enjoyed this. Very nice work! Sounds like it's a prelude to something. Cinematic in a way!
She Used To Live Right Next Door by artneuro 1 month ago
Like the guitar solos and effects. Cool riffs. Fun and hybrid of blues, rock and pop I think.
It All Goes By by artneuro 1 month ago
Lo fi pop. Sounds like it could be a Guided By Voices tune. Very catchy!
It really has a huge sound to it. Sounds great. Like the guitar effects too. Nice work Cees!
While My Guitar Gently Weeps By George Harrison (Cover) by FreeEarCandy 1 month ago
Excellent job. Heart felt and done with care. Congratulations!
Pass the Bottle by brewchugger 1 month ago
Fine work brewness. Well done. Great laid back country rock for sure. Super nice production too with much space creating atmosphere.
Music (Part 3) by thsantac 1 month ago

Nice concoction of various prog influences I hear here. Superb production. I hear a little bit of all the groups mentioned including Supertramp. Great build to the music with drama.
You Take My Breath Away by artneuro 1 month ago
Cool tune. Dig the vocals too. In a way this sounds like an answer song to Every Breath You Take. Well done.
Really excellent song Cees. While the world is falling apart, not to many artist are writing songs about it. At least in the 60's and 70's, topical events were written about in popular music. Sad state of affairs in all aspects of modern life. Love the production on this. Playing sounds superb too.
The Unmitigated Auda-City by revoltington 2 months ago
@Mungo Thanks Bill, that's a comment I'll take any day.
No Future For Us by artneuro 2 months ago
Digging the new wavish, punkish attitude of this. Great guitar solo. Drives hard and chugs along and a cool clip too!
The Unmitigated Auda-City by revoltington 2 months ago
@firecircle please take it easy on the drugs we want you around for a long time!
The Unmitigated Auda-City by revoltington 2 months ago
@thsantac yes thanks I must have been out of it, half asleep when I put that slop out. Thanks for the wakeup call Thierry!
One-Legged Man by brewchugger 2 months ago
Rockin tuneage going on. Has a twinge of country in it just enough to set it apart from being straight rock n roll. Nice jamming too.
The Unmitigated Auda-City by revoltington 2 months ago
@Xolv much thanks for your perspective on this
Oligarchy Du Jour by revoltington 2 months ago
@Vixen I think working in Big City Strife is probably what informed this piece!
Oligarchy Du Jour by revoltington 2 months ago
@ihussain thanks for listening, appreciated!
Oligarchy Du Jour by revoltington 2 months ago
@LaFayette Much thanks L-Fay
Evil Woman Blues by artneuro 2 months ago
Kinda Beefhartian with the disjointedness of the rhythm at times, even the vocal harkens back to those times. Cool avantish blues tune. Enjoyed listening!
Purple Mountains Travesty by revoltington 2 months ago
@firecircle2 much thanks for the kind words, Al!
Capture by ScottHorwath 2 months ago
Lovely playing. Enjoyed listening the developments too. Nice work!
Splitsville With Suzie by artneuro 2 months ago
Blues at the heart but given some kind of an interesting post modern treatment. Post punk overtones. A little roxyness to it I agree, in a sense. Neato violin-ish guitar type of solo too!
LET IT SHINE by KCsGROOVE 2 months ago
Digging it right off the bat. Nice and funky. Great guitar tones. Beautiful tone. Well done Cees! Tasty playing.
1-7(Apenas Um Jogo) by Xolv 2 months ago
Excellent Latin Jazz. Nicely done. Very relaxing and has sentimental mood. Very 60's music soundtrack-ish, which I think is a bit refreshing.
Pinnochio by Vixen 2 months ago
Well done. Great storytelling. The music and the lyric really make for a great contrast too.
Les mains dans les poches by LaFayette 3 months ago

Another fine production and composition.
Pavor Nocturnus by Mungo 3 months ago

Great sounds and rhythm. Groovy and I must concur with Cees
A Ciascuno Il Suoto (to each his own) by A1K3M1 3 months ago

