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Where Are They All? 6 years ago
Woody, you are in my prayers, as are your daughters and wife. Please fight hard and know that you are not alone.
Where Are They All? 6 years ago
Just found this topic. Thanks for checking in on all of us, Bampot. As has been mentioned by several others, life just takes some turns. I haven't gone to any other site, just a new job, new house, new baby... I haven't had time to make any new music for the last three years. Now, I am working on my Masters, so I'm sure I won't be not busy anytime soon. I am actually here right now doing research on how people communicate at iComp. It will just be a short paper - not a thesis or dissertation. But I think it will be interesting. My 'new baby' is 3 now and starting to make her own songs. I'll try to record her and post some of them! I do try to get back as often as possible and check what you are all doing.
iPhone web view 9 years ago
does anyone know a workaround to listen to songs on iPhone or ipod touch?
iComp in the spotlight! 10 years ago
Here is The video from that newscast.
Artist Interviews? 10 years ago
Just finished listening to the first set of artist intro questions. They are brilliant! You sound like you've done radio before. Do you do voice work? I'm always looking for someone who can cut a couple tracks and email me an mp3.
iComp in the spotlight! 10 years ago
Thanks Illum! Sounds like a great idea!

Uplink, I don't think you are in it (I didn't have any creative control over this - we have to keep our commercial and news departments separate.)

I have a copy of the story now. I'll be able to upload it after it airs tomorrow.
iComp in the spotlight! 10 years ago

I'm not really sure what you are talking about. I haven't heard of iCR interviews. Probably something that happened while I was off doing other stuff (work). I'm sure I would have done it if I'd known about it.

On the other hand, it wouldn't have been very useful for this story. They only use about a 40 second voice over with no interviews or audio clips in the series.
iComp in the spotlight! 10 years ago

I just looked at the story. I have to apologize in advance. Will featured me and (inaccurately) claimed that I'm one of the popular artists on the site.

Anyway, it is short and sweet. But it gets the sight just a little more publicity. I'm burning a copy to disc now so I can upload later!
iComp in the spotlight! 10 years ago
I'd be glad to get you a copy!
iComp in the spotlight! 10 years ago
I don't know if they contacted PM, it would be sweet to see a live interview with him! I don't think they usually interview people for this feature though. I think it is usually just Will Koch talking about websites that he finds interesting (or that people in the area told him about.)
iComp in the spotlight! 10 years ago
WYZZ TV in Peoria runs a feature on websites during their FOX 43 News at Nine. I have it on good authority that this Thursday will feature iCompositions!

I haven't had a chance to preview the story, but I'll try to get some info as soon as possible (disclaimer: I work at the station, and my old reporting partner is writing the story.)
smiley smiley smiley
Ohio 10 years ago
I know how to find Ohio on a map. I would drive there if Ponkey showed up. Lili, Ed & Woody & RPR would be icing on the cake!

Speaking of in person collabs, I'm getting together with Rant to record some stuff this weekend (or next week). Anyone want in on the action? We'll be up in the Quad Cities (Illinois) area.

I'm still trying to dig up some drums for him since he's driving in from AZ and can't fit his kit in the car. Anyone have a kit to spare for a couple days in that area?
Who I Miss.. and hope to see back really soon... 11 years ago
By the way, it was a great gift tonight to get online and see several new songs by people on this list!
Who I Miss.. and hope to see back really soon... 11 years ago
I guess I have been gone so much that I miss everyone. Certainly everyone on this list and many more. Glad to hear that a few people around here still remember me. Thanks for the thoughts. I promise I'll be posting more soon.
Creativity With No Bounds...TRUTH/FAKE 11 years ago
Yes Homebrand, that is an excellent example of pure creativity. I would also suggest anything by John Cage or Karlheinz Stockhausen if you can find it.
Creativity With No Bounds...TRUTH/FAKE 11 years ago
The question is like asking if mixing mortar and water can make a brick wall. Or if mixing oil and pigment can create the Mona Lisa.

The tool does not create the art - the artist does. Merging genres is a tool or building block to be used in the creation of artistic expression of music.

Can the output be unique? Sure, depending on your use of the word unique and how it is applied. All music is unique. Even the best musician in the world could not play the same piece exactly the same twice, so in that sense, it is unique. If you are talking about unique in the sense that it doesn't sound even remotely like anything anyone has ever heard, it isn't very likely to happen. With the proliferation of sampling and looping technology, nearly every genre known to man has already been mixed.

