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Official Song Plugging Thread 1 year ago
Official Song Plugging Thread 1 year ago
I believe this is one of my best ambient pieces. It has variety, it's super laid back, and I have just allowed chords to totally fade away before introducing the shock of a new sound. It's a dialog between the keyboards and guitar. Hardly anything repeats. Please give it a listen and give feedback. Particularly if you like ambient and are in a super laid-back mood to listen.
Official Song Plugging Thread 4 years ago

About a relationship gone wrong. I believe that the dual bass part is rhythmically interesting. Double bass and synth bass rhythmically intertwine and are coupled with a synth trumpet.

My album is available for $5 download at CD Baby: The Dividing Range.
Official Song Plugging Thread 6 years ago

See the video at :

If u like this song, help me out by voting for it in this competition, and maybe post a link on your Facebook wall or any other social media site you're a member of.
Vote for my song at:
1. Go to from your Facebook and "like" their page
2. Click on "Songs and Voting" then click on "Live Songs and Voting"
3. Search for my band name The Seeds of Autumn or search for the song title Buzz
4. Then when you find it, select the song and click "I vote for this song"
5. After you've voted you'll also be able to invite all your friends to vote for my song too!
CD Baby -anybody using it? 7 years ago
Has anybody used CD Baby? I'm interested in the quality of the printing on the labels and case inserts as well as the audio quality of the finished CD.

One more thing... how is the quality of the audio files after CD Baby has distributed them to iTunes?

Anybody had other problems with CD Baby?

I'd prefer it if you could mention if your experience was recent or not, as I've read that they have improved their act in the last year or so.
Do torrent which "borrow" our songs - violate copy 8 years ago
Yeah Gary, we let ourselves down when we fail to tag correctly. To be honest, I would be happy to stumble across my own stuff being bit torrented, as long as the listeners knew it was me and could then find my other material online.
Do torrent which "borrow" our songs - violate copy 8 years ago
Maybe iCompositions have a CGI guru that could fill in the blanks from the supplied data at upload time? Anybody puttin their hand up?
Official Song Plugging Thread 8 years ago
okay, here's my latest. The volume may seem low, but it gets louder later on. I wanted to keep the compression low.
Synthy, percussiony, world music.
Constructive Criticism, Please 8 years ago
Constructive criticism wanted.

Mainly interested in how the eq sounds on your systems. Am i mixing it too bassy, too bright?

Comments about the actual musical content are also welcome.
Hard Criticism Zone 8 years ago
Artneuro's maths:
if I got 50 useful comments I'd have to say they were worth every penny!
Hard Criticism Zone 8 years ago
Garni quote:
I believe if you criticize harshly you run the risk of hurting some very thin skinned people around here

That is precisely why I wanted to sandbox it as a separate zone. If you submit to that zone, you are agreeing to certain rules, like all criticism has to be constructive or at least contain information that can be acted upon.
Hard Criticism Zone 8 years ago
Looks like Eidolonia already made this suggestion. Maybe this is an idea for a whole new site somewhere? (Not that I want to actually work on such an idea - I just want to benefit from it. smiley )
Could classifieds be categorized by country? 8 years ago
Good point, but most people couldn't be bothered to nominate where they were, unless they were confronted by a selection box or the like. Being in Australia, I'd mainly be interested in local classifieds.
how many icompers are left handed? 8 years ago
I'm a lefty too! I write with my left hand, but I play guitar right-handed. Just feels right. Maybe I'm not a "real" lefty?
Could classifieds be categorized by country? 8 years ago
I'd like to see classifieds be categorized by country. Any other takers?
Hard Criticism Zone 8 years ago
Sometimes I feel that everybody on iCompositions is too nice. It sometimes feels like everybody is *****footing around, trying not to step on each other's toes. Some people need a lot of encouragement before they can blossom, but others (like me) like more direct feedback, as long as it is useful. The current climate for discussion here is great, BTW, I mean everybody seems polite, caring and encouraging and that pretty much is the ideal for a friendly encouraging environment.

Personally however, I would like to see a special members only zone where members could submit works for knowingly harsh, but constructive, criticism, but which was only viewable to members. A place set aside for "robust" discussion and for critique and dissection of new works. Maybe this could even be a place where we could discuss the criticism and hone our own critical skills and knowledge.

Anybody else interested in this idea?
15 year old girl belts 'em out like a pro! 10 years ago
re Korean game show:
in the 60's a British show called Peter Cook and Dudley Moore had the same setup. In "Poets Cornered" they got a pair of famous poets or songwriters who had to do alternate lines of rhyme. If they failed any of the conditions, then they went in the pile of goop. Maybe we could organise a game show like this for rappers?
changing username 12 years ago
I need to change my username too. Can you delete my account so I can re-register under a new username?