Creative use of sounds for percussiveness maximus. Shapeshifting and shoe gazing and terrorizing all at the same time. Cool.
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (Iron Maiden Cover) by Tony2008 3 months ago
Really fantastic job. What an undertaking. Super!
Hot Summer Rock by KennethLavrsen 3 months ago
Like the lead synth sound. Fun stuff.
Starlight Sweeping Surrender by revoltington 3 months ago
@Xolv I have had to fight and struggle on other things to get the bass sound even when using certain presets in Garageband and Logic. The setting I used on this was making a nice presence and I didn't want to upset that. I didn't want to push my luck. I wish it was a little lower in the mix but again mixing bass for me is really tricky and I took what I could get. Thanks for listening.
aquarelle by telecaster29 3 months ago
Love the ambiance of this. Nice.
Plush (lovingly performed by Credence Found) by Tony2008 3 months ago
Swell cover. Enjoyed listening to your band!
Starlight Sweeping Surrender by revoltington 3 months ago
@brewchugger -once in a while I might play some of my music for my students- they say, "That's you?" And then, thirty seconds later the novelty wears off. It didn't raise their IQ any either.
Doll by brewchugger 3 months ago

Nice choice of backup for your tune. Digging the vocals and the bounce of music. Will you ever convince Lester Roadhog Moran and the Cadillac Cowboys to get back to together and go on the road with the Brew Crew? Mean guitar solo. I suggest you listen to Baby's all liquored up by the Beat Farmers. I think you'll get a kick out of it.
Connections and Disconnections (v1) by Mungo 3 months ago

Great production. High octane minimalism used to great effect. Cool stuff!
BURN IN HELL by KCsGROOVE 3 months ago
Thanks for being topical and coming up with a song with guts. No one is topical anymore. The man is a despicable bastid'!
The New New Song by artneuro 3 months ago
This is very punk in a way, clever and funny lyrics. Nice mid section guitar solo. Has a little bit of Wreckless Eric and Joe Jackson in there with Zappa references. Enjoyed.
I dreamed last night that. . . by lyla 3 months ago
Cool piece. Like the melody lines.
Sacer Angellus (sacred corner) by Imekia 3 months ago
Definitely has a horror movie vibe about it. Perhaps it takes place on an indian reservation. The sounds are affecting and strong. Eerie and frightening!
This Walk Resumed by brewchugger 3 months ago
It does have a little Yardbirds vibe to it. It's still pretty cool in it's own way. It's rowdy, raucous and has your distinctive vocals that give it a unique flair!
The Land Of The Fjords by KennethLavrsen 3 months ago
Lovely, uplifting and peaceful like the picture above. Great, great sound and production as well!
I'm Ready by Gadzooks 3 months ago
Fine job to you and your gang. Sounds great. Fine guitar work as well. Enjoyed!
Very cool laid back mid seventies sound. Nice layering of vocals sounds good. Nice inclusion of the sax too. Fine additions here. Good stuff. I could hear Rick Davies singing this!
You Be Mine by brewchugger 3 months ago
Catchy tunage Brew! Reminds me a little of Yummy, Yummy, Yummy!
Shall We by ScottHorwath 3 months ago

I could listen to you play piano all day. Ever so elegant like a swan on a cool summer morning.
March Of The Crabs by KennethLavrsen 3 months ago

Like that distorted keyboard sound. Very cool. Sort a change of sound. Very aggressive sounding with cool melodies to go along. Like the driving beat.
Instantly reminds me of Little Feat, like All that You Dream era Feat. Good songwriting and playing. Very tasteful and classy. Very much Enjoyed!
The Courtship of Melvin's Second Cousin by revoltington 3 months ago
@firecircle-great news! Happy to hear your hearing came back! No pun intended. Much thanks and appreciation. Will have to check out your latest as well.
The Courtship of Melvin's Second Cousin by revoltington 3 months ago
@KCsGROOVE- That's the new bass, the real bass, a used Ibanez Soundgear bass. Going direct into Garageband using a preset without tweaking it. Thanks for listening.
Ciao Baby by Vixen 4 months ago

Nice choice of musicians. Great backing. Enjoyed. The mix sounds really super!
The Tom Tomorrow Files by revoltington 4 months ago
@Gadzooks-Thanks and yes those are the drums from garageband. I had to play around to get the 4/4-6/4 patterns that run throughout. Thanks for listening.
Listen to the Rhythm of the Pourin' Rain by mfwmiles 4 months ago