Not to say that it can't be done. Throughout history, artists have created astounding works with the most elemental tools!
From iComp to the BBC 11 years ago
Way to go! I can just picture you driving around in that Smart Car and listening to yourself on the BBC...

and screaming at the top of your lungs if you're anything like me!
Internet Explorer 7 11 years ago
Actually, I'm not convinced that there is a truly good browser for Mac right now - at least if you aren't using Tiger.

I'm running Panther, and you can't get the latest version of Safari unless you have Tiger. The older version of Safari is not much better than IE.

I use FireFox, but there are some serious problems with it. Typing in FireFox is horrible. The cursor gets lost in the wrong position and you can't tell what you've typed or where you should be typing. FireFox for Mac also doesn't seem to work on Amazon's site for some reason. It doesn't seem to be a universal thing, but a google search reveals that I'm not the only one who has had this problem. But for now, it seems like by far the best option (out of a field of duds.)

Have to admit, I haven't tried Opera yet.

Maybe I'll be able to get Leopard when it comes out. I'm hoping the new Safari will blow everything away.
Internet Explorer 7 11 years ago
I thought IE7 might work with iComp better than the older version, but it seems to be even worse! I had to re-install quicktime to get it to recognize even mp3s - and it still only recognizes them occasionally. The rest of the time IE just sends up an error message and then crashes. Still no support for chat.

If you were considering upgrading - don't.

Stick with FireFox. (although, my work won't let me install it.)
Playing tracks backwards and then saving them that way 11 years ago
It can also be done with Spark and Peak. I prefer Spark over Audacity. Haven't used Peak since OS9, but I hear it is very good.
damaged garageband files 11 years ago
Glad I could help! Hope others will get some use from this thread.
damaged garageband files 11 years ago
GarageBand files are not files in the traditional sense that we think of files. They are actually folders with many different files inside. Some contain the media (aiff files) and others contain data that tell GB how to structure that media.

When you save multiple versions of a GB project, the media does not get duplicated with each copy. This is great for saving Disk space, but it is horribly bad - even catastrophic - if an early version is erased or damaged.

You may be able to recover the lost files using a disk-recovery application, but these are generally not free, and the process can be very labor intensive. You will have to search for the actual files (aiff and data) which you did not name, so you don't know what you are looking for.

I'm speaking from experience. I recently deleted an early version of a song, not realizing how GB saved files and lost all the vocals, bass, etc. I downloaded a demo of a disk-recovery app. and after some effort, found the files still on my disk - I could even play them, but unfortunately, could not afford to buy the app. (about $150), so I could not recover the song.
Is being young over rated? 11 years ago
I wish I could have at least ONE of the above smiley

I don't feel wise, but I definitely feel old. I wouldn't mind getting older if it didn't hurt so much. Or interfere with the things I love (tinnitus has put quite a damper on my enjoyment of music, arthritis has made flying trapeze much less fun, prostate has stolen my sleep, etc.) And, it may be completly vain, but I don't enjoy losing hair in places I want it and gaining it in other places.

On the other hand, there were things about my youth that I would not wish to relive (acne, social taunting, insecurity, etc.)

If I had my ideal, I would maintain the health I had at 20, but continue the wisdom that I would gain throughout life.

But maybe my opinion shouldn't count because I'm not old enough. My grandma would say that none of us are old enough.
Breaker, breaker... 11 years ago
My Grandma Hazel had the best handle ever - Purple Haze!

Maybe she'll join iComp. Is that one taken? I'll have to check.
Funky bass available 11 years ago
pete, I think he might have had time to upload a song or two before the server upgrade (note that jl's post was made on OCT 25th) smiley

I'll really need your stuff now - jombapomh3 made me give his bass back. smiley Actually, I offered - He just switched to the good side & is itching to try out GarageBand & Final Cut Express! Maybe he'll post some music vids soon!

Lets all welcome to jombapomh3 to the world of Mac! What will he do without viruses & blue screens?
Scary Movies For Hallween 11 years ago
I like Hugh Jackman, but I always feel a little dirty saying his name.
Scary Movies For Hallween 11 years ago
First off, I'm a huge fan of the classics. I've seen every version of Nosferatu that I can get my hands on. Cabinet of Dr. Caligeri is great. Lon Chaney Sr. was amazing in both Phantom of the Opera and Hunchback. The Seventh Seal is a must-see for anyone interested in film. And I couln't imagine my life without King Kong & Godzilla.

