All my music's here aren't made from instrumental music's like others. I only created them by using computer keyboard and mouse then turn them into midi files. I'm neither a player nor a musician, but sometimes I like to hum for some unique melodies and then find the chords with my acoustic steel guitar. That's it; I'm a certain kind of score typist.

Sometimes my animation works need some background music's, and it's hard for me to match with someone's music. That's why, I must make one. My objective interest to this iCompositions is that I feel pity when several good melodies are just forgotten behind which are only buried deep inside my hard disk, and no one has listening to them.

Then finally I try so hard to develop my music and hope their qualities will be as good as the other true musician's here. To support me to get much better next time, good criticisms are always welcome. Please leave your comments here.

Music rss

Title Genre Released Plays
Life is BIG Pop Dec 21, 2017 248
Bintang Kejora | A.T. Mahmud Pop Dec 27, 2014 1158
The Carpet Crawl | Genesis Pop Nov 23, 2013 661
Bagai Rajawali | FarhanBabeh and TheGuitarTherapy Jazz Nov 11, 2013 1512
Pesan Batu Bara | OK Arya Zulkarnain Childrens Nov 11, 2013 774
Solitary Blue Jazz Oct 26, 2009 1093
Blossom Lotuses World Oct 26, 2009 1021
Clock's Pendulum Alternative Oct 26, 2009 855