Great tune. Never caught this. It came out before I even joined up. Great pop tune. Has a touch of those strings that remind me of some Philly soul. Fine, fine tune. Love it! Would love to hear this a little more tightened up and mixed up with some more reverb. But, it's really great!
Sinus Exeo (winding out) by Imekia 4 months ago
It's like I'm entering the mouth of the monster. Great sounds orchestrated for maxim effect to affect the senses. Cool timing on the enter of percussion too. Very cool work.
Very lovely tune. Very tight sounding real nice guitar tones and tasteful playing too. Enjoyed.
You have a message by LaFayette 4 months ago

Lovely accompaniment, L-fay. Very classy and suave. Debonair too. A fine work!
The Tom Tomorrow Files by revoltington 4 months ago
@KCsGROOVE thanks again Cees.
The Tom Tomorrow Files by revoltington 4 months ago
@mfwmiles thanks man, much appreciated!
The Tom Tomorrow Files by revoltington 4 months ago
@Trilobite2 Arrrgggghhhh! And a pitcher of Grog right at ya!
The Tom Tomorrow Files by revoltington 4 months ago
@LaFayette- I strive to be MR. Hee Hee! Thanks L-Fay!
Story Eight by ScottHorwath 4 months ago

I'm thirty seconds in and I already love it. Really lovely music and exquisite piano playing. A masterwork as far as I'm concerned!
Unusual Patterns by A1K3M1 4 months ago

This is really cool. Fun. Groovy and original sounding too. Great collaboration and vocals too.
The Tom Tomorrow Files by revoltington 4 months ago
@ScottHorwath-Thanks, which bass? If you mean is it keyboard bass or real bass. it's the real bass. I just bought my first bass this past weekend. It was about time.
Trio on the Fly by revoltington 4 months ago
@KCsGROOVE Hi, thanks and yes this is the first bass I've ever owned, though, years ago, my friend used to let me play his. I've never owned one before and it was about time. I'm using my fingers on this because the pick was giving to much attack for the distortion I was using. But, yes there it is.
I'll never be by XTHENEO170X 4 months ago
Very lovely work, superb guitar. Much enjoyed!
Streams (sketch) by Mungo 4 months ago
Cool textures and effects. Cool shifts in mood. Like the experimentation with the polly's. Very nice layering of everything. I picture a mechanical like creature roaming the dunes looking for prey against a steely industrial sky.
All Along The Watchtower(cover) by Gadzooks 4 months ago
Very cool approach to this. Great guitar tones too. Enjoyed.
Groovin' old school soulful groove. Works really well in your native tongue also! Enjoyed!
The Wendigo of Lygon Street by pharmakeus 4 months ago
Groovin' on it!
Split Personality by Vixen 4 months ago

Really nice, creative stuff. Gorgeous production, refreshingly campy in a good way! Enjoyed much!
Rumour (lovingly performed cover of Chloe Howl) by Tony2008 4 months ago
I don't know who she is but I really enjoyed this cover. Total Quality. Great production too!
I Will Always Live Through These Tears by JackFancy 4 months ago
Well Done. Gothic! Tragic! Emotive! I totally agree with Tony above. Creative songwriting! It's like Trent Reznor teamed up with Bowie.
The Shifty, The Shiftless and The Bold by revoltington 4 months ago
@Tony2008 Thanks T'08! I appreciate that.
even in the quietest moments [cover] by eagle 4 months ago
Great tune to cover. Great cover. Super execution of this. Your soulful vocals make it work as well. Fine work! Enjoyed!
Sex Moon Goddess by pharmakeus 4 months ago
Cool ominous feel to this. Cool guitar work and tone.
Moonlight Shadow by Deebeesea 4 months ago

I owned this album years ago, Crises. Forgot what a good song this is. Great choice for you to sing. Perfect for your singing style. Very Very Good!
BOL BLues by Xolv 4 months ago

Great moody blues. No pun intended. Love the chords and the soloing. Very soulful. Just Great.