The Universal Flicks all rock. I've watched Drac, Frank, Wolfie, Mums, Creach, Invisi and two of the Abott & Costello DVD's this month. They all get better each time I see them.

Newer stuff I have to break up into categories: Psych (Supernatural), Gore (Slash & Splatter) & Comedy.

Most of my favorites in the Psych dept. have been mentioned - with the tops being The Exorcist, The Omen and The Shining. A couple that haven't been mentioned so far are The Amityville Horror and Rosemary's Baby. There was a quick string of great movies in the mid-eighties like the Seventh Sign, Believers and Serpent and the Rainbow.

Somewhere between Psych & Gore there is a special place for shows like Psycho and Silence of the Lambs. They are bloody, but there's more to them than most slash-flicks.

I'm not a huge fan of slashers, but the original Nightmare On Elm St. was fantastic. Maybe because there was such a psychological element. The Hellraiser series were also very good. I hear Hostel tops them all, but I'm afraid to watch.

A few that tickle my funny-bone (in addition to the affore-mentioned Abott & Costello franchise): Evil Dead (all three were great), Young Frankenstein and The Frighteners (totally underrated).

I guess I should have also added an action category. Stuff like The Mummy, Blade, Underworld & Van Helsing all keep the blood flowing (pun intended).

Of course, the Steves should almost have a category to themselves - Spielberg and King have both kept generations hiding in corners with their own distinct visions of terror.

The Edger Allen Poe/Roger Cormen/Vincent Price is hard to beat.

And in closing, I leave you with one final name to contemplate - possibly the scariest of all:

Ed Wood
calling all icompers....I need your help. 11 years ago
Just in case Richard doesn't get to it, here is the link .
calling all icompers....I need your help. 11 years ago
Congrats Richard! Maybe you should link to your iTunes page so People can find it.
Calling All Songwriters! 11 years ago
it’s like they’re giving away free ice cream!

It's not really like giving away free ice cream is it? Seems a bit more like $30 ice cream.
Breaker, breaker... 11 years ago
To me, chatrooms and online communities like iComp are the 21st Century answer to Citizen's Band and HAM Radio:

You use a fake name to talk to strangers from places near and far, whom you will (probably) never meet. You get to 'know' those strangers and become quite attached to them - but it is also a place where you can become someone you are not.

It is very tech/geek oriented.

And it becomes quite addictive.
Breaker, breaker... 11 years ago
Exactly - that's what got me thinking about it. I am realizing now that I use iComp very much the same way I used my CB base station in Jr. High.
Funky bass available 11 years ago
Great to see a new face! I'll probably take you up on that offer. It's always nice to have a really good bassist!
Breaker, breaker... 11 years ago
mine's 'White Shark'!

(it was 1975 and I was totally into Jaws - moment of silence for the guy who played the Tuba on that soundtrack who just passed.)
where who day! 11 years ago
!neves ,wtb .esnes latot sekam sihT ?desufnoc eb I dluow yhW
Tom Waits 11 years ago
...there's nothin' strange
About an axe with bloodstains in the barn

There's always some killin'
You got to do around the farm

You're right. Think I'll make this a Tom Waits day!

While we're making recommendations based on your fondness for TW, I think you should also check out Leonard Cohen and Vladymir Vysotski (there are many different spellings, but you should be able to find some of his stuff free on the net.) He might be a bit hard to understand (speaks Russian) but well worth the listen.
Happy Birthday lilichi! 11 years ago
Happy Birthday!

I know you are working hard, but please find time to get in a few smiles! Here is a little song to cheer you up!
Play Count 11 years ago
That doesn't mean you should log out and keep re-freshing your song. They can figure out that kind of thing pretty quickly.
Edit iComp Comments 11 years ago
to clarify - the comment that I edited was my own comment.
OXJAM 11 years ago

we all know I'm slow as molasses when it comes to recording - but count me in to buy the album.
Levelator 11 years ago
Anyone tried out Levelator yet? I can't try it because I'm running Panther and it only works with the Java in Tiger & Windows, but it sounds intriguing.

For those who haven't heard of it, Levelator is software designed to balance the levels of an audio file. It was made to help Podcasters, but it sounds like it could have applications in music production as well. Unlike limiters and compressors which react to soundwaves after the fact, Levelator analyzes the past and future waves and adjusts accordingly.
Baboon is 40 today! 11 years ago
I can't even keep track of thow Fortunato is these days. But I can tell Baboon anywhere by any name - by his walker and Geritol.

