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Where Are They All? 6 years ago
WOW Vap...

Yup... Crazy about the years passing so quick..

Just yesterday was my 7th Anniversary thingy here on iComp... Amazing..

Just a note with me... Just found out I got hit with Cancer a second time.. looks like its going be pretty tough road... stem cell and bone marrow and Massive amounts of Chemo on this one.. cancer is bad once.. but twice is a tough road...

Thanks Everyone on IC... I still visit often.. just lurking..

Wood smiley smiley
Oh No! 8 years ago
His Kids where in Tin Machine with Bowie
Oh No! 8 years ago
I think this song was my first 45...lol

and I still have it somewhere. around here....lol

Oh No! 8 years ago
hey.. lets do the mouse....
Logic Studio Pro 9 Upgrade 8 years ago
Intel only... The G5 is no More....l

same with the new Final Cut Studio..

I knew the day was coming... when my Quad G5 is garbage...lol

not for me...I still love Classic...OS9
Ninjakat. 8 years ago
great artwork...gumgirl..
Cancer film 8 years ago
cancer sucks...

I can say that being first hand, giving a good fight to stage 4 cancer myself.. and yes I am winning the battle right now..and things look good...

I got a ton of music here.. may work, may not...

we can win the fight...

jharley... Where Have You Gone? 8 years ago
wow.. I miss everybody...
best time to upload? 8 years ago
Any day that ends with a "Y" works for me..
Brag about your kids/grand kids thread 8 years ago
The BEST Video on iComp


done by both of my daughters,

Cracks me up every time I see it..

Proud Dad
GARNI'S in the HOSPITAL! 9 years ago
Get well soon....stones suck..been there..lol

Cancer.... 9 years ago
well I am diagnosed with non-hoginkins B cell large cell lymphoma.

I have been staged so far at stage 3, but I still need more results on more test to be final, had a bone morrow test yesterday...
( probably the most painful thing I ever felt )

Tomorrow I am having another test and on Tuesday I will be started on Chemo .. which is all day event...

Thanks Wood
Have you heard ... so and so? 9 years ago
Borris Rules....
Cancer.... 9 years ago
I personally Like to Thank Everyone for the warm best wishes through my newest adventure...

I love all the iComp Artist and hope to use this place as my escape from the dreaded C...

thank you again.. I will post updates here..

woodguy smiley
A musicians iPhone 9 years ago
here is a link to Beatmaker..it is pretty amazing..


I got it to work with GB and tapped out a drum track or two..but the cool thing is I can make muzak anywhere I want and it fits in my pocket

wood smiley
A musicians iPhone 9 years ago
Beatmaker is awesome..one amazing app..
hurricane in ohio? 9 years ago
We had 80 mph winds here in Cincy... power still out for many...tons of damage...

it sure was a freaky wind thing...

iCompostions Staff Who's Who? 9 years ago
I guess I been demoted....no longer a mod, since IC4

Probably because I am not posting muzak as much, since my hand injury
Got Music for Video? 9 years ago
Very Cool.....this is an awesome ...thanks

wood muzak.... Mr. soundtrack Muzak..lol

New iCompositions Moderators 9 years ago
Congrats on the New Mods...
Unusual iComps Artists 9 years ago
This is such a GREAT thread.. I love this...thanks

I do have an alter ego on IC...lol


The songs made from image files is very experimental. Pixels converted to Midi...

old system 7 stuff, early macs, on the fly stuff

Now Electro is making music with a Wii remote and a ipod touch.. will post soon some very strange stuff

wood smiley
cartoon music 9 years ago
every woodguy32 song..haha
Food Songs (What's On The Menu?) 9 years ago
the cheese is good




just some from the wood food group
Where Are They All? 9 years ago
wow..Baboon..hit the nail on the head..

I must admit I am one of those who drifted off for some time.. I think I only made 3 or 4 songs this year..and they really bad ones at that..( well a broken right hand doesnt help much...lol)

What I love to see is more film and video artist join the site.. making collab projects with our HUGE Talent artist pool here at iComp..

Combining the Medias...

