I am a songwriter, singer, and guitarist based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

My musical life started in Winnipeg in the early 1980's. I had my 15 minutes of fame when we made it into BILLBOARD MAGAZINE back in March 19, 1983 with the band ONE LIFE (Members over those years: BILL HODGSON, RON TORPEY, GRANT JONES, RICK MCGHEE, RON MYMRYK, PETER WALKER and ERIC & AL WEBSTER.

We were chosen as a "PICK OF THE WEEK" with our then new single we released in New York City that month. I have posted one song here (GOIN CRAZY), the B Side of the the single.

I did a new batch of songs produced by DARREN DUKE in his Calgary studio. IN THE BAND, YELLOWHEAD HIGHWAY, PLAYIN DOWNTOWN and WINDOWS OF LIFE were all recorded in 2009-2010.

SHEDDING MY SKIN, MEET MY FRIENDS and HEALER were all produced by DAMON RONDEAU in Winnipeg back in 2006 - 2007.

SHEDDING MY SKIN was picked by Acid Planet's KIMBERLY STREIBLE as the #3 best song of 2006 on "10 BEST SONGS ON ACID PLANET 2006" so that was quite an accomplishment for Damon and I. Here we were with 9 heavy rock songs and our little Folk / Pop song was number 3.

Feel free to contact me and let me know what you think.

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
BEIJING GIRL Folk Oct 12, 2017 203
SEAS OF CHINA Folk Oct 12, 2017 173
WHEN I LOOK AT THE MOON Pop Dec 29, 2015 332
WE BELIEVE New Age Oct 15, 2014 424
TEXT OF ONE LINE Folk Oct 12, 2011 730
HEAD BACK TO CALGARY Folk Oct 4, 2011 671
ROLLERCOASTER Pop Oct 4, 2011 598
IN THE BAND Folk Feb 23, 2009 940
WINDOWS OF LIFE Pop May 28, 2008 1056
For No One - Beatles Pop Apr 26, 2008 901
PLAYIN DOWNTOWN Blues Feb 21, 2007 898
GOING CRAZY Rock Dec 16, 2006 1491
HEALER Other Dec 7, 2006 1501
SHEDDING MY SKIN Pop Nov 24, 2006 1255
PLEASE MEET MY FRIENDS Pop Nov 23, 2006 1454
GOT IT WRONG AGAIN Other Aug 23, 2006 1088
HALLS LICKED - comedy song Comedy Aug 21, 2006 1281