How was that probing exam, by the way Babs?

Help - how to get a differenciative sounding master? 11 years ago
Interesting lesson... less is more.

Another good tip is to give your ears a rest (I guess that would be Ian's walk.) It is very easy to get too close to a mix and start to lose perspective. When it is your own music, you'll always hear things others don't - and you'll always miss things they catch. I go back to tunes that I recorded two decades ago and it's like listening to a whole new song. Sometimes I go, "Wow! I didn't know this was so good!" and sometimes it's, "Ewwww, what was I thinking?"

Anyway, it is good that you found your problem, and it is a good example for others to follow - when you've fiddled with a song as much as you can and it keeps getting worse, maybe it is time to simplify!
Baboon is 40 today! 11 years ago
Excellent tune Matt! Happy Birthday Baboon!

For the play-by-play of Bab's B-day Bash, check out my blog. I also tossed up a little tune in honor of the occasion!

Hope this is a good one Babs and hope there are many great songs to come this year! Happy Birthday!
New moderators! 11 years ago
Excellent choices. Congrats to all!
iTunes 11 years ago
I've been having a blast with coverflow! This is the first time I've felt like I had my record collection back since I started the painful switch to CD. It was never easy to flip through covers with CD's and I was starting to feel like artwork didn't matter anymore. Now I browse the way I used to - I look at the covers and listen to the one that gives me the emotional response I'm looking for!
iMedley 11 years ago

you know you are always welcome to do anything you want to anything of mine. I don't see my stuff making a good medley, but if anyone could do it I'm sure it would be yoh!
Cover Contest RESULTS!! 11 years ago
Congrats to all! This contest is a playlist on my iPod that will see action for quite a while.

Thank you Bam for getting everyone going on this. Thank you ponkey for making it look so fun that I couldn't resist - you got me to make new music for the first time since my new job!

If we're ever in Melbourne I've got the second round!
Chinese Whispers - Cover Cadavre 11 years ago
DD told me he passed our version on to David Bowles. From there, I can't say what has happened.

btw, since I helped DD, I'll have to be taken out of the later lineup.
Chinese Whispers - Cover Cadavre 11 years ago
hmmm. I could collab with you Double D. I'd have to be taken off the end of the project, but maybe it'd be fun.
Chinese Whispers - Cover Cadavre 11 years ago
I'm not really sure if I'm comfortable with you touching wood.

Your input needed: Song Modes 11 years ago
I honestly don't know what to think about this discussion.

I don't like the idea of dividing iComp into finished and unfinished. I'm not sure how many people would listen to unfinsished songs.

I know I don't usually post a song unless it is finsished (unless it is for collab, etc.), but still want the critique. On the other hand, why would I want to give ratings to an artist who doesn't want feedback? And if we don't rate those songs, how will they be ranked for the top ten?

I like the idea of a flag that says someone wants critique. But I think in general, I'd still feel like I'm walking on eggshells. It seems like even artists who beg for critique get defensive if everything you say isn't totally positive. Unless I've developed a personal relationship with an artist (like I have with ponkey, lili, woodguy, geechi, etc.), I probably won't feel comfortable critiquing even if the song is flagged.
Chinese Whispers - Cover Cadavre 11 years ago
It can only make the project that much more interesting!
Chinese Whispers - Cover Cadavre 11 years ago
Chinese Whispers - Cover Cadavre 11 years ago
OK, I'm a day late and a dollar (Euro?) short. But I'm hoping you can find room for me in this endeavor! If it's OK, count me in!
Most Unusual Cover Contest 11 years ago
OK, I had to play too!

Miss You
Odd-Time Signiatures 11 years ago
OK, this topic got me thinking and I dug up TV 10 Theme just in honor of the thread. It has multiple time signatures going on simultaneously. I never finished it, so it just sort of trails off.
Odd-Time Signiatures 11 years ago
My song A Fine Tree alternates between 6/8 and 8/8 in the chorus. The verse is 8/8, but there are a couple measures of 4/8 as well. I'm working on re-recording the song in Garageband with the hope that I'll find a drummer on iComp who will do something interesting with it.
Technical Help Requested regarding volume 11 years ago
I have a couple questions.