Also like to see bigger artwork for the songs... even separate artwork section, where artist can post their artwork...

Make the site a Audio and Visual Experience...

Where Are They All? 9 years ago
PowerMatt wrote:
Where did TheGranz go? I miss his groovin' sounds.

YEA..where did he go...!!!

The 'i' in iCompositions 9 years ago

The 'i' in iCompositions 9 years ago
Ed, said it Best... The perfect song


YEAH!!!!!!!!! smiley
Have you heard ... so and so? 9 years ago
Both my Girls on iComp..they are making awesome Videos

Proud Wood Dad

Gum Girl... my youngest.. crazy wild weird vids..

my first animation..the turtle song

Horses in Space

Lizzy.. my oldest.. very surreal art films.. using a Pixelvision camera

Flying Lessons

The man who slept for one hundred years

please welcome them to iComp..and check out their Films

expect to see more uploaded..

Thanks woodguy32 smiley
Official Song Plugging Thread 9 years ago
Both my Girls on iComp..they are making awesome Videos

Proud Wood Dad

Gum Girl... my youngest.. crazy wild weird vids..

my first animation..the turtle song

Horses in Space

Lizzy.. my oldest.. very surreal art films.. using a Pixelvision camera

Flying Lessons

The man who slept for one hundred years

please welcome them to iComp..and check out their Films

expect to see more uploaded..

Thanks woodguy32 smiley
Unauthorized Collaborations 9 years ago
This has nothing to do with collabs here.. but

was watching the local TV station the other night (something I don't do often) and a series of commercials go thru.. then one came on for a fireworks outlet store, playing some muzak that was awfully sounding like some wood muzak....played a part of my "bored" song..

Wasn't really sure the first time I heard it with the voice over and all.. but I caught it again and it sure was a wood track..

So this brings me up to what does this have to do with collabs, nothing really, But I always wondered how much of OUR MUSIC is being ripped and used in a public matter..

wood.... smiley
Two new Genres please 9 years ago
"Other" covers everything...

my fav genre

Tarantino fans 9 years ago
always the soundtrack to my mind....haha
iphone and making muzak.. 9 years ago
oh my.. at the wwdc today..yes you can play music on your iphone..

keyboard and many virtual instruments..could be great if ya get that idea in your head away from the studio...wow.. this could be pretty cool..

(Wonders if you can send it to GB or logic?)

and the can it work on the iPod touch...I hope so.. I want one now..

wood smiley
An Idea for Genre Listings!!! 9 years ago
An Idea for Genre Listings!!! 9 years ago
other.... my favorite genre
New genre 9 years ago
never heard of concrete music..?

heard of Wood Muzak tho..lol
Microsoft acquires iCompositions 9 years ago
it is about time..
Last song updated irony 10 years ago
ackkk.. too much...

so whos fault is it really?...

Your next upload? 10 years ago
weird.. to be honest..I havent done anything muzak wise since the downtime...

dont know why...just no creative flow..

been working on hotrods alot more and listening to all my IC podcast and mugshots..lol

the flood gates I am sure will be broken when the time comes..

Add a new Genre? 10 years ago
other is my fav...post 90% of my songs there..lol..

since their is no muzak genre.... smiley
Welcome Back 10 years ago
oh oh... I can breathe again.. that was sure a long time to hold my breath...

congrats to all...we love iComp...

PM...you can breath again...lol...

Lets all salute our fearless leader...PM and crew

Good to see some Old Timers... 10 years ago
pete wrote:
And, Ed, you must also bring back the ham and pineapple pics!

Drool..... smiley
Good to see some Old Timers... 10 years ago
Is the ham ready.. Im hungry...

Big Hello ED....

the woodperson hasn't been around too much either... been way too busy also... somebody got to hack out some wooden hotrods..lol

plus my hand deal slowed my muzak a bunch...

wood smiley
Anyone who can scream well? 10 years ago
I scream pretty loud when I get my utility bill...AAACCCKKK!!!
Threadie Mercury 10 years ago
Dave M wrote:
I broke a finger nail ...

better then breaking your right hand to pieces..lol

wood... smiley
Electro Show 1 Artists 10 years ago
ZAP....BIG wattage artist....ZAP

thanks lap...

ouch...hot wire...wood
The Who vs. Led Zeppelin 10 years ago
Bass2x wrote:
Zep was riff and blues oriented, while The Who were chords and rhythm styled. Zep just appealed to me more.

