Born on a mountain top in Tennessee, young VOIDMSTR tasted his destiny at an early age when he conducted the Rhythm Band at kindergarten. And never stopped!

I took clarinet and piano lessons as a lad, and played clarinet in the Haverford Junior High School Band. I got kicked out for throwing jellybeans into those big white plastic sousaphones at football games.

The uniforms were very itchy, but my parents were "disappointed" in me.

Later on, I played 12-string and sang solo and performed with bands during the great folk music scare of the 60s; I picked up electric guitar when I moved to Hollywood in the late 70s.

I'm a rock radio and records veteran (WMMR, WAR, Heart, Mushroom Records),
broadcast concert and jazz producer, and, later, I was a web monkey for Harry Shearer, Spinal Tap and Yahoo! GeoCities.

I have a great collection of "bizarre guitars" mostly from eBay

Now I live in the hills way up in Bel Air, where I can see the real stars and taste the salt air as it rolls in from the ocean.

We come in peace for all online.
VOIDMSTR'S LAW: Bandwidth expands to fit the waste available.

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¡Hola, GarageBanderos! June 3, 2006
Just joined, uploaded first tune, wanted to say hi.
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