1. Are you burning these to an MP3 CD? If not, don't convert them to MP3 before burning an audio CD. That will reduce the quality of the recording even if you are compressing at the best levels possible. Anyway, if you are burning an Audio CD, there is no reason to convert to MP3 because iTunes will have to convert it right back to AIFF to burn it to CD. So you've just wasted time and lowered the quality of your track.

2. Have you tried normalizing your tracks? This is a basic digital audio function that isn't available yet in either GB or iTunes, but it is available in many free audio editing apps. Basically, it raises the level of the digital signal to the maximum non-clipping level. Many iComp artists seem to be using Audacity for this kind of audio editing. I usually use Spark ME because I don't have to convert to a WAV file, but Spark doesn't seem to be available for free anymore.

3. Have you tried looking at the level meter in iTunes?

If all the levels are low here and you have already Normalized, you probably need to go back into GB and use the Limiter and Compression. I prefer the AU versions of these tools found in the lower half of the GB effects menu. The problem though, is that you need to be a bit of an engineer to be able to figure out how to go beyond the basic settings on these effects and not totally muck your song.

If the levels in the iTunes meter are mostly low, but with one that goes particularly high, you need to go back into GB and tweek the EQ.

On a final note - Be aware that songs in GarageBand will always sound louder on your computer than the songs in iTunes. Never set levels by how the music sounds on your speakers. Use the meters. It sounds like people are finding out that Apple went a little conservative on the metering in GB, so it is OK to let the peak levels go to the red just a bit. This makes GB a little more like analog recording than most other Digital recorders.

Hope this is useful. Let us know how things work out!
Any Funny Jokes? 11 years ago
Chucke - my stack floats!

Any Funny Jokes? 11 years ago
I remember my first gig with a real band. Backstage before the show they asked me to sing solo. I was really excited - imagine me in front of that crowd singing my heart out. I was almost in tears!

Then they said, "yeah - so low we can't hear you."
punching in doesnt make sense?! 11 years ago
Of course, the world was a better place during those years smiley
Pink FLoyd Style of music 11 years ago
interesting debate. I think that the Floyd - like the Beatles - is an entity that became greater than the sum of it's parts. None of the five members has done anything individually that compares to what the group has done as a whole (although "Music From the Body" is quite amusing). It is as though they need that tension to create the system of checks and balances to keep each other in line.

Back on topic, though...

One of my songs - My Dream has drawn some comparisons to Floyd. I recorded it years ago using a D-20 sequencer and a 4-track, but if you are interested I could re-record the guitars & Vox and let you have a go at anything else you want.

let me know.
punching in doesnt make sense?! 11 years ago
this topic has com up in the forums before:
and here

I "punch in" quite a bit with GB, but you have to "Think Different" in the digital age. There is so much more you can do now than you could when you were using tape. But there are also a few limitations - especially with GarageBand and other low-end apps.

If you follow the directions/suggestions listed by others in this thread, you should be able to make a fairly decent approximation of a traditional "punch in'. The two limits I see with GB are:

1. You can only go back one measure for the count in - that's OK if you have someone to push the button for you, but if you have to push the button and pick up your pick and the tempo is 177bpm it can get pretty tricky.

2. You can't actually hear the track you are recording on. This means that you can't hear the part that comes directly before what you want to "punch in" to.

As with most problems/missing features of GB, there are workarounds. Most of these rely on the fact that GB tracks are non-destructive. This means that when you record over a section of a track it isn't actually recorded over - it is just trimmed back a bit (unless you record over an entire segment.)

So if you want to go back for instance, 3 measures, simply keep your count-in on, but go back 2 measures before you actually wan to start recording. You will 'record over' those 2 measures - but when you are done, simply drag the tail-end of that segment to where you actually wanted to start and you are good to go.

Now, if you want to actually hear the stuff on the track before your 'punch in', you'll need to record on a separate track. No need to go to great lengths to make sure that the tracks are identical though, because once you record your 'punch in' you will trim up the beginning and end of your segment and just pop it back up into your original track. If you keep the 'snap to grid' button turned on it is pretty easy to line things up and trim to exact measures.

hope this helps
Seven "songs" by 1212-ad-nauseum on music page 11 years ago
What about the song names causing improper formatting of the New Music page? I didn't see it, but there seems to have been a problem. Is there a way to fix that? Maybe set it to truncate if the name is one really long word?