A story for another time...
I played at the Who's 10th anniversary party in NYC. A private affair with the boys going absolutely bonkers! Quite a few tales to tell of that nite...

Wow bass..that is AMAZING.. and do tell the tale...

Me on the other hand (inject pun please), was at Rocks biggest tragedy.

The Who concert in Cincinnati.. 11 people died that night...sad day

Mac vs PC 10 years ago

with all the hard ones lately..

some I couldn't choose one if my life depended on it...

Needed a real easy one..lol.. at least for me..

wood... maple vs oak

Shoes, shoes, shoes 10 years ago
where is Miss Redd?
Threadie Mercury 10 years ago
oH a topic on topics...lol

and yes Yo is Mr. Classy...

zal.. is Mr. Topics Lately.. haha

wood...my daughter kills me at guitar hero 3, I do suck at it....lol smiley
Have you heard ... so and so? 10 years ago
Five extra arms has joined us...

love this new track...great artist.. both visually and musically


Most important decade for music? 10 years ago
I am looking forward to the 10's and beyond..
(if I make that far..lol..)..its pretty close..

I am sure as can be we will be seeing some iComp STARS!

Death of the CD? 10 years ago
well... being a collector of old odd things...I have own and restored close to a dozen Horn Victrolas ( with their painted horns and of course wood cases)....then crank them up... no electrictiy... stick a Real needle in and spin a glass record at the speed of 78 revs per min...

and then that scratchy sound and some great music is played.... I have hundreds of these glass disc..( oh..maybe i should do some sampling.....wonder if copyrights are long gone.where is that RCA jack?.....LOL )

throw a vinyl record on it and you wood see chips fly off...

things come and go...and we will always step up to the newest next thingy...

the sliver mirror disc will never die...just be replaced by something more shiny and smaller...

wood...cranking the hits..really... 8)
are we all "too much friendly ??" 10 years ago
Rock On GRANZ....

wood ... who wants to be everybody's Friend...
Blaine back on the radio! 10 years ago
wow...most excellent....haha..

always love hearing virtual garage...great show showcasing homebrewed music ...and having our music on the air for listeners..( non musical types..hmm.. I am one of them..haha...)

but now we are lucky and have ICR...

zal.. how do you find all this news..haha...
Death of the CD? 10 years ago
oh how I love my 8-tracks...

click ... click
what are u doing now 10 years ago
HaHa...In my shop truck ( 1932 Ford daily driver) I have only 2 cassette tapes that are playing constantly..

Pacer ... The Amps
Last Splash ... Breeders

Im in luv with the Deal sisters...lol

check out Kelly Deal 6000.. for the other sister...

wood... 8)
what are u doing now 10 years ago
zallaz wrote:
listening to The Breeders

OH YEA........now I am too...lol

wood smiley
Macjams revamp 10 years ago
make sure you bring some bug spray...lol

can I say Big time buggy
How much iCompositions music do you listen to? 10 years ago

my pods are filled with icomp...I really dont listen to anything else..

besides tons of my fav icompers..I have all mugshots and IC podcast I rotate regularly...

My vidpod is the main music player in the Hotrod Shop..guess I need to get my itunes networked out there..(in the Shed)..then I can listen to ICR too

and yes.. Borris is Played Loudly and Often..haha

wood... smiley
Happy Birthday, iCompositions! 10 years ago

Happy Happy IC...
PSP Internet 10 years ago
haha.. maybe the site should change its theme...PSP connect

got to admit ... I surfed iComp on my Wii

the Wii is too cool...even using my wii remotes connected to my mac using bluetooth and controlling GB with a program hack..lol..

now I can shake and dance around while making muzak.. ( oh, NOT a pretty site for sure )

maybe I should post my Wii-GB muzak... really strange stuff

wood smiley
iComp Awards 2007 10 years ago
Oh Oh.. wood easily is the worst muzak of 2007... or any other year..most worst songs..and done mostly one handed... yup

iComp Awards 2007 10 years ago
FrozenEntropy wrote:
...back when the site was made out of wood .... eh woody.

