6 Years on iComp... ^..^ Many Years, Many Friends
October 25, 2010 | 8:11 am


6 years ago I join a virtual music world.. because I wanted to learn more about a little program called Garageband.. Surfed a little and iComp came up..Never in my life I wood of thought it change my music world..

The Friends I meet and their Music amazes me..and I thank is an Amazing Music world..

I know I haven't been around as much as in the past and wish I could be here making music again...

You see the past few years hit me pretty hard...first the accident then the stage 4 cancer..Almost didn't make it, But I fought it and won.... But I can say I am a cancer survivor.. The hand still messed up with poor motor skills music is pretty much out of me it seems..

I do come back to iComp often and lurk around..and plan more to get involved.. after all it is part of my Life is interesting to go back to all your older stuff and see a timeline of those years...

Thank you again.. PM and all the GREAT People I meet and your talents..

You All Amaze ME..

I posted a song for today..




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6 years ? .. time flys .. we miss the wood tunes, would be good to have you back Woody .. Now I'm off to listen to Vette of Gold, my fave Woodguy song.
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Hi, gonna come round and check out your music, am happy to hear you beat that nasty disease and are here to talk about it and still make some music.

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6 years thats pretty good devotion to anything let alone a website. It's great you are a survivor and even with the bad hand music is never out of you it's just harder for you to get it to us but still may be possible. I've had reconstructive surgery on my right hand and feared the same even though I'm ambidextrous I was going still bang bongos or something with my right. I was blessed that while one knuckle sits back a bit further, after therapy I could still use my right hand. So still keep the faith that there's a chance... You are a true asset to the Community and like Dave M said "great to have you back".
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Congratulations ! smiley
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Hey, hey, good to see you poking around here! Muzak forever!!!
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You're a giant here on icomp, Kirk!
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Happy iComp b-day, Muzak Maestro! Glad to hear from you -- keep on pumping out the woodsongs, guy, when you get the inspiration and the time smiley
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Happy Virtual Birthday!

Hope to see you here more often smiley

Here's to another great 6 years!

Elaine smiley

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My hope of course is that the rough ride is history, to be remembered but not held tight, 6 years is a milestone to be proud of, that this site has meant a great deal to you speaks volumes about everyone you meet, every song you hear,every song you upload, so heres to the future bright and positive...
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I'm very glad to hear you're a survivor! I have always thought of you and hoped so!
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I know what you are feeling, I've walked the same road!!!
It feels good when you know, a reprieve has been given
to you....
And you can do the things, you've always wanted to but
never took the time to....

Glad to see you back.....
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