I would rather see something like that than see a restriction on song titles that might stifle someone's creativity.
Seven "songs" by 1212-ad-nauseum on music page 11 years ago
Please don't come down on 1212 about the multi-post. Artists should be able to post as many songs as they want. The coding of the site is meant to prevent all the songs from showing up on the front page at once. This must have been a minor glitch in the system.

As far as the song descriptions are concerned - everything is subjective. As long as the descriptions themselves aren't explicit I think artists should be able to write anything they want about their own songs.

Welcome to the site 121212...
"DIIM" Copyrighted! 11 years ago
PM, in the event that diim should have to change accounts, is there a way to transfer songs and comments or would he lose everything?
Isn't life itself actually a slow, painful death?
Cyberian, I can't quite tell whether your post is a sneaky ploy to draw attention to your song (it has worked) or just whining. It really reminds me of when MonkeyGirl plays with her cousins and pokes them, then comes crying to me because they poked her back. I call that tattling.

Like my dad always says, "Don't dish it out unless you can take it."

Like many of the others who have posted in this thread, I agree more or less with the politics of your song. But I also know that if I post a song like that I'll expect the kind of response you got (which I really didn't think was that bad.)

cyberian wrote:
I have insulted no one, or called anybody anything,
People can and should draw their own conclusions.

Don't try to fool yourself or anyone else into thinking that you are simply letting the truth speak for itself. Using soundbytes out of context the way you have in this song, while amusing, is not remotely accurate or truthful. If I did something like this in my job (TV News) I would be fired and my career would be over. By your creative editing, you have indeed made your own statement which does indeed insult the sensibilities of people who trust in Bush.

cyberian wrote:
I thought we were here for the catalog is 90% instrumental. Guess this is how the Dixie Chicks felt!

If you truly thought we were just here for the music you would have stuck to the instrumental stuff and left the political commentary out of your song. I'm not saying that political commentary in music is a bad thing - I think it is great. But don't complain when someone posts an opposing viewpoint.

cyberian wrote:
cyberian is under attack by right wing sympathisers for the song TORTURE!

I think attack is a little strong.
cyberian wrote:
Here on this site! Check it out.

— supports my theory that this might be a ploy to attract attention.
cyberian wrote:
Support free speech!!

I strongly support your right to free speech, but this means I also support the rights of those who would speak out against you. Freedom of speech is a double edged sword, but it must go both ways or it is not really free. When you try to speak your mind but stop others from countering, you become a little more like the Rush Limbaugh's and Sean Hannity's of this world.
Cadavre Exquis - 2nd part 11 years ago
count me in again (but don't tell my wife I logged in while on vacation!)
Cadavre Exquis - 2nd part 12 years ago
OK, I've got another idea - let me know what you think...

What if we combined the next cadavre project with a similar cadavre lyrics/vocals project?

My idea is that while the instrumental part of the project is under developement we could be passing around a written version for some lyrics. Then once the lyrics and instrumentals are done, the project gets passed around one more time to vocalists. This would be a little more technically challenging, but it could be fun.

Alternately, the lyrics could be done first and each participant just gets assigned a set of lyrics when they record their instrumental part. The problem with this second approach is that many instrumentalists don't sing and many vocalists don't play.
Cadavre Exquis - 2nd part 12 years ago
Euphoria - I don't think instrument determines the difficulties you are talking about. I would think a novice (to intermediate) piano player would have just as much trouble coming in and playing along with 40 as they would playing with FE. Likewise with a less experienced guitarist.

Regardless of your level of experience though, you could throw down some warm pads or something like that in the final 12 and bring them into your first 12 to create a smooth(er) transition into your own stuff.
Cadavre Exquis - 2nd part 12 years ago
I like the idea of some 'suggested' instruments, beats, etc. but I wouldn't want to make it a requirement (my part in the last one was a capella.)

I do have a suggestion that might make it flow a bit better. I would suggest trippling the number of measures that each artist records. So you record along with the last 12 measures of the person before you - then play 12 solo measures - and finally play 12 that will be joined by the next artist.

This should give artists a little more space to explore ideas as well as increase the cohesiveness of the project as a whole.
Oh my! I love ___ (fill the blank) 12 years ago
I think the thing I like most is that PM and crew really listen to what we have to say and try to make this site the best it can be. I've never seen a site with such accommodating admins!
Albums in icompositions. 12 years ago
ziurerdna wrote:
[color=green][/color]I think that is time to create albums with the very best songs of icompositions. What do you think and feel about it?