HaHa.. oh yes the Wood...
iComp Awards 2007 10 years ago
wow.. oh how I love nostalgia...i remember just joining then and voting...oh how I miss the older days...sniff sniff

Everybody loves BL and JL

old rotten wood... smiley
Mystified + bibanova = sonicmagpie 10 years ago
s0o... are these sonic songs for Birds?


cant wait...wood
Official Song Plugging Thread 10 years ago
made some christmas cookies...

it has been a very long time....


merry merry to All....

luv wood
Santa Interviewed Live!!! 10 years ago
How does the big guy do it all in one night...wow...

merry merry to all..

iPhone Ringtones 10 years ago
Yea.. zal... see the new update even has it within GB.. import as a ringtone ...haha..( what is next iMovie Ringtones..?)

pretty crazy...now I need a cell phone..ha..nah, I dont want anyone to find me..

wood smiley
Free Rice? 10 years ago
very cool site...been picking my brain there for a while now..lol

Today is... ILLU's B-DAY!! 10 years ago
wow...BIG Happy one to you IllUm...

the only radio DJ that matters...IRC

thanks wood smiley
Give some love (MissRedd's birthday) 10 years ago
Happy Redd Day...

yea....yea...yea...get those red shoes on...
Play songs backwards in icomp! 10 years ago
finally my muzak sounds good...

oh how very cool...

Inappropriate Artist Collabs 10 years ago
Ignoramus wrote:

Mysti and I are indeed working up our collab, but we both want to do it right, and work/family/holidays/viruses have been in the way. I'm not sure if we'll hit the 12/19 deadline, and if others are in the same situation, perhaps stretching the cutoff date is an option? We'll still complete our collab.

Contest or not, I already I felt I won! I got to collab with Mysti! Nyah nyah! smiley


wow...this will be awesome...cant wait

I know what you mean... I collab with mysti.. she told me I was Very Inappropriate also..called me a dirty old man too..lol

NO wonders why no one wants to collab with wood..lol...everyone thinks I am a Homer's brother....

Extraprice - Christmas Contest 2007 (1 track til Dec 9th) 10 years ago
More Merry Wood-zak

merry merry

First Noel


no title?

what went wrong?

Bells for paris

Too many Leaves..well at least I got too many

penguin.. the video... weird...oh very weird
Extraprice - Christmas Contest 2007 (1 track til Dec 9th) 10 years ago
haha.. just some X-wood holiday zak...
some real woodjunk and some traditional....

I think I got 18 holiday tracks laying around here..I will post more when I find them....lol

Happy Happy to One and All

love wood... the maker of muzak..


Tangled lights

Sugar plum rats dance

Silent Night.. wood jazz lounge..

A wood Christmas Melody

Silver Bells

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Angels we have heard

joy to the world

one size fits all

merry merry to all ..My Christmas card..
Anonymous Stars System 10 years ago
Here you go...what icomp users recommend for listening...


stars are for decoration...they dont mean a thing...

Official Song Plugging Thread 10 years ago
oxwood ...for oxjam..


been a long time..plus first one done in logic studio

thanks wood
Oxjam 2007 - help wanted 10 years ago
Ox Muzak...sorry I took so long....


99 bottles video extravaganza 10 years ago
well... ok


but I must admit the this was posted for the big bottle thingy...

my ears are still ringing...wood smiley
Inappropriate Artist Collabs 10 years ago
I was told I am Inappropriate... then quickly got slapped in the face...

