Starseedz have 2 members, catrine and Jon, who's combined song writing brings together a range of influences, the result being vibey and atmospheric. Catrine's breathy bittersweet vocals lend themselves to Jonathans melliflous guitars and musical interpretation. The band have played the london circuit under the previous name spacechik. They have played at the music industry soccer six charity celebrity football tournament and their music has been featured on lifestyle T.V series "freespirit". They have grabbed the attention of a few industry insiders Echo, Mushroom and a few independents but a recording contract still remains elusive. Not to be put off, they are going boldly where everyone has been before and putting their music on the web where alot more people can search for it, stumble on it, listen to it and perhaps want to hear more?

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Dumb idea Alternative Oct 6, 2007 2688
Love is what you found Alternative Apr 8, 2007 2091
little bird acoustic Pop Jan 30, 2007 2024
funny days Inspirational Dec 8, 2006 1607
dreamspells Inspirational Dec 8, 2006 2005
Good and Bad Inspirational Nov 28, 2006 1828
Indigo child Inspirational Nov 27, 2006 1158
Out of control Alternative Nov 27, 2006 1211
Plastic Elvis Pop Nov 27, 2006 1772
Sad Inspirational Nov 27, 2006 1544
Smile Alternative Nov 24, 2006 1355
Kiss me and cry Inspirational Nov 24, 2006 1530
Snowqueen Inspirational Nov 24, 2006 1293