I could be wrong (and PM can correct me on this), but hasn't this already been done? And if I'm not mistaken, it wasn't a real cash cow.

I think it is hard to convince people to buy something that they can get for free (and legally to boot!)
Albums in icompositions. 12 years ago
Bob6stringer wrote:
As far as our being a poster child for GarageBand, it's probably not that important for Apple due to GarageBand's small revenue potential - after all, it's sold two ways, free and cheap!

This is only partially true. GB is kind of theorhetically sold either free or cheap - unless you count the thousands of dollars you have to pay to get the Mac!

If iComp songs made with GB could convince PC using mucians around the world to switch it might be more than worth it.
Your Personal Websites! 12 years ago
Here's the Vaporman Website.

I threw it together in about 30 minutes using iWeb. The podcast was an additional 5 minutes using GB (it's just a test so I could see how it works.) Hope Baboon doesn't get a big head over it. smiley
Homemade Loops 12 years ago
Orange, I'm busy all weekend and can't check the song. I'll check it out on Monday.
Backstage Suggestions 12 years ago
Yeah, like "He Man"
Backstage Suggestions 12 years ago
WOW! That's service! PM is the King of the World!
Homemade Loops 12 years ago
I guess my issue comes when a guy like Yohmar or StunNutz does essentially the same thing by taking a loop and chopping it up to the level of maybe one note and creates something entirely new - but still has to call it loops.

I'm not necessarily advocating any policy or rule changes here. Just want people to think a bit.
Homemade Loops 12 years ago

So then, where do you place drum loops or other software instrument loops that you sequence yourself using the pencil tool, like David and I mentioned above? You didn't really play them with your own instruments, but they weren't created by anyone else either.

My personal tendency has been to not count those things as loops, but I have been questioned on it before by other artists.
Backstage Suggestions 12 years ago
ah... thanks PM. Sorry to throw credit where it isn't due. And after he already tried to steal your song! smiley
Funny Site for guitar players 12 years ago
very enlightening
Backstage Suggestions 12 years ago
I echo Dylan on this one. If it is possible (and gnome has the time), I would like to see any song a favorite artist has collaborated on in my favorites list.
Recording Problem 12 years ago
Are you recording in a real instrument track? If you are trying to record guitar in a software track it won't work and won't actually record anything.

that would be my first guess.
Sista Mac Video Cafe! 12 years ago
very cool stuff. Looks like you put a lot into that. I liked the whole 'moving set' thing!
Homemade Loops 12 years ago

I agree with you. That's why I question. If I record the guitar track for verse & chorus and then just cut and paste, should I really call it 'no loops'?

If I do like I did in my cover of "Hey Ya!" and just record one measure of the guitar part and loop it through the song, should I call it 'no loops' just because I created the loop?

This is a great debate.
Homemade Loops 12 years ago
I think you help to illustrate the point orange. This debate was going strong even 15 years ago. Even 20 years ago I was doing looped music using both tape loops and digital samples (for an example, see the mid section of Alone.) Even back then I considered loops and samples two very distinct concepts. The third important concept that ties in very closely with this discussion is sequencing. I'll get to that shortly.

Now, with GarageBand and other digital music editing software, the lines have become even more blurred. Consider this scenerio. I create a software instrument drum track which uses sampled drum sounds. Then use the pencil tool in the track editor to draw in beats at points where I want them (what we called sequencing in the old days.) Next, I use the 'Fix Timing' (old time quantizing) feature of GB to make sure that my bad pencil drawings fit neatly into the proper timing. Finally, I use the loop function of GarageBand to stretch out that measure of drum beat over the entire length of the song. No one could really argue that the track was not looped. And technically, I didn't play any portion of the loop. I didn't create any of the sounds involved. I also didn't put any more thought into how those sounds went together than I would if I took one of the standard GB loops and chopped it up and put it back together.

So the main issue for me has to be - what level of input makes you comfortable in saying that you did not 'loop' anything. I don't think there is a hard and fast answer. That is why I love this debate!
Homemade Loops 12 years ago
Very good question Kai,

I know I think about those two types of loops quite differently. Generally speaking, If I create all the sounds in a composition, I classify it as 'No Loops' even if I re-use a segment or even loop a beat.

I've even gotten into situations where I've taken a recording of my old 4-track songs and created loops from each measure just so the timing would be dead on and not affected by tape warble, etc. Technically, these are loops, but I would never classify them as all-loop compositions when I post.