Virtual Guitar? 10 years ago
wow.. love my daughters DS..need to go shopping for Jam S..

but even funny is the Wii system...and yes I been playing around making muzak with the Wii wireless remotes thru bluetooth working with .. believe it or not Garageband...

you can trigger and record ..and with the movement of the remote you can make drum tracks..trigger loops.... play any virtual instrument in GB with midi ...and xyz control..

quite strange and experimental..( and too weird to post )

but a blast ...shaking the wii remote and pushing buttons...

oh.. soon Wii orchestra coming out..new game which im looking foward too...

wood.. where has he been? smiley
Musicians Website 10 years ago
wow... great site dave...

i can only link a bunch of hotrod sites...lol
lot of good that wood do here...

wood...one handed typing still in progress
Oxjam 2007 - help wanted 10 years ago
When is the deadline.. ?

im still working on it.. plus I am alot slower now..lol

waving hello to everyone

Inappropriate Artist Collabs 10 years ago
wow.. I love this...

The thing is ... these Collabs will happen...

I am always AMAZED at the INCREDIBLY TALENTED ARTIST here at iComp.....

Leopard released on 10/26! 10 years ago
no more classic...boo hoo..

I use it everyday...

one reason i never stepped up to an intel...

got this hotrodded G5 quad..because I need my classic..

anybody running sheepsaver in System 9 mode?

wood ...who is a classic... smiley
Rock Chicks 10 years ago
Kim Deal....wow how i love her...
Amazing Drummer 10 years ago
year 1960....


The Tielman Brothers

everything is amazing...never seen a drum solo like it..

wood...oh yea....
Contribute to a Halloween Holiday Podcast 10 years ago
Spooky Surf...

friday 13th.....

soundtrack to your next horror movie....( was used in a short scary Film )

wood smiley
iComp Softball Season 2? 10 years ago
AWESOME Season...thanks JL and iLL...

wow that was fun...

thanks w
Official Song Plugging Thread 10 years ago
Wood with VOCALS... What?.. HUH?

a protest song

why kill ($190 Billion?)


Wanting $190 Billion More.. are they joking...gad.. stop it already

wood...why kill? smiley
iC Softball 10 years ago
hmm.. I need to inspect those bats...hmmm..
Ringing sound in my ears 10 years ago
Ian...besides the music .. I know that your business must use loud tools..that alone could cause alot of harm...some ear protection could help...

I know after working, without ear protection my head is ringing..So I always have something covering my ears..as well as eye protection..

oh .. brain is always ringing..or more like rattling

WE Love your music so much.. the perfect MIX..

take care of yourself.. we take our ears.. ( and hands...lol ) for granted..

woodie smiley
Mastering Software 10 years ago
Ozone 3 here too...helps with the big wood muzak sound.. but it seem to crash GB all the time, when ever you tweak it...

but I really like PSP vintage warmer...pspaudioware.com.. they offer alot of cool stuff.. and i even prefer it over Ozone ..
demos on both can be had...

What I am getting into now is the new Logic Studio 8... wow .. really impressed with all the tweaks in the mix and mastering that can be done..
it is so very hard to choose, with some many things that can be done..

Logic is the best bang for the buck I say.. and has it ALL and then some..plus you can use it one handed...haha

Amazing I say..

wood...who cant make music..so dont listen to me..lol smiley
Who I Miss.. and hope to see back really soon... 10 years ago
I miss everyone...sniff sniff...tissue please..
Have you heard ... so and so? 10 years ago
the who's who of icomp... so many icomp stars..

wow...can I say Song of the YEAR

Oxjam 2007 - help wanted 10 years ago
anything you need Ponk...

you are my Hero

wood smiley
Sergeant Pepper's not-so-lonely Hearts Club Band 10 years ago
Can I destroy Mr. Kite....

that song of all song effected me in so many ways..I listen to it over and over again...wow what a trippy song it is..

I promised myself I wood never do a beatle song...they are all too prefect..

guess i see what wood sound can do..hahaha

oh this will be aweful for sure... and play with my new Logic Studio 8.. so many choices...so many sounds..

Mainstream or Underground 10 years ago
my Muzak so BAD... that I been buried underground many many times...hey its dark down here..

iCompositions T-Shirts are back! 10 years ago
enjoy your wood muzak CD's.. Dave...hehe... Thanks

everyone needs iComp tees..