Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes
August 5, 2007 | 9:21 pm

Just can't sit still

Well, I turned in my notice at work.

Not entirely sure where life will take me at this point. I have a few options and a lot to think about. I'll update more at things begin to work themselves out.



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You seemed to be doing everything at that studio. That's ok if you live next door .. smiley

I reckon you'll get a better deal next time. The job market is a metaphor for life and karma smiley
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Wow! Go man, go. Change is a good thing.
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Good for you! Tell the man to go-- well you know... smiley
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Thanks for the support guys! It does feel good to be leaving. Still don't have definite plans. I actually have two offers and I'm trying to figure out which will be the best choice. One is with some close friends who have a video production house. The other is teaching at ISU. They are both full-time positions, but the ISU job is interim for just the fall semester. If I can do a good job there, it could be a permanent thing, but no guarantees.

Hoping that I might be able to make them both work for the short term. Meeting with both of them this week to see if we can work out scheduling.
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I told you a long time ago, you would never leave
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