Others might disagree with me on this though.
A message from the YO.. to everybody out there.. 12 years ago
I guess the issues in this thread were already fixed before you joined the site, so for you, it hasn't really been an issue.
A message from the YO.. to everybody out there.. 12 years ago

The problem is not that you would get extra attention because you have 10 tracks in the new music list. The problem is that each one of those tracks pushes someone else off that list.

I think the way it is set up now works nicely. I can upload all ten of those songs if I want - but they won't all show up in the new music list. That way if people truly want to find my music they will, but I'm not shoving other artists into obscurity.
iCompositions Guitar Lessons with enicholsIC 12 years ago

You are brilliant! Not only for knowing that stuff, but for finding a way to share it so that even someone like me can figure out what you are talking about. I learned more in one night of watching your videos than I have in 28 or so years of playing (and several college level music theory classes.) I especially learned from lesson 4. Can't wait for the next lesson!

If there is anyone out there thinking about learning guitar. Stop what you are doing right now and check out these lessons!
ages of icompositioners? 12 years ago
True woodguy - and if you count the way they act, JapanKid and MOSHbot are under that age as well smiley
... 12 years ago
I had not been to your site for quite a while. Looks like you guys have been busy!

I absolutely loved Hawaii. I would recommend it to anyone. It is very well written, directed, shot and edited - and the sound editing is great! Hope to see more like that from you!
... 12 years ago
Very funny Billy!
ages of icompositioners? 12 years ago
I'd say there are quite a few here who fall outside the range of this survey. Depending on the time of day, I may feel like I do!

Can I come to Denny's with you JL?
Is there time stretching? 12 years ago
I'm not sure about GB2, but GB3 will allow you to change either the tempo or pitch of an audio track.

To change the tempo of an audio track, simply change the tempo of the song. The track will change right with the rest of the song. If you have created a song and want to fit an audio file to the songs tempo it will be a bit trickier. Before you import your audio file, you'll need to know its tempo. You are pretty much on your own for figuring out the tempo, but I know there is a plug-in for iTunes called bpm inspector that will work. You'll have to google it. Once you figure out the tempo of the audio file you want to use, go into your GB song and change the tempo to match your audio file. Finally, Import the audio file into a GB track and change the song tempo back to where you want the song to be.

The process is basically the same for changing the pitch of an audio file, but replace "tempo" for "Key".

As with any other app, this will sound worse the further you get from the original sample. Also, this won't work very well if your original audio file varies in pitch or tempo. In that case, your best option is to re-record.

I know that these features are not available in GB 1.
How to export to iTunes in MP3 (directly)? 12 years ago
If you are burning audio CDs you shouldn't compress them at all. AIFF is the format you should use.

If you are putting it on your iPod or Just keeping it in iTunes you will have to find the balance that suites you. The higher the encoding rate, the bigger the file and the more hard drive space you will take up. I would definitely not keep anything in my iPod as AIFF. At the very least you should encode with Apple Lossless. AAC coding is generally more efficient than mp3 - which means that you can use a lower bit rate and still get better sound. iTMS uses 128 kbps AAC, and that seems to be OK for most listeners (a similar sound would be MP3 @ 160 kbps.)

For this site, I try to use mp3s because many Windows users won't be able to play back AAC files. I also don't bother with high bit rates. I encode at 128 kbps mp3. I figure if someone really likes the song that much and wants a pristine copy they'll buy the CD. smiley
How to export to iTunes in MP3 (directly)? 12 years ago
Thanks for thinking of me Jazz, but I'm afraid that's one area I can't help. About a year and a half ago I developed a pretty bad case of tinnitus in my right ear. I can't even hear tape hiss anymore. It seems to be either related to sinus or jaw misalignment, so I'm hoping it can be corrected. It was bad enough that I quit making music for about 6 months. I also have really cut back on critical reviews. I pretty much just tell people if I enjoyed their song now.

Back on topic though, I have done many blind and double blind tests in the past with many different listeners. I have yet to find anyone who can regularly and accurately tell the difference in rock or pop music encoded with mp3 over 192 kbps. I have seen more sensitivity with Classical or Ambient type recordings - probably because of the increased dynamic range.

I'm not saying it is impossible that there are people out there who can tell the difference, but I have never experienced it.

ChrisB, in response to your original question - I don't think there is any way to export anything but AIFF from GarageBand. You'll have to convert it using iTunes.