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The album is an instrumental mix of danceable beats and ambient, jazz-influenced tracks combining cinematic moods with breakbeats, guitars and synths. The music is multi-layered and should reward repeated listens. You may find influences such as 808 state, New Order, Brian Transeau, Mark Isham, buried in the layers.

Track info:
Man in blue with angle grinder; Buzz; and The dance of the long distance telephone call, and Nasty are the beat-oriented tracks, featuring distorted guitars and electronic percussion.

Man in Blue features a simulated angle grinder solo, while Nasty is based on a hip-hop style beat.

The remaining tracks are downtempo. Seven down is a deceptively simple sounding track in 21/8 time with an acid jazz influence. Waiting for the sunrise, Over the horizon, Leaden skies, and Winter clouds are reflective, sombre, ambient pieces.


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